Aquesta extensió no s'ha provat en les darreres 3 versions majors del WordPress. Segurament no està mantinguda o suportada, i pot tenir problemes de compatibilitat quan s'usa en versions recents del WordPress.

Pandora Feeds for WordPress


Inspired by and building upon the great work of Jean-Paul Franssen, who developed a wordpress-sidebar-widget to display feeds coming from Pandora, I have now finished programming a WordPress plugin, which can help you to place Pandora-feeds freely anywhere in your theme-templates.

For more information on Pandora, visit

I’m in no way connected to Pandora Media, Inc, this is my private, non-profit contribution to the wordpress-community.

Pandora and the Music Genome Project are registered trademarks of Pandora Media, Inc.

Plugin Homepage

The complete documentation is located at my website:


  1. Upload the file pandorafeeds.php to your plugin-directory:
  2. Go to the plugin-section of your blog’s admin-area, scroll down to ‘Pandora Feeds for WordPress Plugin’ and press ‘activate’.
  3. Now go to the Options section and klick on ‘Pandora Feeds’
  4. Type into the input-field your Pandora-account name. You register at Pandora with your E-Mail-address. Your account-name is the local-part of the address. For example, if you have registered with, you should enter john.doe into the textfield.
  5. Congratulations, now you’re done!


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Col·laboradors i desenvolupadors

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