Aquesta extensió no s'ha provat en les darreres 3 versions majors del WordPress. Segurament no està mantinguda o suportada, i pot tenir problemes de compatibilitat quan s'usa en versions recents del WordPress.

Blog Manager Light


Sometimes WordPress themes come with very limited blog options in terms of layout variation, content re-arrangement, etc.

Blog Manager for WordPress adds tons of blog functionality to your WordPress based website.

Check on the Blog Manager Light: Demo site | Documentation page

Create as many blog post lists as you like. This plugin comes with variety of templates to choose from. Select list content, modify layout and style your list to get the content and the look you want. Place your lists anywhere in your site by using the list’s shortcode or a widget.


  • Grid – Blog 1 col
  • Grid – Blog 4 col
  • Image Left – blog 1 col
  • Widget Style – Image Left
  • Timeline
  • Presentació
  • Carousel 3 columns

Select and re-arrange list item’s content

For each blog posts list you can choose to show or hide the following content. You can also re-arrange it. It is all drag and drop, easy!

  • Títul
  • Mitjans
  • Meta data
  • Excerpt text
  • Continua llegint

Media Types

Select media types for your blog posts

  • Imatge
  • Presentació
  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Soundcloud

Add a list in your site

Once you have created a list you can add it everywhere in your site:

  • In page/post content area (WYSIWYG editor)
  • In template files
  • In a sidebar

Every list has a shortcode you can use to add the list in a page/post content area or in a template file by using the do_shortcode WordPress function. The plugin comes with a widget that can be used to add blog posts list in a sidebar.


Style your list using the Custom CSS class name.


This plugin comes Localization/Internationalization ready. It is following WordPress I18n standards.

Full version of the plugin

Upgrade to the Pro version of this plugin including tons of more features, regular updates and premium support:

Blog Manager |
Demo site

Some of the features:

  • 20+ ready to use templates
  • Load more pagination, Infinite scroll
  • List items Border and Background options
  • Icones socials
  • Blog list title and link
  • Click on image and title lightbox option
  • 15 hover effects
  • Meta Elements and Order
  • Styling interface
  • Translation/Localization .po/.mo files ready to use
  • Support and free updates.


  • Templates and post selection
  • List elements and order
  • Posts order and limits
  • More options


Please refer to online documentation page for more details.


Please refer to online documentation page for more details.


6 de febrer de 2019
I loved this plugin but it doesn't work anymore, don't think I'll try the premium
19 de febrer de 2018
I would previously have given this 5 stars as it used to work great. It has now stopped working properly on my site and others I tried it on (I checked for conflicts with other plugins or themes) Support for the plugin seems to be non existant as I did not get a reply when I raised a support topic. Others appeared to be unanswered as well. It seems strange that the pro version works fine but not the free version.
16 de gener de 2017
Easy to use and looks good BUT not 100% compatible with my theme, it caused problems with some other widget settings little customisation of fonts and headers available
3 de setembre de 2016
Really useful plugin, it makes adding blog widgets very easy. The only issue I am having is that for a certain widget display format, I get [raw] tags appearing at the beginning and end of the blog area and I have no idea how to get rid of them. This problem only seems to happen in the Grid-4 Column format. Posted this on the support section but no reply so far. However overall I couldn't find another plugin which offered quite what this one does. Many thanks.
3 de setembre de 2016
Where did you hide this!! I stumbled upon it because I was looking for some blog options.. seriously, this is amazing. I was about to buy the premium version of the content views plugin - but content views slowed down my site, so I was hesitant. Now this plugin just wipes out content views. It looks much better, works more easily and does not slow down my site. What can I say? I replaced content views in an instant and I still can't believe I didn't find you earlier. Then I bought a premium slider - after considering many sliders. There are a lot of premium sliders that just don't compare to the FREE version of this. Are you kidding me? This is so awesome. And you can add it as a widget as well. Byebye all slider plugins, I only need Blog manager from now on. Replaced three plugins, doesn't slow down my site. The ONLY negative I have is this: I don't need the premium version. The free version really covers everything I need and more. I will just buy it because it's so amazing, but I don't need it. This is the first plugin ever that is basically an instant buy. If you want to "upgrade" this for me: - add a column that shows on which page/post which list is currently used - add the shortcode of the list directly into the edit list/create new list screen at the top, so you don't have to go back to the menu to see the shortcode. But those are just convenience things. The plugin is amazing. I am sure you could market it as slider and content display plugin - because I searched for those a lot and never came across your plugin, which is a shame. I would have loved to find this earlier!
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Updated: Core components


  • Updated: Use strict mode for javascript
  • Updated: Escape html attributes
  • Updated: Use WP filesystem for file operations


  • Fixed: initialize an empty array


  • Updated: WordPress 5 support
  • Updated: php 7 support


  • Added: Multisite support


  • Fixed: OTWBMLImageCrop class switch to a __construct() function


  • Updated: select2
  • Updated: latest version of OTW factory
  • Fixed: error mode modification
  • Fixed: add missing loader


  • Updated: Migrate to select2 v4


  • Updated: Menu order


  • Fixed: pagination: check for list id in pagination component
  • Fixed: check for list id in query posts


  • Updated: OTW core updates


  • Updated: Blog widget can now inset any kind of post lists, not just widget style
  • Updated: Ajax posts selection logic
  • Fixed: replace global clear class definition


  • Fixed: prevent usage of pluggable


  • Fixed: some global css definitions


  • Fixed: placeholders


  • Updated: WordPress 4.3 support


  • Added: https support


  • Fixed: some jquery fixes


  • Updated: remove unused code


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