Goaffpro Affiliate Marketing


Goaffpro is a complete affiliate and influencer marketing solution for your store. With goaffpro, you can set up a custom branded affiliate portal for your Shopify store in just 5 minutes.

How this works?

  1. Your customers are given a affiliate portal to register and become partners.
  2. After registration, they are provided with a referral link which they use to promote your products on their blog, Instagram, etc.
  3. They are then rewarded for any purchase made using their referral link

Why this works?

Your customers have a strong monetary incentive to share your products on social media.

How you win?

Your get more customers which otherwise would not have known of your products. Also with every shared link, your store\’s visibility and popularity increase, which in turn increases organic visits.


Customers to Affiliates

Make your customers voice of your products. Convert your customers into affiliates.

Custom branded affiliate portal

For affiliates to check their earning, payments, update payment settings and to generate referral links for your products.

Per product and per affiliate Commission

Setup default commission for the whole site and/or set up different commissions for different products or for different affiliates. Exclude products from the program which have low margins.

Mobile ready with Android and iOS apps

Tracks affiliate conversions on both mobile and desktop. Both the admin dashboard and affiliate portal are mobile optimized

Multiple Tracking Methods

Track affiliate orders through referral links, coupon codes.

Real-time tracking

Instantly updates and notifies you of affiliate orders.

Automatic Coupon codes

Track affiliate orders through custom coupon codes. Coupons are automatically created

Link Sharing

Affiliates can share their link and the coupon on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as in emails and web pages.


Pay your affiliates via PayPal Payouts (from within the app itself), or any custom payment mode

One-click setup

The app comes with sensible defaults. One-click is all it takes to launch your customized affiliate program.

Multi-Level Marketing

You can have up to 10 levels of affiliates. Set commission for every level


French, Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Russian +10 lang

Other Features
1. Recurring Affiliate Commissions
2. Targets, Bonuses, and Commission tiers
3. Royalties/Fixed type of affiliate commissions
4. 3 Designs for Signup Pages and 3 Styles of Post Checkout Popup
5. Bulk Mail to your affiliates


Download and install the plugin on your woocommerce store. Once installed, activate the plugin. Then continue the installation from your goaffpro.com account


30 de octubre de 2022
GoAffPro is a simple yet powerful plugin if you want to create an affiliate program for your shop and eCommerce store. The support has been really helpful and the next thing you can do is to list your store over on their internal marketplace and see the affiliates sign up in droves. Within three hours of setting up my account and store I had 6 new affiliates sign up to driving traffic to my store! Absolutely amazing!
19 de octubre de 2022
I like this plugin espessialy that it allows me to see affiliates dashboard within my dashboard. Overall its very customizable and usefull.
29 de agost de 2022
First of all, it's exactly the plugin I was looking for. And the company that owns the plugin is very helpful. They answer all questions and solve problems.
17 de agost de 2022 1 resposta
As already stated by someone else. The code needs updated, currently it's throwing up all sorts of on-page errors and the only way to resolve this is to maintain the code files myself. AWIN which is open source is the alternative I've had to move to because this plugin is just a pain to maintain.
10 de agost de 2022
I have submitted fixes for their code but they keep releasing new versions without incorporating the fixes for the already reported problems. Then I have to manually edit their plugin so my logs aren't filled with warnings.
16 de juliol de 2022
If you need to build an affiliate program for your company or website, then look NO more! GoAffPro is an extremely powerful affiliate tool that has so many features you cannot imagine. Not to mention it integrated Perfectly with my WordPress/WooCommerce website, and the affiliate portals look so fantastic. Tech support is AMAZING. If something is not working they reply fast to help you, and if you need a specific feature they will even ADD it for you! If you need to build an affiliate program for your product/website, just buy it now. Look no further!!! 10 stars!
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