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Mass Messaging for BuddyPress – by Alkaweb


By default, BuddyPress doesn’t allow to send a private mass message to all members of your site.

This plugin allows you to send a private mass message to all members of your site, or if you prefer, to send a message just to all members of one or more specific groups or also to send a message to all members with a specific role assigned.

Although it’s possible compose the messages by both frontend and backend, the front integration provides less features at moment but we improve the plugin periodically and soonthe frontend will be totally integrated.

If you have a BuddyPress community and you are looking for a way to send easily a private message to your users, then this plugin is what you are looking for.

Backend features

  • Send a private messages to all members of the site
  • Send a private messages to all members of one or more specific groups
  • Send a private messages to all members with one or more specific roles

Frontend features

  • Send a private messages to all members of the site


  • screenshot-1.jpg


  1. Install and active the plugin
  2. Go In the plugin page
  3. Insert a subject and the content of the message
  4. Check all roles and/or groups your want send the message
  5. Send it


20 agost 2019
Dont bother, hasnt updated and owner seems not to care.
29 març 2018
Serve the purpose, do what's supposed to - great job!
5 desembre 2017
Your plugin is pretty useful but it needs in my opinion 2 more things 1 - option to attach files 2 - Text editor With that your plugin could be perfect Thanks
31 març 2017
So i tried the plugin and send a message to all users and it completely erased all spaces between the paragraphs. Thank you for making me send a terrible looking, unprofessional message without any space between any words and ruining my site.
28 novembre 2016
Hi, I am using the plugin and it is concretely useful. But I see that the Admin Interface doesn't show the Hidden Groups. This can be a problem when I want to send a message to the members of that group. What is still missing is a way to Track the readings of the message. Kindly, would you implement something for this purpose? It would be really great. Of course, there is always to consider a way to manage the batch sending to a large number of Users. Thanks a lot for the plugin 🙂 Kind regards G. Aloe
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Registre de canvis

1.1.1 – 19th Oct 2016

  • Fixed issue with roles and groups in the backend

1.1.1 – 19th Oct 2016

  • Added internazionalization support
  • Added Italian translation

1.1.0 – 19th Oct 2016

  • Converted the whole code to an OOP structue
  • Added partial frontend integration: now it’s possible send a private message to all members of the site

1.0.1 – 1st Sep 2016

  • Moved files to avoid doubled folders

1.0 – 31th Aug 2016

  • Initial version