Aquesta extensió s'ha tancat a partir de 25 d'octubre de 2022 i no està disponible per a la seva descàrrega. Motiu: Problema de seguretat.


11 de maig de 2019
Okay, yes, it does have a learning curve. You can't just activate this plugin and immediately breeze through adding products to your site. However, once you've put in the time and effort to learn how to use it, it's great. I don't know any other way I could have set up a site with close to 3000 Amazon product listings without taking forever and losing my mind in the process. I should mention that Ivan was great at answering several questions I emailed him when I first started using it, always responding within a few hours.
8 de desembre de 2017
Kindly let me know how to show individual category for product list ? using [kb_amz_list_products] showing all categories. Please reply.
2 de octubre de 2017
Cannot get this plugin to work at all. I tried to import by asin and I get nothing! If one wants anything useful, you have to pay for each little feature. Wouldn't be so bad to pay for extra features if the free versions just worked, but it does not. Totally unuseful plugin.
7 de febrer de 2017
I didn't have any problems setting it up and importing. It seems to work really well. There are, however, some options you might want to include. First allow a category to be set for each of the imports that way you can easily setup a menu item using just that category or maybe even create a custom post type for the items. Also, It would be nice to be able to over write the description for each item. Also The headers for the products are h1. Not sure if it came from the plugin or the theme. Having the option to choose a different header level would help. Upload and selecting products was a easy. Nice Job
3 de setembre de 2016
go to admin page and an empty popover prevents you from doing anything. useless.
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