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MyFatoorah is a flexible and open-source payment gateway built on the WooCommerce e-commerce solution. Sell anything, anywhere, and make your way.

MyFatoorah offers a seamless business experience by offering a technology put together by our tech team. This enables smooth business operations involving sales activity, product invoicing, shipping, and payment processing. MyFatoorah invoicing and payment gateway solution trigger your business to greater success at all levels in the new age world of commerce. Leverage your sales and payments at all e-commerce platforms (ERPs, CRMs, CMSs) with transparent and slick applications that are well-integrated into social media and telecom services. For every closing sale click, you make a business function gets done for you, along with generating factual reports and statistics to fine-tune your business plan with no-barrier low cost.

Our technology experts have designed the best GCC E-commerce solutions for the native financial instruments (Debit Cards, Credit Cards, etc.) supporting online sales and payments, for events, shopping, mall, and associated services.

Payment Gateways

MyFatoorah plugin supports off-site and on-site payments. If you need more payment options, you can contact the MyFatoorah support team to activate payment gateways in your account.

MyFatoorah supports below payment gateways:
* Benefit
* Qatar Debit Cards
* UAE Debit Cards
* Apple Pay
* KFast
* STC Pay
* Mezza
* Orange Cash
* Oman Net

Shipping Methods

You need to contact the MyFatoorah account manager or sales representative person to activate the shipping feature in your account.
MyFatoorah supports the below Shipping methods,
* Aramex



Before you start, you need to create a new account on the MyFatoorah portal website. Then, contact to activate it by an account manager.

After that, follow the installation steps in this link.

Demo configuration

  1. You can use the demo token mentioned here.
  2. Make sure the test mode checkbox is enabled.
  3. You can use one of the test cards.

Live Configuration

  1. You can use the live token mentioned in this link.
  2. Make sure test mode is disabled.

Embedded Configuration

You need to contact the MyFatoorah account manager or sales representative person to check the availability of this feature in your country.

Shipping Configuration

  1. Contact the MyFatoorah account manager or sales representative person to activate the shipping feature in your account.
  2. Add a valid address in your MyFatoorah account from update profile Shipping configuration details. For more details.
  3. All products should have dimensions and weight.
  4. Follow the shipping configuration guide.


What’s the difference between the **MyFatoorah – Cards** and **MyFatoorah – Embedded** payment methods?

  • MyFatoorah – Cards: This uses the default gateways that were enabled in your portal account. You should enable only this payment method.
  • MyFatoorah – Embedded: This is used only if you have any gateway that has the direct payment feature in it at your portal account.

What is the difference between the List Payment Options?

  • MyFatoorah Invoice Page (Redirect): It will redirect the buyer to the MyFatoorah invoice page that contains a list of all payment gateways with their service charges.
  • List All Enabled Gateways in Checkout Page: It will list the payment gateways inside your website and then will redirect the buyer straightway to the payment gateway page.

What is the Single Gateway View?

Select this option if you enabled only one gateway in your MyFatoorah portal account, and you need to display a custom title/icon instead of the default title/icon.

What is the Webhook Secret Key?

This option enables triggering events each time the order status changes at the MyFatoorah portal side. This feature recovers the lost orders due to connection loss or delay called back. Kindly refer to the


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Registre de canvis

2.2.7 (2024-03-27)

  • Refund via MyFatoorah API
  • Change the payment.php to an abstract payment plugin.
  • Move the payment.php, shipping.php, and webhook.php to the “include” folder as plugin classes.
  • Add a new filter to register any new MyFatoorah WooComerce payment as a gateway.
  • Validate the config data with all MyFatoorah payments.
  • Fix the “disable shipping” functionality and let it detect all registered MyFatoorah WooComerce payments using the new filter.
  • Disable shipping if the payment gateways are disabled from the admin payment list.
  • Show only the selected countries in the MyFatoorah Shipping settings for the “Exclude countries from shipping rates” option.
  • Fix Shipping calculation
  • Validate the payment logo link to use HTTPS instead of HTTP.
  • Check each product price to see if it is a number.
  • Change each class-wc-gateway-myfatoorah-XXX to be independent of each other. If no apiKey is set, use the v2Option data.
  • Add a new action for the webhook registration so that a new event handler can be added easily without editing the original code.
  • Add webhook logger file
  • Move the translations from i18n to the languages folder to be able to use WordPress tools for packing the plugin.
  • Update the translation file after upgrading the plugin.
  • Remove the wp-die function if the WooComerce plugin is not installed or active, and use the admin notice instead. No gateways will be registered until the WooComerce is installed and active.
  • Add the log backup cron job to backup log files every week.
  • Allow enabling the MyFatoorah Embedded payment if MyFatoorah Cards payment redirects buyers to the invoice page.
  • Add notice for MyFatoorah Embedded payment when disabled.
  • Fix Apple Pay registration
  • Fix the thousand-separator view of the Apple Pay button
  • Translate currencies on the checkout page

See changelog.txt for older logs.