Aquesta extensió s'ha tancat a partir de 22 d'octubre de 2020 i no està disponible per a la seva descàrrega. Aquest tancament és permanent. Motiu: Sol·licitud de l'autor.


3 de setembre de 2016 3 respostes
There is no save button on settings page. Can not mark project category as required. Can not get it to work. Assigned the project page and add project page but nothing appears on those pages. Accessing members/{username}/portfolio( as mentioned in settings) gives 404. Sorry, I did not bother to open a support topic as the plugin did not even work for anything. Please guys, you call yourself experienced developers, show some experience in making things work properly.
3 de setembre de 2016 4 respostes
Hi! The plugin didn't work for me and the developers started working on a solution as soon as they got my support request. Unfortunately I was in such a hurry that I had to chose another plugin so I didn't try with their update. But you can rest assure that they will listen to you.
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