Aquesta extensió s'ha tancat a partir de 4 de novembre de 2022 i no està disponible per a la seva descàrrega. Motiu: Incompliment de les directrius.


23 de gener de 2020
I've installed this plugin on multiple websites and it's been a huge help. It can run silently in the background or I can choose to change the settings manually as issues arise.
6 de febrer de 2019
Plugin is super easy to install and use. No headaches. You just install it and it starts doing work for you. Lots of threats were getting through my other plugins, but this one caught all the bad stuff. The price is right, inexpensive for what you get.
27 de gener de 2019
Its really great plugin and does the job as it says for both single site and multisite installations by blocking bad IP's and keeping my sites safe from hackers/spammers. Plugin is very easy to configure and there are not too many settings to worry about. Before the plugin my sites were constantly getting malware infected and after using it my sites are safe and I don't have to worry about any more malware infections. Highly recommended. Though they should add a feature to block specific IP's too.
27 de gener de 2019
The most powerful plugin that I have come across. Within minutes of adding it, wow! all of the bots and spam which had been hitting my site became visible. It was shocking how much "bad stuff" was working against our website. I highly recommend this to anyone who is relying on their website for revenue, it is a must have.
27 de gener de 2019
Affordable, effective tool for quick threat identification. Simple to use, provides valuable information on IPs traffic entering your network. Quick and effective way of identifying "Friend or Foe".
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