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3 setembre 2016
It works as expected too, I installed it on our site and seems to work pretty well The only suggestion I would make is adding a bit of customisation capabilities within the plugin, without needing to go into the documentation and changing the code manually… most people don’t get into that (I suppose you know that otherwise you wouldn’t have done the plugin) Also maybe having different button designs, something more streamlined, contemporary or even minimalist…. Last thing, I couldn’t find a way to change the text that appears when you hover over the button, at the moment it reads ‘Books, magazines, etc.’ I think this is something the customer might want to be able to change in order to give it a more personal touch…. Thanks again and keep it up!
3 setembre 2016
This is a great way to distribute your magazines and books in print from your own Wordpress site. Install the button, upload your PDF file and you allow your readers to get your magazines and books in luxury prints. Peecho takes care of the shipping and the customer service and it doesn't cost you anything!
3 setembre 2016
An easy to use plugin that allows you to sell high quality magazines or books from your Wordpress site. You just need to upload your PDF file and it takes care of everything for you. Highly recommended.
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