Aquesta extensió s'ha tancat a partir de 18 maig 2022 i no està disponible per a la seva descàrrega. Aquest tancament és temporal, a l'espera d'una revisió completa.


20 setembre 2017
I am altering my review, the plugin is not being updated, and is creating significant problems, am having to remove it from some sites... If there were any support happening I'd post there, but there has been no response to tickets there for months now... --- Previous review: This is very nice, has been working great for a while now, does a lot of good stuff, including cloning widgets, and seems to have been built with a lot of thoughtfulness... I very much appreciate that it is available and I hope more folks will discover it and give it five star reviews so the author will be encouraged to stay with it... Kind regards...
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"Widget: as Link, Clone, Background, CSS" és programari de codi obert. La següent gent ha contribuït en aquesta extensió.