VendorFuel is a next-generation shopping cart that includes everything you need to add a modern, mobile responsive online store to your WordPress website in one complete solution.

With essential built-in features like Free Shipping and Dropship Support, SEO Friendly URLs, Promo Codes, Fully-Customizable Email Templates, Unlimited Autoresponders and more, you’ll be selling products at your WordPress website like a pro right away. And you can easily accept payments via Authorize.Net, PayPal, PayFabric, Qualpay, Square and Stripe with VendorFuel.

Powerful Reporting, Automatic Tax Calculation, Shipping & Label Creation, Punch in and Punch out capabilities are all included in VendorFuel’s advanced Enterprise features. And with VendorFuel you own and control your data. VendorFuel respects your data. It’s yours, you own it, so you should be able to control it.

Don’t just build an online store, build an online business — with VendorFuel!

VendorFuel’s Core eCommerce Features

  • Mobile Friendly Shopping Cart
  • Unlimited Categories/Sub-Categories
  • View/Manage All Customers and Orders
  • Supports Free Shipping, Flat Rates, and Shippo rate calculation
  • Discount/Coupon/Promo Codes
  • Full Drop-Ship Support
  • Automatic Tax Calculation (AvaTax Certified)
  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Google Analytics Ready
  • Built-In Custom Email Editor powered by BeeFree
  • Unlimited E-Mails
  • Accept payments via Authorize.Net, PayPal, PayFabric, Qualpay, Square and/or Stripe (hosted within VendorFuel by the payment processor for the highest standard in PCI compliance)

VendorFuel’s Advanced eCommerce Features

  • Single-Page Checkout Experience
  • Product and Category Index
  • Advanced Customization Tools
  • Sales Reporting and Business Intelligence Analysis
  • Custom Report Creator and Editor
  • Supports Multiple Price Sheets
  • Lock Shipping and Billing Address
  • Punch Out and Punch In Capabilities
  • Create and Manage User Groups
  • Create and Manage Approval Groups
  • Order Approval Hierarchy
  • Fully PCI Compliant Solution
  • Open-Source Plugin


To install the VendorFuel plugin for WordPress,

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to ‘Plugins’ by clicking Plugins > Add New, then search for VendorFuel. Then click on install.
  2. Or download the VendorFuel plugin then upload the .zip file at the ‘Plugins’ page in WordPress by clicking Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin -or- install manually by extracting all files contained in the downloaded .zip file, then upload them to the /wp-content/plugins/vendorfuel directory on your web server.
  3. After installation, activate the VendorFuel plugin at the ‘Plugins’ page in WordPress.
  4. Select VendorFuel in the Dashboard menu.
  5. Enter your VendorFuel API Key on the Settings page in the VendorFuel plugin.
  6. Login to VendorFuel using your new VendorFuel username and password.


What makes VendorFuel different from other shopping carts?

VendorFuel is different because it’s a modern web application built using a RESTful API to deliver a lighting fast user experience. VendorFuel includes a number of unique enterprise-level features not typically found in other shopping carts.

Where can I find Vendorful documentation?

VendorFuel documentation is located at:

I have a question. How can I get help from a real person?

We love answering your questions about VendorFuel! You can get help from us in three different ways! You can email us at: or give us a call toll-free at: (855) 998-3835 during business hours (6:30 AM – 5:00 PM Monday-Friday PDT)

Will VendorFuel work with my theme?

VendorFuel works best with the VendorFuel theme or any other theme using Bootstrap 4.

How can I suggest new features?

We love feature suggestions! Please email us your suggested features at:

How can I report a bug?

Please email us at:

What third parties services does VendorFuel connect to?

The VendorFuel plugin may connect to one or more of the following third-party APIs, in addition to VendorFuel’s, depending upon your setup:

How are payments handled

The VendorFuel plugin offers integration with the following payment gateways:

Encrypted data is sent using the gateway’s secure service. No credit card data is stored on VendorFuel’s servers.

What is your privacy policy?

Read our Privacy Policy for more details.


19 de setembre de 2019
seems to be a very advanced ecommerce plugin that packages everything you'd ever need to run an online store. i really appreciate the ease of use to actually administer the store. setting up products and updating prices was a breeze. looking forward to the future of vendorfuel.
16 de agost de 2019
Using this shopping cart plugin as an alternative to WooCommerce on a client's website, so far so good. It's awesome that it has drop ship capabilities built right in and I love that it integrates natively with Qualpay. Will definitely be using this cart on some other projects in the future.
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  • Removed TinyMCE editor from Categories and Collections which could result in malformed content appearing.
  • Fixed issue with missing fields from reports.


  • Fixed issue where categories wouldn’t save.


  • Fixed issue where collections weren’t appearing.


  • Added navigation menu to access main pages in the plugin app so users don’t have to keep using the side menu.
  • Fixed issue with Product page forms.
  • Buttons now consistently say “Save” for saving new items, “Update” for saving existing items.
  • Fixed issues with product image uploader.


  • Improved visual consistency of forms.
  • Revamped admin accounts and purchasing vendors UI.
  • Fixed issue where admin accounts couldn’t be deactivated.
  • Fixed issues with Product uploader template.


  • Customer groups section revamped so users can more easily access specific customer accounts via URL instead of having to navigate through tabs.
  • Uploading experience improved for customer groups.
  • Fixed issues with editing groups.
  • Removed deprecated CSV Inventory Uploader (replaced by newer Product uploader).


  • Fixed issue where user couldn’t copy an existing product to a new product.


  • Added checkbox to overwrite price sheet when uploading.


  • Customer accounts, products and price sheets sections revamped so users can more easily access specific customer accounts via URL instead of having to navigate through tabs.
  • Uploading experience improved for customer accounts, products and price sheets.
  • Fixed issue where customer addresses validation.


  • Fixed issue with phone input field.


  • Reorganized and cleaned up code.
  • Fixed issues where Reports page wouldn’t display reports or notifications.


  • Fixed issue with data table not displaying info.


  • Updated UI for uploading customer accounts.
  • Updated submenu pages to show WordPress UI for cards, buttons and tables.
  • Revised plugin folder structure to better align with current WordPress standards.


  • Added missing Customer Prefix field.


  • Removed ability to sign up for a new VendorFuel account. Only existing VendorFuel accounts currently being supported.