Tutor LMS Elementor Addons


Tutor LMS Elementor Addons is a WordPress plugin that syncs Tutor LMS with Elementor page builder. It helps you to design eLearning course sites any way you want. Create your own custom layout and styling for Tutor LMS courses, bring different designs to specific courses, create course carousels and listings, and do much more.

=What you can do with Tutor LMS Elementor Addons:=

Tutor LMS Elementor Addons helps you create gorgeous looking eLearning sites Tutor LMS and then style it with Elementor page builder. You can do a lot of things, including the following:

  • Create a course page template from scratch.
  • Customize each course page design individually.
  • 26+ widgets to take care of the linear aspects of the design.
  • Insert course carousels in any page you want.
  • 4 different course carousel styles.


Tutor LMS Elementor Addons will ask you to install the following plugins to make sure everything works perfectly.

1) Tutor LMS
2) Elementor Plugin

After installing and activating all of these plugins, you will be able to build single course pages with Elementor using all of its unique features. For a more in-depth look at the integration and all it’s nitty-gritty details, please visit our documentation on Tutor LMS – Elementor integration.

Please make sure you are using the latest version of all these plugins.


Allow Elementor to edit and create courses in the Settings

First, you need to enable editing capability for Elementor page builder. Go to Dashboard > Elementor > Settings > General, check the mark on the Post Types you want to edit and create with Elementor. Make sure Courses, Lessons, Quizzes, and Assignments.

Create a custom course template

To use the Elementor builder to build a custom course template, you need to create your own course template first.

You can do that by heading to your WordPress admin page, and then from the dashboard panel, head to Templates > Saved Templates > Add New and from the “Choose Template Type” dropdown, select page. Give the template a name and also make sure to enable ”Tutor LMS Single Course Template”. Start creating your custom course page from scratch.

Edit individual course pages differently
If you want to edit each course’s layout separately, navigate to Tutor LMS > Courses and then open any course in editing mode.

Then, from the default editing panel, click on “Edit With Elementor” to start the Elementor Page builder interface. You will find all the necessary add-ons to create a single course page from the left sidebar’s Tutor LMS section.

Widgets Inside Tutor LMS Elementor Addons Plugin

Tutor LMS Elementor Addons currently offers the following Elementor widgets to take control over your eLearning site designs. Design your course page and other layouts with the Tutor LMS widgets available in Tutor LMS Elementor Addons plugin.

  1. Course Rating
  2. Course Title
  3. Course Author
  4. Course Level
  5. Course Social Share
  6. Course Categories
  7. Course Duration
  8. Course Total Enrolled
  9. Course Last Update
  10. Course Status
  11. Course Thumbnail
  12. Course Price
  13. Course Enrolment Box
  14. Course Materials
  15. Course Requirements
  16. Course Tags
  17. Course Target Audience
  18. Course About
  19. Course Benefits
  20. Course Curriculum
  21. Course Instructor
  22. Course Carousel
  23. Course List
  24. Course Description (available for the global template only)
  25. Course Content
  26. Course Purchase
  27. Course wishlist


  • Create Astonishing Course List
  • 26+ Tutor LMS Elementor widgets
  • Vertical Style For Course Cards
  • Horizontal Style For Course Cards
  • Default Single Course Layout
  • Classic Style For Course Curriculum
  • Stylish Course Topic Display
  • Display Ratings Stylishly
  • Different Card Designs For Instructors


Minimum Requirements

  • PHP version 5.6.0 or greater (PHP 7.2 or greater is recommended)
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater (MySQL 5.6 or greater is recommended)

Automatic installation

The automatic installation is the easiest way to install any plugin in WordPress. You can perform an automated installation of Tutor LMS Elementor Addons by logging in to your WordPress dashboard, navigating to the “Plugins” menu, and click on the “Add New” button.

This will open up a page showing all the available plugins in WordPress. In the search field, type Tutor LMS Elementor Addons. The search result will show you our Tutor LMS Elementor Addons plugin. You can then see the detailed info by clicking on “More Details” and installing just click on the “Install Now” button.

Manual installation

To install Tutor LMS Elementor Addons manually, you need to download the plugin and upload it to your webserver via any FTP application.

The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to do this here.


Can I use the Elementor builder with my existing Tutor LMS courses?

Yes! You can use this builder to create a different look and feel for your existing courses.

Do I need the Pro version of Elementor to use this plugin?

No, you can use this integration with the free version. Pro version of Elementor is not required.

Do I need the Pro version of Tutor LMS to use this plugin?

No, the free version is enough to use this integration.

Where can I get support?

You can get support by posting your issues on the support section of this plugin or use the contact form on our website.

Is this plugin free?

Yes! This plugin is absolutely free. However, the plugin requires Tutor LMS and Elementor to function. Without Tutor LMS and Elementor, this plugin is useless.

Can I use this with my theme?

We have tested the compatibility with Twenty Nineteen, Elementor Hello, and Astra. If you find a conflict or problem in your theme, please post on the support section of this plugin.

How can I request more features?

You can post on the support section of this plugin or use the contact form at themeum.com.


31 de maig de 2024
Despite going back and forth trying to get the support team access to our site (our fault) Muhammad Fayyaz suggested meeting on Zoom. Considering the 11 hour time difference between us, it was amazing that we got to talk. Again a bit difficult to reach each other at first but we within 2 days we did and M. fixed the issue I was having with the plugin in not copying over all the pages of my site. Turns out I needed to change some code in my htaccess file and now it all works. Thanks so much for your steadfast help in the face of adversity!!
13 de febrer de 2023 1 resposta
This is one of the better Elementor addon plugins that I have used. The level of customization it affords for Tutor LMS with Elementor is great.
10 de febrer de 2023
This plugin doesnt work at all! It let you create layouts and custom pages but you cannot use them in any course. “Edit with elementor” is missing in every couse and the layouts made for single courses are never displayed as a layout in any couse. Complete waste of time and money (requires Elementor Pro)
21 de juny de 2022 1 resposta
There are lots of issues with the plugin. The description states you must have the newest version of Tutor LMS (same developer). I reported numerous issues and was adviced to contact their support by mail. The supporter told me this addon is not fully compatibel with he new version of Tutor LMS and I should roll back. For the other issues I reported, the answers completly missed what I wrote. I am moving on to another LMS.
7 de juny de 2022
Las sección de comprar curso no funciona no se puede ver en el sitio publicado. No es compatible con la versión actual de tutor lms 2.0 hasta 2.5. Ya escribir soporte y no lo solucionan.
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= 2.1.4 – 24 January, 2024
Update: More security improvement is introduced
Update: WordPress 6.4 compatibility added
Update: PHP 8.1, 8.2 support added

= 2.1.3 – 18 October, 2023
Update: Added compatibility with the latest version of Tutor LMS
Fix: Course Carousel arrows weren’t visible on the frontend
Fix: Addressed certain translation issues

= 2.1.2 – 22 September, 2023
*Update: Added compatibility with the latest version of Elementor
*Fix: Resolved toggle settings issue for course list hover animations

= 2.1.1 – 17 August, 2023
Fix: Resolved issue with multiple Course List on a single page
Fix: Course Bundle not displaying correctly within the Course Carousel addon

= 2.1.0 – 9 August, 2023
*New: The Course Bundle page is customizable by Elementor
*New: Added Bundle Title Elementor widget
*New: Added Bundle Thumbnail Elementor widget
*New: Added Bundle Categories Elementor widget
*New: Added Bundle Overview Elementor widget
*New: Added Bundle Tags Elementor widget
*New: Added Bundle Courses Elementor widget
*New: Added Bundle Author Elementor widget
*New: Added Bundle Benefits Elementor widget
*New: Added option to make the sidebar sticky on the course bundle and course details page
*New: Introducing compatibility with WordPress 6.3
*Fix: Bundled courses weren’t showing on the default course list page

= 2.0.9 – 2 August, 2023

*Update: Compatibility with the latest Elementor is introduced

= 2.0.8 – 6 June, 2023

*Fix: Fixed Lesson edit issue, ensuring smooth editing functionality.
*Fix: Resolved Add to Cart issue.
*Fix: Addressed WPML conflicting issue.
*Fix: Resolved language Translation issue.

= 2.0.7 – 25 January, 2023

  • Update: Compatibility with the latest Elementor is introduced
  • Fix: Reviews were appearing twice on the Review widget

= 2.0.6 – 20 December, 2022

  • Fix: Course Price style update was not working
  • Fix: The Documentation & Support Link was wrong on the Plugin’s List page
  • Fix: Social Share was not working on the Course Details page
  • Fix: The Course Benefit section Layout Settings was not working in Editor Mode
  • Fix: The review section style was not working on the Course Details page
  • Fix: Course Progress was not appearing on the Course Details page
  • Fix: Course Enrollment Box style was not working
  • Fix: Course Enrolled Box style was not working
  • Fix: Course Review Widget Stars were not selectable on the Course Details page when it is used as a Widget

= 2.0.5 – 1 September, 2022

  • Update: More security improvement is introduced

= 2.0.4 – 28 July, 2022

  • Fix: The Resources tab on the Course Details page was not showing any content if the Page is edited with Elementor
  • Fix: On the Lesson page the Attachment tab was not showing any content if the Course Details Page is edited with Elementor
  • Fix: The Review widget was not appearing on the Front-site when editing the Course Details page with Elementor
  • Fix: The Author Add-on was showing the wrong URL for Instructor Profile
  • Fix: From the Design settings the Author section is disabled but still, it was appearing in the Front-site
  • Fix: From the Design settings the Course Benefits section is disabled but still, it was appearing in the Front-site
  • Fix: The “Benefits” section (What Will You Learn?) on the Course Details page was not matching with the present design of Tutor LMS

= 2.0.3 – 24 June, 2022

  • Fix: Sidebar was not appearing while using the Course Curriculum addon
  • Fix: Course prerequisite was not appearing on the Single Course page

= 2.0.2 – 02 June, 2022

  • Update: “Course Curriculum” widget has been re-designed and improved for the Single Course page
  • Update: Instructor” widget has been redesigned and improved for the Single Course page
  • Update: Elementor Compatibility is brought for the “Purchase” button of the EDD plugin
  • Fix: In the “Course List” widget the Login Modal was not appearing for Visitors while the Guest Mode is disabled
  • Fix: The color of “hours” and “minutes” text of “Duration” in the “Enrollment” widget could not be changed
  • Fix: The “Prerequisite” section was not appearing while editing a Course with Elementor

= 2.0.1 – 28 April, 2022

  • New: Course enrolment add-on now comes with a new toggle button to show/hide the enrolment box
  • New: Course purchase add-on now comes with a new toggle button to show/hide the purchase box
  • New: Instructor Bio show/hide control is added on the Course Content & Course Instructor add-ons
  • New: Button style support is added for the “Add to Cart” button of the EDD Plugin
  • Update: Price compatibility is added for EDD and WooCommerce plugin
  • Update: Course Curriculum add-on is now compatible with Tutor 2.0
  • Update: Course Content styling control is now compatible with Tutor 2.0
  • Update: Class Selector updated, tab-body-item to tutor-tab-item
  • Update: Add to Cart selector is updated
  • Update: Course List Addon design is improved
  • Update: Course Carousel Addon design improved
  • Fix: Social Share icon style was showing up in the wrong style
  • Fix: Text was showing wrong for Add to Cart
  • Fix: The course Purchase button style was not appearing properly
  • Fix: Course Carousel style had a design issue
  • Fix: On the Course Carousel, the Wishlist icon had a design issue
  • Fix: The course Details Page Wishlist icon had a design issue
  • Fix: _register_controls was showing a deprecated warning
  • Fix: The course Curriculum header title style was not working
  • Fix: About Course content style was not working
  • Fix: Wishlist was not clickable on overlay Skin
  • Fix: Guest checkout was not working

= 2.0.0 – 15 March, 2022

  • New: Introducing compatibility with WordPress 5.9
  • New: Full compatibility with Tutor LMS 2.0
  • New: New Tutor LMS Elementor add-on for course content
  • New: New Tutor LMS Elementor add-on for course wishlist
  • New: New Tutor LMS Elementor add-on for course purchase
  • Update: Course requirement title doesn’t show up now without description
  • Update: Course materials title doesn’t show up now without description
  • Update: Target audience title doesn’t show up now without description
  • Fix: Pagination on course listing page redirected to course archive page issue

1.0.3 – 27 May, 2021

  • Fix: Course attachment not showing
  • Fix: Deprecated: Elementor\Scheme_Typography is deprecated since version 2.8.0! Use Elementor\Core\Schemes\Typography instead.

1.0.2 – 23 March, 2021

  • Fix: Addon layout and alignment issue on mobile view
  • Fix: Now you can add the same addon multiple times on a page
  • Fix: Course carousel addon were not working in RTL mode
  • Fix: Course about addon duplicate echo issue

1.0.1 – 08 January, 2021

  • New: Query Filters on the Course List and Carousel Addons

1.0.0 – 04 January, 2021

  • Initial Release