Aquesta extensió s'ha tancat a partir de 4 de desembre de 2023 i no està disponible per a la seva descàrrega. Aquest tancament és temporal, a l'espera d'una revisió completa.


14 de novembre de 2023
I am wary of hackers, so I have been trying to keep out spam accounts. I even have a captcha to sign up to comment, but the bots still get through, like 200 a day. I have been daily bulk deleting all those, "telegram," "blogspot," and ".ru" accounts. This plug-in relived me of the burden of having to do that so much. I think this might be one of my 'essential' plug-ins for any website build for new website clients from now on.
26 de juliol de 2023
I was looking for a "Not allow these names" and this plugin did that for me. Now I can block, blogspot, www., etc when trying to register. The admin area could use some love... I think if the addon better replicated the default wordpress admin style things would be better. remove hamburger in top right corner fix spelling "Extentions" to "Extensions" fix padding / margin spacing between UI elements sidebar admin menu name is huge "Restrict Usernames Emails Characters …" should be "Restrict Usernames" or something really short I liked and appreciated how the "leave review" banner was at the bottom of the page and not in my face at the top. That's why I left this review... Great job! Thanks!


14 de març de 2023
wordpress的注册地方有两个,一个是官方提供的默认注册位置,你的插件只能对默认注册用户过滤,但是现在大多数都用的Elementor 提交的注册表单,我希望你能添加对Elementor提交病保存的 用户过滤的支持, There are two registration places for wordpress. One is the official default registration location. Your plug-in can only filter the default registered users. But now most of the registration forms submitted by Elementor are used. I hope you can add support for filtering the users submitted by Elementor,
4 de gener de 2023
I needed something to block certain usernames. I found what I was looking for with this plugin!
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