HBLPAY Payment Gateway for WooCommerce


HBLPay Payment Gateway is simple checkout platform that enables ecommerce merchants to accept online payments from its VISA, Master and Union Pay credit/debit cards customers. Besides this it also enables account based and wallet payments from HBL and Other Partner Bank accounts.

Features & Benefits

• One window digital payments solution
• Seamless addition of new payment methods
• platforms Provides free of cost plugins for renowned ecommerce.
• Supports card tokenization for repeat customer’s transactions
• Supports transactions in following currencies:
1. PKR
2. USD
3. CAD
4. GBP
5. AED
6. Euro

Account & Pricing

This plugin is free-of-cost. However, HBL charges merchants for the Payment Gateway services separately.
To sign up with HBL Payment Gateway services, please contact our representative on hbl.ipg@hbl.com or visit HBL official website for more information https://www.hbl.com.

Product Features

• 3D Secure and PCI DSS compliant – Protects the merchant from financial liability shift in case of card misuse. The PCI DSS compliance relieves the organization from card based data security issues as this is taken care by CyberSource. OTP is required to process all types of transactions.
• Multicurrency support – Merchant accepts the payments in multiple currencies (PKR, USD, EURO, GBP and AED)
• Recurring transactions – Cardholder allows the merchant to collect payments for goods/services on a prearranged schedule (Daily/Weekly/Monthly). It supports subscription and installments payments.
• Fraud Management Module – Decision Manager has been an excellent fraud prevention tool being used worldwide including large organization like Emirates airline etc. It detects frauds patterns with the help of 260+ variables including IP, BIN, velocity, address and advance features like Device finger printing.
• Merchant Portal – Comprehensive portal gives access to transaction history, reports, refunds and search options thus minimizing dependency on external organization.
• Custom and Auto Reports – Merchant can easily create unlimited customize reports to fulfill their business needs by using up to 300+ available data fields. Subscribe recurring (Daily/Weekly/Monthly) reports and one-time subscription option also available.
• Branding – You can brand the payment page with your logo, header, footer, text style, colors etc. to give customer same website experience.
• Card on File/Tokenization – Securely store card credentials on App/ Website to avoid re-entering the cardholder credentials. It improves customer experience and give better visibility of customer’s behavior.
• Payment Method – Seamless addition of new payment methods (Credit, Debit, E-Wallets, Card-less Transactions or Account Debits).
• Plugins – Provides pre developed Apps for common platforms Magneto & WOO Commerce. It will help merchants to integrate merchant website/Mobile app in few hours. Code snippets for PHP and .Net are available to enable quick integration.
• Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) – Business friendly Merchant Discount rate is available for merchant to avail the services.
• APIs – Options to integrate either via API’s or by redirecting to HBLPay gateway to process transactions.
• Refunds/Reversal Functionality – APIS’s and Portals are available to initiate refunds and reversals from merchants to customer accounts.


Q: What is the HBL Ecommerce Checkout Solution?

It is a payment platform that enables eCommerce Merchants/Aggregator/PSOs/ PSPs to accept online payments from their customers on their websites and mobile apps. The service gives a Single, Simple & Quicker integration; one for all card schemes and Direct Transfer facility from Accounts and wallets for the ecommerce merchants.

Ecommerce checkout solution also offers plugins and apps for renowned ecommerce platforms to help merchants integrate faster and within few hours.

Q: How does Ecommerce Checkout Solution works?

A: For online payments, merchants (seller) receive payments via the Internet or in situations when a payment is not physically presented to the merchant by the customer (buyer) at the time of the transaction.

The following steps explain how funds are transferred to your bank account when customer pays through credit or debit card:

Customer places and order to a
1. A customer submits the credit/debit card or account based transaction to the Payment Gateway via a secure connection from your Web site.
2. Payment Gateway receives the secure transaction information and passes it via a secure connection to your bank’s processor.
3. Your bank’s processor submits the transaction to the bank where payments are deducted from customers.
4. Upon successful confirmation of payment,
5. The Credit/Debit Card Issuer approves or declines the transaction based on the customer’s available funds and passes the transaction results, and if approved, the appropriate funds, back through the Credit/Debit Card Interchange.
6. The Credit/Debit Card Interchange relays the transaction results to your bank’s processor.
7. Your bank’s processor relays the transaction results to the Payment Gateway.
8. Payment Gateway stores the transaction results and sends them to you and/or your customer.
9. Payment for successful transaction will be made by the bank in the merchant’s designated bank account

Q: What are the benefits of using HBL Payment Gateway?

• Secure Payment – Each transaction will be verified by the Customer via One Time Password (OTP) sent to their registered mobile number.
• Smooth Reconciliation – Ecommerce Checkout Solution can help merchants overcome accounting reconciliation process challenge by automating the reconciliation process. There are many in-built features like advanced dashboards and automated reports that offer detailed business insights allowing them keep an eye on cash flows and perform reconciliation.
• Customer Friendly – Provide customers with a simple and easy checkout experience through multiple payment options
• Ease in Security Compliance – Ecommerce Checkout Solution helps merchants to avoid sensitive customer data handling directly on their website.

Q: What is the basic requirements to avail HBL Ecommerce Checkout Solution?

Following are the two basic requirements to avail Ecommerce Checkout Solution

  1. Registered business in Pakistan.
  2. Registered company’s bank account at HBL.

Q: What are the charges of HBL Ecommerce Checkout Solution?

A: There are three type of charges which HBL charges in order to provide payment gateway services.

  1. Merchant Discount Rate – charged on each transition and will be assessed by the bank
  2. Setup Charges up to PKR 100,000
  3. Annual Maintenance Charges up to PKR 100,000
  4. Transaction charges up to PKR 50 per transaction

Note: The above charges are exclusive of applicable taxes and can be amended on a case to case basis depending on your business module.

Q: Which currencies are available on HBL Ecommerce Checkout solution?

A: Currently, top currencies are available for transactions on HBL Ecommerce Checkout Solution.

  1. USD
  2. EURO
  3. GPB
  4. AED
  5. PKR
  6. SAR
  7. SGD
  8. CAD

Q: How much time will bank take to transfer the order/transaction amount into my (merchant) bank account?

A: It will take maximum two working days from the date of transaction to reflect into merchant’s account.

Q: Are there any limits for number of transctions and transaction amount?

A: Yes, limits are applied based on the nature of business.

Q: How merchant can be On-boarded with HBL?

A: Merchant onboarding is a simple process as define below.

• HBL shares the legal agreement with the merchant where merchant provides different types of details about their business.
• After obtaining that information from the merchant, merchant is offered a pricing by HBL.
• After the acceptance of the offered pricing by the bank, merchant signs-off the legal agreement and submit that to the bank.
• An implementation manager is assigned to the merchant to assist them with the technical integration of their website and/or Mobile app.
• After the successful technical integration live credentials are shared by the bank with the merchant and a training session is conducted by bank’s trained staff to enable merchant staff to perform all required operations to run their day to day business.
• A Client Services Manager is also assigned to the merchant to assist the merchant going forward.

Q: Does HBL provides any plugin for integration of HBL Internet Payment Gateway?

A: Yes, HBL provide free of cost plugins for renowned ecommerce platforms Magneto & WOO Commerce for the quickest integration on merchant website/Mobile apps.
Moreover, there are multiple third party plugins available online which can be also used for HBL Ecommerce Checkout solution integration. However, that is completely a merchant’s choice what plugin to use.


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