Aquesta extensió no s'ha actualitzat en 2 anys. Possiblement ningú hi està treballant i, per tant, pot ser que apareguin problemes de compatibilitat quan es faci servir en versions més recents del WordPress.

Category pagination fix


Fixes the bug in WordPress 2.7 ( may be in lower version also) in category listing page pagination. When you are using permalink structure as %category%/%postname% , second page URL of category listing page will be category-name/page/2 which WordPress identify “page” as post name. And will return 404 error page. This plug-in will fix the issue. This also fix the next and previous buttons bug in while using custom permalink structure. Bug is still there in WordPress 3 too. So I’m updated this one.


  1. Upload category-pagefix.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. You are done


Do I need to do some settings change ?

No, this is just a bug fixing. You have nothing to do with it

Do you have any question ?

Just report your bug and comments on


It can get more generic

It’s an awesome solution, but it fills a really specific niche of a larger problem.

It actually didn’t solve mine but gave me the right direction.

I ended up using a custom 404.php and checking some variables of the query, something as follow:

$q = $wp_query;
$que = $q->query;
if($que[‘page’] >= 2 && $que[‘post_type’] == ‘galeria’){
include ‘taxonomy.php’;

Awesome fix anyway, its stupid how much time this have taken from me and many people.

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