Phoenix Media Rename


Greatly improve your SEO: rename your media files with the “Phoenix Media Rename” plugin.


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  1. Upload phoenix-media-rename folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. It is done! You can go to any media file single page and will notice the new field “Filename”. Bulk edit is also available at the “Media” listing page!


How to avoid removing accents in file name?

Go to the Phoenix Media Rename settings page and unckeck “Remove accents” option, this will prevent accents sanitization.
Please note: avoid accents sanitization can cause broken URL on some hosting.

How to avoid processing revisions?

Go to the Phoenix Media Rename settings page and unckeck “Update Revisions” option, this will prevent revions update.
Please note: avoid revision processing will speed up the rename process, but will cause broken media file link in you revert a post to an older version.

How to rename a single media?

Go to the Media section of the admin panel and open a media of your choice. You will see a new field named “Filename” and your current filename in it. Change it to whatever you want the new name to be and hit the “Update” button.

How to bulk rename medias?

Go to the Media section of the admin panel, select the “Rename” or “Rename & Retitle” bulk action (depending on if you want the media get retitled too) from the dropdown, check the medias you would like to rename and change their filenames using the “Filename” fields at the last column. When you are done, hit the “Apply” button and let the plugin do its magic!

Can I use the plugin to rename medias via code?

Sure, you can use the “do_rename” static function, located at the Phoenix_Media_Rename class. Prototype: Phoenix_Media_Rename::do_rename($attachment_id, $new_filename, $retitle = 0). On success the function returns 1, and on error – the error message.


24 juliol 2020
There is no "Filename" option in the Attachment Details screen. There is a "Filename" field on the list mode, but choosing "Rename" does nothing. Glad this was free...
24 juliol 2020
I was overly critical in my first review which I have now edited. Since I found out the developer has supported with the issue very well. He is an individual, a teacher in fact, and doing it not for profit and so users must bear that in mind. If you want a premium plugin with teams of support you might want to consider a paid option but this a great option for someone on a tight budget and with some patience if you do run into trouble. I did install this today on my multisite network and I have one other site in the network and it crashed my network admin and there was no way to access it due to a fatal error. I have sent my issue to the developer in the Support thread, and there is one other logged issue also. The developer of this plugin has now resolved this issue.
3 juliol 2020
Thanks for this handy plugin, it sure saves time. Really appreciate you sharing this plugin!
3 juliol 2020
Phoenix Media Rename is saving me a ton of work in that I can rename and retitle files on the fly without having to re-upload them, after having renamed the original – if I can still find it ;-). Many thanks and keep up the great work!
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