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Speedcheck Internet Speed Test


Speedcheck is an internet speed test that started out as an iOS and Android app with over 20 million downloads. Our users run multiple hundreas of thousands of speed tests each day making Speedcheck one of the most popular speed test solutions in the world.


  • Test your download and upload speed as well as latency (ping)
  • Proven technology – The Speedcheck Plugin runs on the same proven speed test technology as our apps and website
  • Optimized for modern browsers – Developed in HTML5 and for mobile devices the entire plugin has less than 20 kilobytes, making it super fast to load.
  • High Speed 10Gbps Server infrastructure ensure reliablity and repeatability for each speed test.
  • Available in 14 languages: Arabic (ar), German (de), English (en), Spanish (es), French (fr), Indonesian (id), Italian (it), Japanese (ja), Korean (ko), Dutch (nl), Polish (pl), Portuguese (pt), Russian (ru), Swedish (sv)

How to

Use the [speedcheck] shortcode whereever you want to display the speed test plugin. The following shortcode attributes can be used to customize language, style and positioning.

  • language – Choose from 14 languages (ar, de, en, es, fr, id, it, ja, ko, nl, pl, pt, ru, sv), defaults to en
  • center – Set to true to center the plugin, defaults to false
  • border – Set to true to show border around the plugin, defaults to false
  • link – Set to true to enable attribution, defaults to false

Examples of use

  • [speedcheck] – Simplest implementation
  • [speedcheck language=es] – Implementation with language set to spanish
  • [speedcheck center=true border=true] – Implementation centering the plugin and encasing it with a border
  • [speedcheck link=true] – Implementation enabling attribution; your support is much appreciated


  • Speedcheck Plugin as displayed in default state
  • Running Speed Test
  • Ping, Download Speed and Upload Speed results presented


  1. Install the plugin via the WordPress Plugin Manager or upload the plugin to your site.
  2. Activate the plugin in the Plugins section.
  3. Add the shortcode [speedcheck] whereever you want to display the speed test.
  4. Happy testing!


25 març 2019
The Speedcheck plugin helped me to easily implement a fast, simple and reliable speedtest on my website. Works perfectly, loads super fast and is free. Many thanks to the devs, keep up the good work!
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