Aquesta extensió no s'ha provat en les darreres 3 versions majors del WordPress. Segurament no està mantinguda o suportada, i pot tenir problemes de compatibilitat quan s'usa en versions recents del WordPress.

FAC Hosted Page Button


Custom wordpress plugin to facilitate First Atlantic Commerce hosted page payments


  • Customizable template files using theme. Just copy over to theme folder in sub directory called ‘fac-hosted-page-button’
    • part-page.error.php
    • part-page.success.php
    • part-payment.button.error.php
    • part-payment.button.php
  • Custom actions hooks
    • fac-hosted-page_button_after_page_error
    • fac-hosted-page_button_after_page_success
    • fac-hosted-page_button_before_payment_button
    • fac-hosted-page_button_after_payment_button
    • fac-hosted-page_button_before_payment_button_error
    • fac-hosted-page_button_after_payment_button_error
  • Editable Custom Page via Page Section
    • fac-hosted-page_button (slug)
  • Shortcodes for response page and payment link button
    • [fac-hosted-page_button_payment_button amount="" currency="" transaction_id="" text=""]
    • [fac-hosted-page_button_page [page="" message="" transaction_id="" code=""]]
  • Helper functions
    • fac_hosted_page_button_display_payment_button($attr)(Displays the button by calling the short code)
  • Define overriding constants


Either embed the payment button shortcode into a page/post or call the helper function with parameters similar to the template code.


Payment Link Button


[fac-hosted-page_button_payment_button amount=”20.23″ currency=”BBD” transaction_id=”A-9191″ text=”Pay Now”]

Custom Results Pages


[fac-hosted-page_button_page [“page”=”path/to/template.php” message=”Response MEssage” transaction_id=”A-9191″ code=”200″]]


  1. Use shortcode in page
  2. Payment Button
  3. Default Thank You Page
  4. Successful Thank You Page



  • Plugin released.


  • Dependency security updates


  • You can optionally add hooks for executing additional events on button template and thank you page template
    • do_action('fac-hosted-page_button_after_page_error', string $transaction_id );
    • do_action('fac-hosted-page_button_after_page_success', string $transaction_id );
  • A default results page and url is created on install
  • Recommend flushing permalinks settings to enable plugin’s return response url directives
  • Currently, the plugin supports First Atlantic Commerce’s 3DS initiatives by default.



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