Aquesta extensió no s'ha provat en les darreres 3 versions majors del WordPress. Segurament no està mantinguda o suportada, i pot tenir problemes de compatibilitat quan s'usa en versions recents del WordPress.



Visual Marketing tool to Discover and integrate your customer Instagram photos, build a loyal customer community and increase conversion.

Seamlessly connect your Instagram, create hashtags and connect them with your created galleries.

Your Unique Gallery can be customised as you want and placed wherever you want on the site.

65% people are visual learners. Images are processed 60’000 times faster than text.

No risk 30-day trial for all features.


  • Showcase of the products gallery. (Product has a unique hashtag. The photo feed contains only product related photos.
  • Modal window showcase when a user clicks on an image in the photo feed. Image with its details and pagination.
  • Gallery showcase. Usually put on the homepage or on a separate page e.g. Customer photos or Reviews. Text above grid is free to be customised as well as the gallery itself.
  • Another gallery showcase. 6x3 photo grid. Each gallery has its own connected hashtags which can be seen in the text.


  1. Create a Socialphotos folder in /wp-content/plugins/ and upload socialphotos-plugin.php there OR upload via your admin panel. Go to Plugins > Upload a file
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Add ‘Socialphotos’ widget to your templates available widget areas in Appearances/Widgets
  4. Create a Socialphotos stand-alone account –>
  5. Follow the instructions, create hashtags and galleries.
  6. Get code from your gallery and Copy the generated gallery code into the widgets admin panels `Generated Gallery code’ text area OR put the gallery wherever you want it to appear – Posts, separate pages, homepage etc.
  7. Done!

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What Socialmedia platform can be connected to the widget?

For now it`s Instagram. Later we plan on adding Twitter and other platforms.

I created hashtags but nothing is displaying on the site. Why?

Each hashtag when created has a checkbox to connect it with a gallery. If you forgot to do it when creating the hashtag,
you still can connect it by going to Hashtag stream and choosing the hashtag you need. Under the hashtag you’ll see in how many
galleries it’s used. (Ex. If 0, then press Change and check the galleries you need. (Ex.

Why my tagged photos do not show up in the Hashtag stream?

Instagram allows to collect photos only from public accounts. If the users account who tagged photos with your hashtag is a Private Account, those photos will not show up in your Hashtag stream

First of all, check if your account is public and try to tag a photo. Go to your Instagram account Settings > Private Account. If your photo shows up but other user photos dont, then all works perfect and their accounts are private. Dont worry, 90% users accounts are public anyway.

How many galleries I can make?

There are no limits on how many galleries you can make and no hashtag limits. However, there shouldn’t be more than 2 galleries on 1 page.

There are 2 types of galleries:

1) Galleries – used for different purposes and each gallery has it’s own customisation. They can be put anywhere on your website.Galleries – used for different purposes and each gallery has it’s own customisation. They can be put anywhere on your website.

2) Product galleries – (WE DO NOT YET HAVE A PRODUCT SYNCHRONISATION POSSIBILITY IN WP, HOWEVER, WE ARE WORKING ON IT) Single customisation for all galleries, unique product hashtags

Can I create hashtags in other languages besides english?

Currently you can make hashtags in any language except those which consist of hieroglyphs such as traditional Chinese

I moved from Shopify / SEOshop to WordPress / WooCommerce. How can I migrate my data from Socialphotos?

If you had only unique galleries then the migration is easy. Just install the plugin and paste the generated gallery HTML code into the plugins input field or any place on your website if you want to use the gallery in a more freestyle way e.g. on a separate page.

If, however, you had product galleries, you can`t migrate them because no product retrieving is possible yet. 🙁 The workaround is to create a gallery for each product and connect hashtags.


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