Unbounce Gravity Forms


  • Unbounce Gravity Forms (‘U2GF’) plugin is commonly used to connect Gravity Form(s) with Unbounce Landing Page(s) in order to manage your leads from WordPress site admin.

  • You can connect Unbounce Landing Page(s) to ‘U2GF’ plugin using WebHook URL. WebHook provides ‘POST to URL’ feature which passes the form data over specified WebHook URL.

  • For more information please visit Webhook Documentation

  • Please note that ‘Gravity Forms’ plugin should be installed and activated first in order to use ‘U2GF’ plugin. You’ve to create then all corresponding Gravity Forms manually from your WP admin. Please make sure that the Gravity Forms’ name must be matched with Unbounce Page name including ALL fields’ name.

  • Also please note that the page name will be reflected on plugin dashboard ONLY after very first lead is generated/posted successfully from your respective Unbounce Page. You can place one test entry/lead in order to reflect the page on plugin dashboard at first time.

  • On a separate note those who are on dedicated or VPS with some firewall/security enabled on the server have to whitelist Unbounce IPs: and to prevent looking out into 404-Forbidden error.

Premium Version is available now

  • Here’s Pro Version which help you to get rid of the manual form creation and other management.


  1. Copy WebHook URL from plugin settings page and set it as WebHook for Unbounce Page(s).
    Example of WebHook URL: http://{YOUR_DOMAIN_URL}/lead-unbounce-to-gravity/

  2. Manage the page status as Active/Inactive to Start/Stop fetching leads.

Plugin Documentation

  • Please click here to download the plugin documentation.


  • Dashboard: Plugin settings page.
  • Unbounce Dashboard: WebHook URL setup.
  • WebHook URL Integration: Example of WebHook URL setup to specific Unbounce Landing page.
  • Page Status: Active/Inactive.
  • Page Leads: Entries Vs Leads.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it started using with WordPress.

  1. Upload unbounce-gravity-integration to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
    OR visit ‘Plugins > Add New’, search for ‘Unbounce Gravity Forms’.
  2. Activate the plugin from ‘Plugins’ page.


Where to find WebHook URL?

You should find it on U2GF plugin settings page. For ex: http://{YOUR_DOMAIN_URL}/lead-unbounce-to-gravity/

How to set WebHook for any Unbounce Landing Page?

Copy WebHook URL from plugin settings page and set it as ‘WebHook’ for particular Unbounce page for which you want to Sync the leads.
You can set single WebHook URL for multiple Unbounce pages.
For more information please visit Webhook Documentation


17 setembre 2021
Highly recommend for syncing up unbounce with gravity forms. Mainly because unbounce only has a generic email notification whereas if you want to send one to the user and one to admin as configured through gravity forms, this integration allows you to do that and keep all the data within gravity forms.
12 juny 2018
Did exactly what it says and worked perfect. Ran into one issue and the support team was helpful, took care of the issue for me, and was very responsive.
5 juny 2018
This company continued to billing me after I cancelled my plan. To the tune of almost $1000. Yes, I should have noticed. But the way their customer service treated me (tough luck), is a good indication of why you shouldn’t want to do business with them. They do not care about creating value for you, they only want to take money from you. Run away.
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  • Add newsletter subscription & plugin documentation.


  • Fix minor bugs.


  • Add log file to record information about leads migration related issue.
  • Update info about PRO version release.


  • Fix htaccess rule rewrite issue.


  • Use absolute path considering some of WP accounts are installed on subdomains.
  • Update readme to include more clarification about plugin usage.


  • Fix issue to support Unbounce page name containing extra slashes.
  • Display message as in response when any UB field name doesn’t match with respective GF field name.


  • Minor release contains fields name validation.


  • This is an initial lite version release.