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25 de octubre de 2017
Inbound Brew's plugin makes it incredibly easy to implement all the tools for a successful inbound marketing campaign. Inbound marketing has proven to be a powerful way to attract new customers and build a devoted customer base but it's sometimes hard to know the best ways to do it. I've loved Inbound Brew's simple approach and it gives me everything I need for my campaign. I love it! The free plugin gives good overall support for inbound marketing. It's risk-free and gives a good overall experience with a great product. The paid version adds tools and support for a really successful campaign without the confusion of whether or not you're doing it right. Amazing that's it's less expensive than other similar plugins that are confusing or just don't quite get it all right.
23 de octubre de 2017
Whether you're a small business, a nonprofit, an independent contractor, or just someone looking for the full inbound marketing setup all in one place, Inbound Brew is your solution. Easy, painless setup; light interface and intuitive functionality; fantastic support team. If you're looking for more leads from your site, check this out.
20 de octubre de 2017
I've been using Inbound Brew (free plugin) for some time now and really enjoying what it has been doing for me. I practice inbound marking. I would call myself a sincere, significant, inbound marketer. The concept just sits right with me. Inbound Brew has been the best support I have found for that -- well, until I finally got around to trying the Pro (paid plugin) version. Look, if you are just starting out, or if free is the preferable way to go, get this plugin and take it for a spin. It will do great things for you. Later, or if you want the extras now, get the Pro version. You will not regret it. There's a learning curve with either choice but a little effort and a little time will be repaid in results many times over. This one is a keeper!
20 de octubre de 2017
This plugin provides a ton of features for someone wanting to use effective inbound marketing approaches with their Wordpress site. Other website platforms have functionality like Inbound Brew, but they are way more expensive and require time and money to switch over. This plugin allows us to stay with Wordpress! I first saw Inbound Brew a couple years ago and thought it had good potential, but it was a little rough. That is no longer the case as the current version is easier to use than the earlier versions. Some of these features are available in other plugins, but it's really nice to have so much wrapped into a single, well-designed plugin.
7 de desembre de 2016
Inbound Brew has made the execution of basic marketing processes much faster and easier for me! With this plugin, I am able to create landing pages, custom forms, social media posts, CTA's, and emails all from one plugin. It's saved me a ton of time (and you certainly can't beat the price-- free!) I have yet to find a plugin that compares to Inbound Brew in terms of the amount of features it offers at no cost. I would certainly recommend this plugin to any marketer or small business owner who wants to simplify their inbound marketing processes!
3 de setembre de 2016
Easy to use. Saves a ton of time going back and forth between similar plugins. Excited to see what they do moving forward.
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