Extensió Easy Pixels per a comerç electrònic


“Easy Pixels for WooCommerce” is the “Easy Pixels” plugin extension to set the tracking codes on WooCommerce.

  • Google Analytics tracking
  • Google Ads tracking
  • Microsoft Advertising (Bing) tracking
  • Facebook Ads Pixel tracking
  • Twitter Ads Pixel tracking
  • Google Tag Manager Events

Enhanced Analytics tracking for WooCommerce

It tracks standard Enhanced Analytics events in WooCommerce:

  • Google Analytics purchase event
  • Single product views
  • Product views in listings
  • Add to cart events (ajax and no ajax methods)
  • Initiate checkout


This plugin requires The “Easy Pixels” plugin and “Woocommerce” plugin .


  • La interfície d'administració


  1. Puja els fitxers a la carpeta /wp-content/plugins/easy-pixels-ecommerce-extension-by-jevnet, o instal·la directament des de la pantalla de plugins de WordPress.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Go to “Easy Pixels” Menu option and set the codes you will use.


3 de febrer de 2021
After hours of searching for a way to integrate Google Tag Manager with WooCommerce, I finally found this plugin! I'm a long-time user of WordPress and Google Tag Manager to implement Google Analytics, but I have never used WooCommerce before and the WooCommerce website (apparently) only lists paid (and expensive) premium plugins. The tasks I wanted to accomplish were, in my mind, pretty rudimentary. I wanted to have Google Analytics, with Enhanced Ecommerce, implemented via Google Tag Manager (so I could easily track events and other benefits that come with tag management). After searching for info on the WooCommerce website, I couldn't believe that no one had come up with a plugin to integrate GTM and even the premium ($79/year) Google Analytics plugins didn't track everything I would normally track (like clicks on buttons and links) so I ended up searching the public/free WordPress plugins repo and I had to search through pages of results (approximately 20 pages) to find this one. Granted, the premium plugins listed on the WooCommerce site promise to track things more or less automatically (assuming the user knows how to configure analytics accordingly) but I don't need automatic tracking, I need to be able to customize it to track the things I want to track as I am very experienced with Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and Google Ads. I have not implemented this plugin yet (but it is only slightly out-of-date because it hasn't been updated in 6 months and hasn't been tested with the current version of WordPress) but I assume it will work because the parent plugin is current and given the usefulness of this and the fact that there are no reviews I decided to write a review to highlight this plugin and encourage the authors to make sure it works with the current version of WordPress. Thank you for creating this!
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WordPress version update


WordPress version update


Extension hooks added
Menu fixed
Version update


Microsoft Advertising tracking: “add_to_cart”,”view_item_list”,”view_item” and “page_view” events included.
Microsoft Advertising tracking: “purchase” event includes transaction_id


Millores de rendiment
Compatibilitat amb Easy Pixels 2.0
Millores en la informació del “Add to cart”
Compatibilitat amb WPML
Compatibilitat amb Multisite


Google Ads: Solucionat problema amb paràmetre de moneda per a les conversions
Facebook: Verificació adicional per al init_checkout


Actualització de versió de WooCommerce


Bug fix


Actualització de compatibilitat


Arregla un problema quan WooCommerce no està instal·lat
Actualització de Compatibilitat amb WooCommerce


Bug fix


No WooCommerce Installed message
Fix issue when WooCommerce is not active
Fix issue when Easy Pixels is not active


Security issues
Begin checkout event in analytics
Begin checkout event in Tag Manager
Initiate checkout event in Facebook


Send add to cart event to Analytics
Send add to cart event to Google Tag Manager
Send add to cart event to Facebook
Send view_item_list event to analytics
Send product lists impressions event to Google Tag Manager
Bug fix in analytics tracking when multiple products are purchased
Tag Manager status is displayed


Bug fix: resolve js error in productview events when gtag label is not set
Google Tag Manager productview and purchase events


Release Date – 04 Sept 2019
Message improvements
Text domain updated


Release Date – 31 August 2019

  • Basic function.