DoubleDome – Google Analytics Setup


This very simple plugin allows you to quickly connect your website to your Google Analytics account for complete tracking. Within one setting view you’ll be able to add your GA 4 ID, page location, and any desired custom GTag objects and custom code.

Steps to Enable Google Analytics 4:

  1. Create a GA 4 account Click here
  2. Take note of your tracking ID
  3. Add your tracking ID to the plugin settings
  4. Select location of the tracking code (not Google recommendation)
  5. Set any custom Gtag Object(s) if desired
  6. Set any Custom Code to be included with your tracking script
  7. Set location of your Custom Code if necessary


  1. Simple GA 4 Tracking ID Entry
  2. Set script location
  3. Ability to add custom GTag Objects
  4. Ability to add custom code entries & location
  5. Plugin support via email


Do you have questions or issues with DoubleDome – Google Analytics Setup? Please send an email to


  • Plugin Overview
  • Plugin Settings
  • Plugin Support


  1. Upload the entire google-analytics-dd folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Configure Google Analytics 4 ID?

Click on “DoubleDome GA4” in left sidebar menu of WordPress Admin. On this page, click on “PLUGIN SETTINGS” and enter Google Analytics 4 Measurement ID into “Google Analytics 4 Measurement ID” field. Select the Google Analytics Tag location placement and click on “Save Changes” button. That’s it. Google Analytics tracking will start working.


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  • Fixed an issue with undefined variable on PHP 8


  • Tested upto WordPress 6.1.1


  • Initial release of the plugin.