Quick QR Code


Quick QR Code generates a QR code based on the current page URL. Each QR code is unique and will be generated on Current Page Link.

Elementor Demo |Shortcode Demo |vCard Demo |Auto Generate QR | Settings Page demo | Documentation

Free Version Features

  • Genertaing Dynamic QR Code
  • Display with Shortcode. [quick-qr]
  • Elementor addon Supported
  • Easy to qr code size customize

Premium Version Features

  • The First Gradient Color QR Code In WordPress
  • All features include free version
  • Gradient Color QR code Dots
  • Gradient Eye irish Color
  • Gradient Eye Pupil Color
  • QR Dot Design: Square , Dots, Rounded, Extra Rounded,classy , Classy rounded
  • QR Eye irish Design: Square, Rounded, Extra Rounded,classy
  • QR Eye Pupil Design: Square, Circle,classy
  • QR Generate Automatically
  • QR generate for Custom link, text, number
  • QR generate for Whatsapp Chat Access
  • QR Code for Google Maps Location
  • QR Wifi Access
  • Bulk vCard Generator
  • QR Generate for Post, Page, Product, and Custom Post Type
  • Current Page URL QR Meta box Support
  • vCard QR Meta box Support
  • Display Automatically at the bottom of the content
  • Display by Shortcode
  • Display Shortcode with Attribute
  • Logo upload Spported
  • QR Image Bulk Print facility
  • Download the QR Image from the frontend and backend
  • Live Preview

QR codes are created with authentic JavaScript and do not require Google API dependencies.


  • Settings Page
  • Premium QR code
  • Premium QR diagram


Go to the Plugins Menu in WordPress and select Plugins > Add new
Search for “ Quick QR Code”
Click “Install” and “activate”.


Are your QR codes are Ad free?

Yes,it is 100% ad free


No hi ha ressenyes per a aquesta extensió.

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