Aquesta extensió s'ha tancat a partir de 16 de setembre de 2019 i no està disponible per a la seva descàrrega. Aquest tancament és permanent. Motiu: Problema de seguretat.


19 de juliol de 2017
I was very happy with this plugin until the moment I needed to dynamically add content that needed a textarea with "Use HTML-editor" checked (aka TinyMCE). It gives a javascript error and won't add a new row of fields. Please FIX and you'll have my 5 stars
3 de setembre de 2016
This is THE BEST plugin! I use it for EVERY project I do for clients. First one I install. It is incredibly powerful and flexible once you get your head around it. I can't imagine a project without it. Better documentation would be nice, but it's there - just need to search a bit... Oh - and I love the fact that it's hidden under the settings menu - so polite and unobtrusive. Great plugin.
3 de setembre de 2016
Does what is says brilliantly.
7 de febrer de 2017 2 respostes
Seems to be a worthless plug-in that I just wasted 15 minutes of my time. You set up fields and then what? It makes no sense and gets a 1-star from me..........
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