Help Scout integration for Easy Digital Downloads


Help Scout integration for Easy Digital Downloads is a WordPress plugin that will show customer information right from your Help Scout dashboard.

Activating the plugin and configuring the integration will add the following information to your Help Scout dashboard:

  • The name of the customer and link to the profile page in EDD
  • All purchased “downloads”
  • Orders with status and link to payment providers

If using the Software Licensing add-on, the following information is shown as well:

  • License keys. Links to the site manager in Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Active sites, with a link to deactivate the license for the given site.
  • Links to purchase an upgrade directly

When using Easy Digital Downloads with Recurring Payments:

  • Subscriptions and their status

How to install and configure

Have a look at the installation instructions.

Please note that Help Scout changed their App interface. This plugin uses custom legacy apps, which you can learn more about here.

More information


  • Customer overview with Licenses area opened by default
  • Orders with status, links to the store and payment provider
  • Subscriptions with status and links to the store


To get this up and running, you’ll need to configure a few things in WordPress and Help Scout.


  1. Upload the contents of to your plugins directory, which usually is /wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Activate the Help Scout integration for Easy Digital Downloads plugin
  3. Set the HELPSCOUT_SECRET_KEY constant in your /wp-config.php file. This should be a random string of 40 characters.


Replace your-random-string with your own random string.

define( 'HELPSCOUT_SECRET_KEY', 'your-random-string' );

Help Scout

  1. Go to the Help Scout custom app interface.
  2. Enter the following settings with adjustments according to your site’s URL and the secret key.

App Name: Easy Digital Downloads
Content Type: Dynamic Content
Callback URL: https://YOUR-SITE.COM/edd-helpscout-api/customer_info (I recommend using HTTPS)
Secret Key: The value of your HELPSCOUT_SECRET_KEY constant.

Testing the plugin locally

You can set the plugin in some test mode.
Set HELPSCOUT_DUMMY_DATA to true and HELPSCOUT_DUMMY_DATA_EMAIL to an email address in wp-config.php to let the plugin use dummy data.
You can then call directly and get a reply based on the value of HELPSCOUT_DUMMY_DATA_EMAIL.


Help Scout just shows “Invalid Signature”

Make sure the “Secret Key” setting for your Help Scout application matches the value of your HELPSCOUT_SECRET_KEY constant. This key is used to authorize requests coming from HelpScout.


13 de juliol de 2023 1 resposta
This plugin saves us time and allows us to provide better and faster service.
22 de agost de 2022 1 resposta
Thanks so much for developing this plugin. It’s really enormously helpful for anyone using EDD.
24 de març de 2022 2 respostes
Thank you for taking the time to build this plugin! Works perfectly, super easy to set up. I chose Easy Digital Downloads and Helpscout indepdently not knowing this plugin existed, so happy I came across it by pure chance in the plugin directory. No idea why neither EDD nor Helpscout list this plugin on their site, should be top recommended!
8 de gener de 2022 1 resposta
I am using this plugin on both of my EDD stores for LoginPress and Analytify. Helps in support management a lot.
22 de octubre de 2021 1 resposta
Before doing my support rounds on Help Scout I decided to installed this. I’ve just installed it and got it up and running in less than 5 minutes. After that I dove into my support tickets and I could immediately tell this is going to be a huge timesaver. Thanks a lot for creating this!
20 de maig de 2019 1 resposta
We have been using this for a couple of years. Works amazingly well. Huge timesaver!
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  • Improvement: added the edd_helpscout_after_licenses_active_site_list_item filter to extend output of activated sites
  • Improvement: added the subscription id to endpoint data
  • Fix: status badge of completed orders is now also green


  • Improvement: added the edd_helpscout_after_subscription_list_item action hook to allow adding elements to the Subscriptions view
  • Improvement: increased required PHP version to 7.2
  • Fix: typo in the installation instructions


  • Feature: the toggle state for Licenses, Orders, and Subscriptons sections is now persistent, props @nosilver4u on github
  • Feature: display the number of items found for each section in the heading, props @nosilver4u on github
  • Improvement: show “Lifetime” label for lifetime licenses, props @nosilver4u on github
  • Improvement: override section templates by hosting your own version of them under wp-content/themes/{THEME}/edd-helpscout/, props @Spreeuw on github
  • Improvement: added the edd_helpscout_endpoint_html_sections and edd_helpscout_endpoint_html filters to customize existing section templates, props @Spreeuw on github
  • Improvement: added the edd_helpscout_order_list_item_download_details_start and edd_helpscout_order_list_item_download_details_end actions to order template, props @Spreeuw on github
  • Improvement: added the edd_helpscout_default_section_toggle and edd_helpscout_persist_section_toggle filters to force a specific toggle state for sections, props @Spreeuw on github
  • Improvement: increased required PHP version to 5.6 to sync with WordPress core


  • Improvement: check if emails field is empty and handle fallback to email field


  • complete template refactoring, e.g., to show Customer, Licenses, Orders and Subscriptions separately, props @Spreeuw
  • refactor data collection, props @Spreeuw
  • support EDD 3.0 and newer add-on versions, props @ashleyfae, @Spreeuw
  • edd_helpscout_customer_licenses to filter license query response, props @Spreeuw
  • changed “HelpScout” to “Help Scout” where technically reasonable


The original developer Danny van Kooten stopped working on EDD Help Scout since he no longer uses it.
The development of the plugin was taken over by Thomas Maier from, who continues using the plugin.
Danny left in the middle of developing a better version 2.0. I decided to build in top of that because the changes show a lot potential and fixed some issues.
Please test carefully and let me know in case something is missing or not working as expected.


  • callback URL changed from to, though both are working for now
  • added name of the customer and link to the profile page in EDD since Help Scout doesn‘t show it for everyone
  • set HELPSCOUT_DUMMY_DATA and HELPSCOUT_DUMMY_DATA_EMAIL constants in wp-config.php to let the plugin use dummy data


  • fetch all payments when user has multiple emails in Help Scout or in his EDD profile


  • Compatibility with latest EDD plugin versions.

1.1.1 – January 28, 2016


  • Certain characters at start of URL were being stripped off in HelpScout.

1.1 – September 6, 2015


  • The plugin is now listening at a later hook in the WP request lifecycle, which prevents issues with bbPress and EDD Wishlists.


  • Code refactoring for better separation of concerns and better overall code readability
  • Better naming consistency


  • Support for lifetime licenses in Easy Digital Downloads
  • Various action hooks to output your own HTML

1.0.3 – February 19, 2015


  • Added protocol for links to active sites
  • Querying payments by multiple emails was not working


  • When using EDD Software Licensing, show if a license is expired.
  • Added helpscout_edd_customer_emails hook to filter customer emails



  • The plugin used to “listen” to all requests to the site. It will now (after confirmation) only listen to requests to /edd-hs-api/customer-data.json.



  • Issue with nonces not working properly for the admin actions. Now using the HelpScout signature to validate requests.


  • Minor code & inline documentation improvements


  • Added “renewal” label to renewals