Aquesta extensió s'ha tancat a partir de 6 agost 2020 i no està disponible per a la seva descàrrega. Aquest tancament és permanent.


16 agost 2019
A must have plugin for a multisite. If the multisite is used for a multilingual wordpress site where the media is the same for all blogs this plugin is a life saver :). Many thanks for this useful plugin!
14 juny 2017
The feature only is available while adding media to a post/page. I am unable to get it work with my Soliloquy Slider. I was also hoping to access other site media from library.
19 gener 2017
Using it on my MU site, tweaked it slightly so it only pulls from one site that I want its media library shared with all others, but only that one. Gives my users access to a media library I manage only.
3 setembre 2016
Great idea, implementation needs some work though, even though you can see the images across the network of subsites, you can not insert media, only paste urls but referencing other sites, Implementing a feature to "share across network" only individual images would be ideal, since we don't want to share every image, since they are own by different sites operators, but just some placeholders for newly created sites. Good overall, does what it claims it does on the default mode, but not on multisite, at least v4.4.2. Thanks!
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