Vipps Recurring Payments for WooCommerce


Official Vipps Recurring Payments plugin for WooCommerce. 4 million Norwegians use Vipps. Give them a fast and familiar shopping experience.

This is the official Vipps Recurring Payments plugin for WooCommerce. It is owned by Vipps AS and maintained by Everyday AS.

We encourage you to create an issue here or on the GitHub page if you require assistance or run in to a problem.

Vipps Recurring Payments

Vipps Recurring Payments for WooCommerce is perfect for you if you run a web shop with subscription based services or other products that would benefit from subscriptions.

With Vipps Recurring Payments for WooCommerce you can:

  • Sell recurring products (virtual and physical)
  • Offer subscription services

See How it works for an overview.


  • WooCommerce 3.3.4 or newer
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • PHP 7.4 or higher
  • An SSL certificate must be installed and configured
  • Port 443 must not be blocked for outgoing traffic

Getting started

  • Sign up to use Vipps på Nett (WooCommerce)
  • Vipps will review the application and perform KYC and AML controls. You may log onto to see the status of your application. This is also where you can retrieve the API credentials used to configure the plugin in WooCommerce after your application has been approved.
  • Proceed to “Installation” below

Known bugs

  • Synchronized products can not be paid via Vipps when using KCO if the price at this moment in time is 0.

End Log


  • Setup and activate the payment gateway in WooCommerce
  • Configure the plugin settings


To use the plugin you need to do the following:

  1. Download and activate the plugin from this GitHub repository or
  2. Enable the Vipps Recurring Payments (“Vipps faste betalinger”) payment method in WooCommerce: Settings -> Payments (Betalinger).
  3. Click “Manage” on the Vipps Recurring Payments payment method
  4. Proceed to “Retrieving Vipps API Keys” below

Retrieving Vipps API Keys

The documentation for retrieving your Vipps API Keys can be found here.

Configuration of the plugin

  1. Fill in the client_id, client_secret and Vipps-Subscription-Key found in the previous step.
  2. That’s it! You can now move on to “Configuring products”

Configuring products

Configuring products for use with the Vipps Recurring Payments plugin is not any
different from default WooCommerce, with one exception: The configuration for
whether the product is virtual or physical is important to consider.

If a product is virtual the customer will be charged immediately but if the
product is physical you will have to capture the payment manually through the
order in WooCommerce when you have shipped the product.

In most cases your products should be virtual when using subscriptions, but it is
possible to use the plugin with physical products if you need to do so.

See the
Vipps Recurring FAQ,
and the
Vipps eCom FAQ
for more details:
What is the difference between “Reserve Capture” and “Direct Capture”?.


How can I get help?

If your question is not answered on this page:

Does this plugin work alongside the Vipps for WooCommerce plugin?

Yes! You can use this plugin at the same time as Vipps for WooCommerce.

Do I need to have a license for WooCommerce Subscriptions in order to use this plugin?

Yes, you do. Get it

Does this plugin work with the WooCommerce Memberships-plugin?

WooCommerce Subscriptions
WooCommerce Memberships
are able to work together for access to recurring memberships that unlock content.

WooCommerce Subscriptions is required in order to use Vipps Recurring Payments for WooCommerce, but Memberships is not.

You can read about how WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Memberships work together here.

How can I get help if I have any issues?

For issues with the plugin you can submit an issue on GitHub or ask on the support forum on For other unrelated issues you should contact Vipps.

Where can I use Vipps?

Vipps is only available in Norway at the moment and only users who have Vipps will be able to pay with Vipps.

How can I test that the plugin works correctly?

If you have access to the Vipps test environment you are able to use the test mode by setting the WC_VIPPS_RECURRING_TEST_MODE constant in wp-config.php.
See the getting started guide for details about how to get started using the test environment.

Vipps does not offer test accounts for regular users of the plugin but you can still penny-test the plugin by sending a small amount of money like 1 or 2 NOK using your production keys.
You can then refund or cancel the purchase afterwards.

Why do I have to capture payments for physical products manually?

This is because of the Norwegian law. You are not allowed to charge for a physical product before you ship it, without a valid reason to do so.

You can read about it here.

If you have a valid reason to do so you can use the “Capture payment instantly” option from the “Vipps Recurring Payments” settings in your product’s settings.

When a renewal happens, why is the order on hold?

This is because when an order is charged in Vipps it takes 2 days before the payment has been fully captured from the customer’s bank account.

After 2 days it will move to the “Processing” status. You can however change the behaviour of this by using the “Default status to give pending renewals” option in the plugin settings.

Alternatively you could look into using WooCommerce “Early renewals”: if ensuring the status of a charge is fully completed before a specific date is of up-most importance.


14 de agost de 2023 1 resposta
Very wary of using this on a production site. The latest version crashed the entire site. There has been a long history of subscriptions not renewing correctly, or create other errors 🙁
12 de abril de 2023
Feiler absolutt alle abonnenter etter de er fornyet en gang, taper drøssevis av penger hver dag. Kunne ønsket jeg aldri brukte pluginen. Woocommerce henviser til vipps, vipps henviser til pluginen og plugin svarer ikke på support.
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  • Fixed: Refunds could not be processed properly because of a mistake when calling the woocommerce_order_after_calculate_totals action. We assume the object is always a subscription, when it is not.


  • Fixed: Properly stop checking for a gateway change when a gateway change succeeded.


  • Fixed: Listen for total recalculation instead of a change in orders items when making sure we update the subscription price in Vipps whenever a Vipps subscription’s price changes.


  • Fixed: Updating a subscription. Campaign period was not being serialized properly when calling ->set_period(...)


  • Fixed: Added a missing file that was not uploaded due to a mistake when committing files to SVN.


  • Added: a wc_vipps_recurring_after_payment_complete action
  • Added: Implementation of period campaigns. It will now properly inform your customers of a campaigns length in the app.


  • Fix: No longer attempt to cancel agreements that are already cancelled.
  • Fix: Removed order_id from WC_Vipps_Charge and added transaction_id as it should be correctly named.
  • Fix: A case where initialCharge.description would be empty


  • Fix: cancelled_order_page must be an int.


  • Refactored: We are now using the Vipps Recurring API v3
  • Changed: We now require at least PHP 7.4. You should however already be on 8.0+ as PHP 7.4 is end of life.
  • Added: Much more type safety to the entire codebase.
  • Fixed: We now check the order status before showing the “thank you” page, instead of after. This should fix the order status sometimes being wrong when the user lands on this page.
  • Refactored: We no longer pass product descriptions to Vipps unless you choose to do so.
  • Refactored: We now use Vipps’ new campaign system.
  • Refactored: We no longer need to store the agreement’s confirmation url ourselves. Idempotency now works as expected.
  • Changed: We now use the woocommerce_subscription_cancelled_vipps_recurring hook instead of woocommerce_subscription_status_cancelled to cancel a subscription.
  • Added: A merchant serial number setting to help Vipps to identify who the merchant is.
  • Added: New filters, wc_vipps_recurring_create_agreement_data, wc_vipps_recurring_update_agreement_data, wc_vipps_recurring_cancel_agreement_data, wc_vipps_recurring_create_charge_data, wc_vipps_recurring_process_payment_agreement
  • Fixed: A rare problem that could occur where subscriptions would not be set to “Active” when an order’s status transitions to processing or completed.
  • Changed: Made the api attribute public in WC_Gateway_Vipps_Recurring as it may sometimes be beneficial to call the API directly from third party plugins and hand it off to Vipps Recurring later, especially in the charity sector.


  • Fixed: Coupons and “expire date” on a product in WooCommerce Subscriptions now play well together.


  • Fixed: Fixed a conflict that prevented Vipps from working in Klarna if Vipps Recurring and Vipps Checkout were installed at the same time.


  • Fixed: You can now swap gateway to Vipps Recurring Payments from a subscription again.


  • Fixed: You can now pay for failed renewal orders. It will cancel the old agreement and substitute it with a new one.


  • Fixed: You will now get an error message when trying to refund an order that is older than 365 days via Vipps.
  • Fixed: Do not show this gateway if WCS_ATT_Cart::get_subscription_scheme returns null.
  • Fixed: We no longer show that the price is 0,- during a campaign for a synchronised product when Prorate First Renewal is set to “Never (charge the full recurring amount at sign-up)”.


  • Fixed: Changing payment gateway to Vipps now works again.


  • Fixed: Renamed our Vipps access token transient to prevent conflicts with Vipps Checkout when two different sets of merchant tokens are used.


  • Added: Support for All Products for WooCommerce Subscriptions. Thanks to @danielcherubini on GitHub.
  • Fixed: prevent_backwards_transition_on_completed_order no longer has a return type, this fixes compatibility with plugins like WooCommerce Order custom Statuses.


  • Fixed: We now prevent orders from being transitioned to processing when the status is already completed.


  • Fixed: Early renewals now work properly. If you renew early, and you’re already using Vipps it will now skip the app entirely and create a new charge.
    If you renew early, and you’re not already using Vipps you will be sent to the app and a gateway switch will be performed after successful checkout.
  • Fixed: A small error notice when swapping gateways in the admin area no longer appears.


  • Fixed: Subscriptions now get cancelled if a charge fails and the status of the subscription is pending-cancel.
  • Fixed: If you provide no custom description for a product when the description source is set to custom we now default back to the product name. This prevents an error during checkout when no description is provided.


  • Fixed: Pass arguments to wc_vipps_recurring_transaction_id_for_order in the correct order.


  • Added: wc_vipps_recurring_merchant_agreement_url filter.
  • Added: wc_vipps_recurring_merchant_redirect_url filter.
  • Fixed: No longer use deprecated function WC_Subscriptions_Order::order_contains_subscription
  • Fixed: Make sure we don’t register the Vipps Recurring gateway twice.
  • Fixed: KCO compatibility headers already output notice no longer shows on every page when debug mode is enabled.
  • Fixed: Set payment method to Vipps Recurring on the subscription after paying with the Vipps Recurring EPM in KCO. This is likely caused by a WooCommerce bug.
  • Refactor: capture_payment should no longer create a charge if a RESERVED charge does not exist.
  • Fixed: Now sets the correct order status for RESERVED payments when paying with Vipps through KCO.


  • Fixed: Product names no longer use the default context, meaning it will no longer get overridden by themes or plugins and show HTML in the Vipps app or app-switch screen.


  • Fixed: Initial charge description no longer contains ” + ” when no extra products are purchased.
  • Fixed: Filling in 0 in the trial field tricking us into adding a campaign to the product, also resulting in an empty initialCharge.description and being unable to check out.


  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where initialCharge.description was empty. It cannot be empty under any circumstances.


  • Fixed: A bug in Klarna Checkout where it would attempt to use Vipps Recurring Payments instead of Vipps Checkout when you’re only purchasing one time payment products.
  • Fixed: Descriptions of products you are not paying for right away is no longer included in initialCharge’s description.
  • Fixed: Campaigns are now used correctly when a single product is purchased along with a synced subscription product.
  • Fixed: Campaigns are now used correctly when a single product is purchased along with a subscription product with a free trial.


  • Added: Support for Klarna Checkout.
  • Fixed: No longer attempt to load Vipps Recurring Payments if WooCommerce is disabled/not installed.
  • Fixed: If you have a variable subscription product the Vipps settings from the “parent” will now be respected.
  • Fixed: This gateway no longer shows up for single purchase products, only if there is at least one subscription product in the cart.


  • Added: You can now pay for single payment products in the same shopping cart as a subscription.


  • Refactor: Rewrote our admin notification system to allow for dismissible alerts.
  • Added: A campaign banner for Login with Vipps. This will last for 10 days, and it is fully dismissible.


  • Fix: Renewal orders will no longer transition to completed when the setting for this is turned off.
  • Fix: Fixed a problem where our _vipps_recurring_waiting_for_gateway_change was never processed for orders where the subscription was not wc-active. Added wc-on-hold and wc-pending to this list.


  • Enhancement: Added a setting for what sort order we should check charges by.
  • Enhancement: Added a setting for how many charges we should check at a time.
  • Enhancement: Default amount of charges to check per wp-cron run is now 10.
  • Change: Removed extra sortable columns from pending charges and failed charges tables. Sorting by meta value does not work in WooCommerce’s wc_get_orders.
  • Fix: Order by random now works as expected in our periodic status check for charges.


  • Fix: The 1.8.2 migration will no longer throw a fatal error for some installations if a subscription does not exist on an order.


  • Fix: Fixed an issue where an invalid “my account” page link would cause checkout to not work.


  • Enhancement: Added _vipps_recurring_latest_failed_charge_reason and _vipps_recurring_latest_failed_charge_description to subscriptions.
  • Enhancement: Migrate the aforementioned data.
  • Enhancement: Update tested up to, now 5.8.


  • Fix: Added an exit condition after attempting to redirect to the Cancelled Vipps Purchase page. This should in theory make this redirect work every single time.
  • Fix: No longer clean up necessary data like charge id or whether the charge is pending on renewals.
  • Fix: Force re-checking of older charges that are affected by the aforementioned fix.
  • Change: We now check 8 charges at the same time instead of 5.


  • Fix: Cancelled agreements can not be updated, thus we can not say that they have been cancelled in the description. Ensure we run the “maybe_update_subscription_details_in_app” code before we cancel an agreement, and only if the agreement is still “ACTIVE”.
  • Fix: Ensure we only ever cancel an agreement once.
  • Fix: It’s no longer possible to end up with more than one Vipps agreement by changing gateway twice or more on accident (this bug was introduced in 1.7.0).
  • Enhancement: We now cancel DUE charges in Vipps when you change an order’s status to ‘Cancelled’ or ‘Failed’.


  • Fix: Add missing Norwegian translation for “No failed charges found.”.
  • Fix: Failed charges now appear properly in the “Failed charges” list.
  • Fix: Fixed an edge case when changing payment method to Vipps as a customer, when already using Vipps.
  • Fix: Support upgrading to a different product variation. Price is now passed along properly and a campaign is applied in order to not confuse the customer.
  • Fix: Update agreement in app when downgrading or not prorating a subscription.
  • Fix: Do not allow multiple subscriptions in a single Vipps payment when other gateways that support it are enabled.
  • Fix: No longer show the “capture” button on an order where the charge has failed previously.
  • Fix: Delete meta values from renewal and resubscribe orders to make sure we get fresh charges.
  • Fix: WooCommerce’s automatic retry system should now work as expected on renewal orders. We now override the behaviour of wcs_is_scheduled_payment_attempt in our check_charge_status function.
  • Enhancement: The subscription description is now prefixed in the Vipps app with “[Pending cancellation]”, “[Cancelled]” and “[On hold]” depending on the subscription’s status.
  • Enhancement: Added a setting per product for what source should be used for an agreement’s description. You can now choose between product title, product short description, or custom text.
  • Enhancement: Display sign up fees in a better way in the Vipps app. Use a campaign with a price of 0,- until the next payment date.
  • Enhancement: Update item name and description in app for delayed in app updates.
  • Enhancement: Added a link to explain the various possible failure reasons.
  • Enhancement: Ability to change gateway from the admin dashboard, this means setting another Vipps agreement ID manually. This should also allow using the REST API to create a subscription.
  • Enhancement: Bring style on notices and in product tabs up to par with the Vipps e-com plugin.


  • Fix: Swapping payment gateway to Vipps now works again after the recent WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscription updates.


  • Fix: ‘free’ agreements where the agreement status is ‘STOPPED’ should not be completed.
  • Fix: Do not attempt to fetch charge for synchronised renewals at initial order.
  • Fix: Add ‘completed’ to ‘woocommerce_valid_order_statuses_for_payment_complete’ conditionally instead of rolling our own logic.
  • Fix: Remove visibility modifier from const to fix support for PHP 7.0.


  • Enhancement: There’s now an overview of failed charges and their failure reason on the Settings -> Vipps Recurring Payments page.
  • Refactor: Use the Helper class for most of our frequently used meta keys.
  • Refactor: Renamed the class filenames, class names remain untouched.
  • Fix: Redirect to last known agreement confirmation URL if the agreement is pending. This prevents being stuck in checkout.


  • Fix: No longer attempt to charge a non existent agreement when a renewal is attempted on a subscription that does not have a Vipps agreement.
  • Fix: Multibyte characters like ‘æøå’ in product titles work, these characters caused an internal server error when json encoding.


  • Fix: Cancelled or expired “zero amount” payments getting stuck in the checking queue


  • Fix: A rare edge case where an order was never captured for a long time and the order would not disappear from the status checker tool.
  • Fix: A rare edge case where a new pending renewal order would not fetch the Charge ID properly when hitting the capture payment button.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where 100% off coupons did not automatically complete the initial purchase
  • Enhancement: The status checker tool now shows the latest status from the API as a column value
  • Enhancement: We now validate Vipps API details when you save your settings


  • Fix: Fixed a bug where you were able to checkout the same order more than once while a Vipps agreement is not expired. This fixes problems with multiple charges occurring.


  • Fix: We’re no longer trying to cancel an agreement in Vipps when the status is anything other than ACTIVE.
  • Fix: No longer throw an error and retry with “latest charge” when we hit a rate limit when checking a single charge.


  • Fix: No longer mark an order as “Failed” if a charge’s status is “FAILED” unless an agreement is also “EXPIRED” or “STOPPED” (a user can be prompted to swap card or top-up bank account in-app).
  • Fix: No longer attempt to cancel an already cancelled charge.
  • Fix: We should no longer hit the Vipps API rate-limit as a result of a renewal order.
  • Fix: Properly set the _charge_id meta key when capturing a payment.
  • Fix: Changing of gateways to Vipps Recurring Payments would sometimes cancel the new agreement instead of the old one due to a race condition.
  • Fix: Multiples of the same product in the same subscription will now be charged correctly based on the total order price.
  • Tweak: Updated the WC_VIPPS_RECURRING_RETRY_DAYS constant to 4 days by default.
  • Enhancement: Bolstered compatibility with WC < 3.0. Created a bunch of helper functions and doubled down on our backwards compatibility with fetching IDs and fetching plus updating meta.
  • Enhancement: If you update a subscription’s order item prices this will now be reflected in the app.


  • Fix: Fix a bug when an agreement is created twice on the same order. We didn’t fetch the right charge ID. This is a temporary fix I will have to revisit later on a proper setup.


  • Fix: Changed how we make requests to minimize the amount of times we hit Vipps’ rate limits. If you have gotten a lot of exceptions lately
    that look like this: HTTP Response Error: (recurring/v2/agreements/:id/charges) with request body: Array it’s because of rate limits.
  • Enhancement: Errors caused by HTTP requests now have more debug information attached to them.


  • Enhancement: Added an option to move renewal orders from “processing” to “completed” when the charge completes in Vipps.


  • Fix: Truncate agreement description if it’s longer than 100 characters and truncate productName if it’s longer than 45.


  • Fix: Truncate initialCharge description if it’s longer than 45 characters.


  • Fix: Added a polyfill for the PHP array_key_last function for hosts with PHP < 7.3.0.


  • Enhancement: Added a “Default status to give orders with a reserved charge” option.
  • Enhancement: Improved safety of reserved charges, they should never be put in an unrecoverable state anymore. Un-nested payment logic so we should never run into a similar case again.
  • Fix: Refunding a reversed charge now works, just like pending charges in version 1.3.9.
  • Change: “Default status to give pending renewal orders” default is now “processing” instead of “on hold”
  • Change: Removed “completed” as a possible default status for the “Default status to give pending renewal orders” setting as this status is conventionally used for orders that are completely finished.