MapPress Maps for WordPress


MapPress is the easiest way to add beautiful interactive Google and Leaflet maps to WordPress.

Create unlimited maps and markers using Gutenberg blocks or the classic editor. The popup map editor makes creating and editing maps easy!

Upgrade to MapPress Pro for even more features, including custom icons, search and filter, clustering, and much more. See it in action on the MapPress Home Page or test it yourself with a Free Demo Site!

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What’s New


  1. Deactivate your old MapPress version
  2. Delete your old MapPress version (don’t worry, the maps are saved in the database)
  3. Follow the installation instructions to install the new version


  • MapPress settings page
  • Map Library in Gutenberg
  • Creating a map
  • Creating a mashup
  • Best Google Maps plugin for WordPress


Aquesta extensió proporciona 2 blocs.

  • MapPress Map
  • MapPress Maps for WordPress


See full installation intructions and Documentation
1. Install and activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
1. You should now see a MapPress meta box in in the ‘edit posts’ screen

Home Page


Please see the plugin documentation pages:

Home Page


11 de agost de 2023 5 respostes
Version: 2.88 causing error after the update.Wordpress message:"... WordPress caught an error with one of your plugins, MapPress Google Maps and Leaflet Maps..." Had to disable and remove the plugin.
13 de febrer de 2023
I spent quiet a lot of time to look for a good maps plugin. I tried 5 or 6 diferent. I found MapPress Maps for WordPress the best. In its free version, you can do a lot. And if you want more, you can have a premium version with many more options. When I tried to use this plugin, I found an issue. I wrote to the founder, Chris. He answered me diferent times until he found THE solution. He was not forced to do it because I am a free user. But he did. And I do thank him. If you are looking for a great maps solutions, here is the best plugin.
27 de abril de 2022
This plugin's free version provides what other map plugins are charging for. I love the backend user interface. I went with the Google API just because that's what I'm familiar with. My client wants to emphasize shipping destinations at points in the USA and around the world. And we needed a responsive map. Check. I'm very happy with this plugin. It works well with BeaverBuilder (but you need to use the Shortcode to embed a big deal) alongside GravityForms. No conflicts, very stable, and so easy to use my clients can update the maps themselves with just a little orientation. Great job!
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  • Added: map picker UI redesigned with hover actions
  • Added: map picker now includes bulk delete/restore operations
  • Changed: inline POI list option removed for new installs
  • Fixed: POI title not allowing html links


  • Fixed: workaround for WP internal bug with wp_kses and PHP 8.1+


  • Changed: Improve handling of POI body content
  • Fixed: error in free version when clicking POI icon


  • Changed: better parsing for width/height values


  • Fixed: update capability check from ‘read’ to ‘read_post’


  • Fixed: better title sanitizing in new post list ‘map’ column
  • Fixed: check post status and password before displaying posts in modal


  • Fixed: warning in filters.php missing key
  • Fixed: remove HTML capability from POI title
  • Fixed: error when hovering KML
  • Fixed: error when generating MapPress maps from ACF map fields


  • Fixed: POI modal not closing
  • Fixed: Map settings ‘filter’ checkbox not working


  • Fixed: bump WP version in readme


  • Fixed: map picker not showing maps after saved in editor


  • Fixed: settings error when upgrading from old version with non-array filters


  • Fixed: notices for POIs with point as array instead of object


  • Fixed: unable to use individual fields in popup templates


  • Fixed: JS error when displaying some filters with checkboxes


  • Fixed: JS error when adding new POI data fields
  • Fixed: Mashup query block dropdown sometimes showed first item checked
  • Fixed: Mashup block shows all locations instead of using specified query, due to sanitizing


  • Added: parameter ‘name’ (map name) now included in filter ‘mappress_filter_values’
  • Fixed: single quotes incorrectly escaped in POI templates
  • Fixed: shortcode attributes allowed single quotes


  • Added: show invalid address when geocoding from settings screen
  • Fixed: template editor reversed label and token name
  • Fixed: overflow of map container inside iframe
  • Fixed: with left/right thumbnail, POI content truncated when no thumbnail present
  • Fixed: bulk geocoding should be limited to the selected post types in the ‘geocoding’ settings section
  • Fixed: suppress the geocoding errors section when ACF is present, since it interferes with the mappress_error custom field


  • Fixed: map doesn’t display when geolocation centering


  • Fixed: WP dialog changes cause issues with intro guide


  • Fixed: free version error with filter class


  • Added: initial search can now be specified by URL parameter (enter parameter name in settings)
  • Added: LocationIQ geocoder
  • Changed: removed wp element dependency


  • Fixed: sort by POIs by title not working when map center is defined only by bounds


  • Hotfix for bug in 2.87.3


  • Changed: add delay for Leaflet initialopeninfo (“load” event triggers too early throwing off popup location)
  • Fixed: debounce triggering on initialization


  • Fixed: search not working for some geocoders
  • Fixed: mapbox key not working if defined in wp-config.php


  • Changed: POI modal is now displayed inside mapp-dialog component
  • Changed: close ‘X’ added for dialog component
  • Fixed: warning if all sizes deleted


  • Added: POI list can now be sorted by distance
  • Added: POI distance can be included templates for popups and POI list
  • Added: enable custom map tiles for Leaflet
  • Changed: removed dependency on underscore library
  • Fixed: web component too small when displayed in iframe
  • Fixed: POI drag and drop sorting not working in map editor
  • Fixed: Google warning for deprecated bounds in places calls
  • Fixed: console warning when mousing over user location blue dot


  • Fixed: ACF mashup not working with custom meta query


  • Fixed: mapbox custom styles not saving


  • Changed: resurrect html/visual tabs for poi editor


  • Fixed: don’t display fullscreen control on unsupported (iOS) devices
  • Fixed: warning when map center is a string


  • Fixed: PHP 8.2 warning message for trim()


  • Fixed: warning message with PHP 8.1 and 8.2
  • Fixed: typo in wp-config setting for mapbox token
  • Fixed: compatibility fix for latest Gutenberg modal


  • Changed: switched deregister to options
  • Fixed: map picker not working if latest Gutenberg plugin is active
  • Fixed: fix missing user maps caused by WP 6.0+ user query change


  • Fixed: Leaflet GPX files not centering properly


  • Fixed: gutenberg plugin interferes with modal editor display
  • Fixed: Leaflet can now load GPX files (and so can Google). Just enter the URL in the map editor’s search bar.


  • Fixed: missing add new button in standalone map library


  • Fixed: when pois are clicked inside iframe, open in the parent window instead of the iframe
  • Fixed: missing alt tags on some images


  • Fixed: new filters defaulting to single checkbox instead of multiple checkboxes
  • Fixed: filters CSS position wrong when rendering in web component


  • Fixed: filters deleted on save


  • Fixed: syntax error


  • Fixed: media uploader not opening above map editor dialog
  • Fixed: link inserter not opening above poi editor dialog
  • Changed: improved updater performance


  • Added: ‘POI Fields’ setting: enables POI field data entry, filtering and display
  • Added: filtering for individual maps based on POI data fields
  • Added: option for setting search placeholder
  • Added: setting to render maps as web components
  • Added: compatibility with React 18 (faster rendering, etc.)
  • Added: fullscreen control for Leaflet and Google
  • Added: search for maps by multiple keywords
  • Changed: replaced Gutenberg dialog component with standard html dialog element
  • Changed: removed locutus
  • Changed: added poi field data to default map popup template
  • Changed: removed ‘classname’ and ‘embed’ map attributes
  • Fixed: dragging not working for polygons
  • Fixed: mashup filters not retaining checked selections
  • Fixed: it was possible to save new maps multiple times
  • Fixed: map list scrolling to bottom after move to trash (to focus on snackbar)
  • Fixed: complianz blocking Leaflet maps if marker clustering is disabled


  • Fixed: “geocode users” button hidden in settings


  • Fixed: error when loading custom mappress.css inside iframes
  • Fixed: WPML language switcher delayed for mashup queries


  • Fixed: error if tinyMCE is disabled in user profile


  • Fixed: trailing comma in API affects early PHP 7.x


  • Changed: PHP version bumped to 7.0
  • Fixed: PHP error in 7.2 with trailing commas
  • Fixed: additional sanitization for arguments in rest API
  • Fixed: sizes settings defaults to first size


  • Fixed: translations not working


  • Fixed: editor centering on POI after edits


  • Fixed: drag/drop not working for options lists
  • Fixed: whitespace trimmed from sizes
  • Fixed: Gutenberg plugin makes map editor too small
  • Fixed: error on settings screen for ACF help field


  • Fixed: lat/lng editing not working for leaflet


  • Added: New settings screen and index sidebar
  • Added: updated REST API to include schema
  • Added: tabbed POI editor with lat/lng and address fields
  • Added: setting to limit POI list to viewport without search
  • Changed: updated controls for color picker, style picker, filters, and poi editor
  • Changed: new combobox for field mapping settings
  • Fixed: Google API callback parameter is now mandatory
  • Fixed: shortcode geolocate parameter ignored
  • Fixed: drag and drop improved for both settings and POIs
  • Fixed: error when setting map center before it has been moved
  • Fixed: editor zooming in on polygons and shapes
  • Fixed: some strings not included in translation POT file


  • Fixed: missing pagination text in POT file
  • Changed: improved processing for empty ACF map fields


  • Changed: update version compatibility
  • Changed: add alt tags to template icons


  • Fixed: sanitize map name in iframes


  • Fixed: geolocate parameter not passed through from shortcode


  • Fixed: unable to save settings when sizes are numeric


  • Fixed: mashup query bug in 2.84.16


  • Added: German translation
  • Changed: internal changes to settings screen
  • Fixed: directions not working for lat/lng POIs


  • Added: support for hyphenated poi.props variables
  • Changed: parse shortcodes in poi body (frontend only)
  • Changed: fix for WP async …