GD Members Directory for bbPress


Easy to use plugin for adding forum members directory page into bbPress powered forums including members filtering and additional widgets for listing members in the sidebar. The plugin adds new URL endpoint based on the existing bbPress ‘users’ profile URL, and using theme compatibility method (the same as in bbPress), it adds the members directory with additional filters and sorting options.

The plugin has few settings, to control number of users per page, URL endpoint slug and few more things. The plugin features are listed here:

  • Members list shows various user information
  • Options to filter list by role or keyword
  • Change results sorting (activity, registration, name…)
  • Full RTL support for the directory styling
  • Simple Widget for showing list of members

Plugin default templates and styling are based on the default bbPress theme package. And, like with bbPress, all the templates used by the plugin can be replaced via theme. The plugin has full support for GD Quantum Theme Pro for bbPress plugin by Dev4Press, including additional templates and styling.

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Documentation and Support

To get help with the plugin, you can use support forums, or you can use support forums.

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  • Members Directory page
  • Members Directory page when using GD Quantum Theme Pro for bbPress
  • Responsive view for the Members Directory page
  • Members Directory widget
  • Plugin main admin panel
  • Plugin settings admin panel


General Requirements

  • PHP: 7.0 or newer
  • bbPress 2.6 or newer

WordPress Requirements

  • WordPress: 5.0 or newer

Basic Installation

  • Plugin folder in the WordPress plugins folder should be gd-members-directory-for-bbpress.
  • Upload gd-members-directory-for-bbpress folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  • Plugin settings are available under WordPress ‘Settings’ panel


Where can I configure the plugin?

Open the WordPress ‘Settings’ menu, there you will find ‘GD Members Directory’ panel.


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Col·laboradors i desenvolupadors

"GD Members Directory for bbPress" és programari de codi obert. La següent gent ha contribuït en aquesta extensió.


Registre de canvis

Version: 2.1.2 / july 26 2021

  • New: tested with WordPress 5.8
  • Fix: d4pLib 3.4.3
  • Fix: several issues with WordPress 5.8 Block Widgets

Version: 2.1.1 / july 6 2021

  • Fix: showing all members (with no posts) not working

Version: 2.1 / april 5 2021

  • Edit: various updates to the plugin code
  • Edit: d4pLib 3.4.1
  • Fix: problem with the function to generate pagination
  • Fix: various typos or other wording issues
  • Fix: wrong names for some of the core functions

Version: 2.0.1 / february 15 2021

  • Edit: d4pLib 3.4

Version: 2.0 / december 29 2020

  • New: the plugin is now available for free
  • New: mostly rewritten with autoloader and namespaces
  • Edit: few improvements to the main members query
  • Edit: d4pLib 3.3.1
  • Fix: members search issue when using paged results

Version: 1.1 / november 18 2019

  • Edit: default styling for Quantum theme updated
  • Edit: support for all Quantum theme variants
  • Fix: few minor issues with the default Quantum styling

Version: 1.0.2 / november 14 2019

  • New: bbPress 2.5.x compatibility functions
  • Fix: several missing functions under bbPress 2.5.x

Version: 1.0.1 / october 30 2019

  • Edit: responsive styling for the filter and order elements
  • Fix: quantum theme template had wrong header title
  • Fix: minor styling issues with the filter elements
  • Fix: broken links on the main settings page

Version: 1.0 / october 14 2019

  • New: first official version