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Kioken Blocks is a fantastic suite of advanced Gutenberg Blocks that will maximize your productivity and creative freedom. It takes only a couple minutes to create a beautiful, responsive website with Kioken Blocks.

The Next Best Thing after Gutenberg

With the Kioken Blocks for Gutenberg, your page building experience with the new editor is maximized. Kioken Blocks has unique and creative blocks that will help you build and design pages and posts quickly, beautifully, like a pro.

See for yourself

Too Advanced, Yet Super Simple

  • Enjoy the advanced capabilities of a premium page builder in Gutenberg with very easy to use 16 and more coming beautiful blocks.
  • Sliders, posts with custom post types, advanced animations, parallax effects, shape dividers and more!
  • More than 50+ premium grade, professionally designed premade block layouts and templates to use.
  • Kioken Blocks comes in with 1500+ line and solid icons.
  • Be a marketer, designer, blogger, merchant, designer or developer. Kioken Blocks is made for you. The plugin provides options and features that will help you easily build complex and astonishing layouts without entering a single code.

Template Library

Enjoy the professionally designed templates, 1 click away to insert into any page or post. They’re accessible from creating any container row block. We continuiously add new designs and templates to library, so you don’t have to waste your time on design!

Extended Gutenberg Core Blocks

  • Animate any block with the animator with rewindable transitions.
  • Change rotation of paragraphs and headings with Vertical Text!.
  • Change the typography of any block inside the editor, choosing from a list of most popular Google Fonts. Adjust size, line height, letter spacing and more.
  • Adjust spacings of any block, with responsive settings.
  • One of the most wanted features for Gutenberg, changing the color in part of text, now available with Kioken Blocks highlight text format.

The List of Amazing Blocks

  • Container Row Block: With the Container Row’s vast number of options, the layout possibilites are almost endless.Create grid layouts, add borders, border radiuses, click events to columns or the container itself(or both), or add parallax effects both to the container and the columns.
  • Kinetic Wrapper Block: The swiss knife block of Kioken Blocks. It is a single column container block with multifunctional features to enrich your content. Place any content in it, and add beautiful animations, custom borders, border radiuses, paddings, shadows and backgrounds.
  • Icon Block: 1500+ beautiful SVG icons available with custom line strengths for line icons, and custom icon and background color options.
  • Kinetic Posts Block: Show any post types with custom taxonomies, in 3 unique awesome layout views: Slider, Grid and Columns.
  • Tabs Block: Create tabbed content placing any block inside each tab. Custom options include tab buttons and content hover and normal state colors, borders, backgrounds and more.
  • Features Block: Create icon boxes in your content with multiple column view, or use imagery and any other content to display your product or business features. Animated shadows and backgrounds available.
  • Fancy Buttons Block: Create single or multiple buttons, with custom gradient, border, shadow, border radius and custom typography options.
  • Testimonials Carousel Block: Create single or multiple beautifully designed testimonials in a carousel/slider.
  • Split Headings Block: Create animated headings with reveal or curtain effect.
  • Divider Plus Block: Choose from 8 advanced styles for your spacer/divider. Styles include vertical line, full width, custom, with icon or text and animated options.
  • Google Maps Block: Place Google Maps with 6 predefined custom map designs.
  • Visual List Block: Place Google Maps with 6 predefined custom map designs.
  • Image Box Block: Create advanced images with custom text and typography, with stunning animation effects to create call to actions or just to show off a feature!
  • Numbers Counter Block: Create animated counting numbers with custom font sizes, suffix and content.
  • Open Table Form Block: If you have a restaurant or venue, you can get reservations and booking with our Open Table block. It has 3 beautiful form styles to choose from.



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Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks – Kioken Blocks


11 Octubre 2019
Kioken Blocks its a fantastic plugin that makes Gutenberg so much better to use. It gives a lot of extensions to gutenberg
24 Juny 2019
This is the first time I've actually ever left a review on the WP repo. I felt compelled to after using Kioken Blocks. It's quite simply awesome. Compared to other block editors available, Kioken is easy to use and stylish results can be achieved rather easily. If you're looking into using Gutenberg and worried about your site not looking up to scratch or not having enough flexibility in terms of layout options, Kioken is for you. Loving it, been playing with it all day and it's just awesome what you can achieve with no coding knowledge. Kudos to the devs this one's on my list as a go to block / page builder!
20 Juny 2019
I loved how this plugin works. The templates are really well designed. There are these tiny dots when you change a setting of a block, which helps me understand what I've changed. Good job!
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  • New: Select through shortcut for the block contents inside Kinetic Wrapper, Features and Container Row blocks.
  • Fix: Kioken Elements modal window sidebar broken style with the latest Chrome browser.


  • New: Kioken Elements are now accessible from anywhere in the editor, without having to create a container row block first.
  • Update: Custom column widths can now be applied for each column in the container row block, regardless of the chosen layout.
  • Update: Vertical Text Extension title renamed to Text Options for future updates.
  • Update: General Editor UI improvements.
  • Update: Editor UI and functionality improvements for Highlight text format.
  • Fix: Buggy class name assignment for Vertical Text extension, when a horizontal alignment is applied.
  • Fix: Style fix for left aligned text without media in Testimonials Carousel block.
  • Fix: Block alignment for custom block widths are now properly reflected in the editor for Custom Block Settings extension.
  • Fix: Editor JavaScript error for undefined variable.


  • NEW!: Vertical text extension for paragraphs and headings!
  • NEW!: Revamped Kioken Elements UI and additional free and Pro templates!
  • NEW!: Revealer animation type for Animator extension for Pro users!
  • Update: Block editor UI and UX improvements.
  • Update: Block horizontal alignment option added to Block settings extension and the Kinetic Wrapper.
  • Fix: Custom Google Fonts extension font selection not showing up on front end.
  • Fix: Testimonials Carousel block validation issue when no text alignment is selected.


  • Fix: Video Box shadow color not displaying in front end.
  • Fix: Add Missing javascript dependencies


  • New!: Block Animator! Add rewindable animations to any Gutenberg block directly. No more need for wrapping blocks with Kinetic Wrapper for animated content.
  • New!: Video Box Block! Add inline or popup videos(Youtube, Vimeo or self hosted) without any script dependencies. Add shadows and border radiuses. Fast and beautiful.
  • Update: Styling fixes and improvements for better compatibility with popular themes such as Generatepress and Suki.
  • Update: Block editor UI improvements.
  • Update: Changes with Maximum width option in Override Spacings extension is now also properly reflected in the editor.
  • Update: Kinetic Posts block custom padding options.
  • Fix: Kinetic Posts block not hiding excerpts even though it’s set hidden in the editor.


  • New: Kinetic Posts: Masonry layout.
  • New: Kinetic Posts: Custom image size selection for post featured image.
  • New: Kinetic Posts: Auto height option added for Carousel layout.
  • New: Copy/Pasting block settings from one to another.
  • Fix: Malfunctioning multiple numbers counter animation.
  • Tweak: Gutenberg plugin 6.1 compatibility.


  • Fix: Broken split headings, countup and kinetic wrapper block animations after the last update. (animation library updated with 100% gpl source)


  • New: Image Box block alt text setting for better SEO.
  • Tweak: Z-Index changes to the columns in the Container Row block are now also reflected in the editor.
  • Fix: Applying content color changes in the Column and Kinetic Wrapper block correctly in the editor.


  • Tweak: Intuitive block appender styling in the editor for Kinetic Wrapper, Container Row and Features blocks.
  • Tweak: Ajax loading of templates list for better performance.
  • Tweak: Split Headings block editor improvements.
  • Fix: JS error with menu order and random ordering of posts in the editor.
  • Fix: Highlight text format color picker sometimes showing up over the selected text issue.
  • Fix: Tabs block border and radius settings not properly showing on frontend.


  • Initial Release.