Migrate To Liquid Web & Nexcess


The Migrate to Liquid Web & Nescess plugin makes it very easy for you to migrate your site(s) to the Liquid Web Managed WordPress Hosting platform. The plugin takes care of everything, from copying all the data to transforming config files and importing this to the Liquid Web server. Just start the migration and the plugin will do all the heavy work!


There are two ways to install the plugin:

  1. Download the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Upload the migrate-to-liquidweb folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory through sFTP.

After installing you need to activate the plugin.


1) How do I migrate a website?

For detailed instructions on how to migrate your site over please visit How to Migrate your Site to Liquid Web

2) How long does it take to migrate a website?

This can range anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours depending on the size of the website. On average, migrations to Liquid Web take about 1 hour.

3) Can I migrate a site from WordPress.com?

Currently you can only migrate a self hosted WordPress installation, the plugin does not support migrating from WordPress.com.

4) What happens if I run into an error after the migration is complete?

We are always wanting to assist and help out in any way that we can. If you encounter any type of issue please use the support section of our plugin.

5) Do I need to leave the window open while the migration is processing?

No, that’s the beauty of this plugin. It runs on a SAAS based technology and a secure web address that runs everything in the background. Once you start the migration you can close the window at any time and come back to it later while it’s still running, no need to wait for hours. You will also receive an email once the migration has completed.


10 abril 2020
Hi, I had 3 sites: A simple Divi theme based site; A Divi theme based site with WooCommerce basic setup; An advanced Avada powered site using WooCommerce, membership plugin, blog and much more. The plugin worked perfectly to transfer my 3 sites and then once I followed the rest of the going live checklist my sites went live on LiquidWeb instantly. It really was a perfect stress free experience. I highly recommend this plugin and also note that it works on Nexcess managed WordPress hosting which is what I used - Nexcess hosting is a sub brand that is now part of LiquidWeb. Dale.
4 desembre 2019
A great plugin. LiquidWeb provides lots of videos and documentation for moving sites over to their managed WordPress environment. I was able to move my site, update DNS, and push everything live within 30 minutes. Super easy.
1 març 2018
the integration with the managed wordpress platform is perfect; set up your target site at liquidweb, and the dashboard feeds you all the information you need for the plugin. install and be free from your old host 🙂
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