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WordPress chat plugin

Want to communicate with customers while they’re browsing your website? With LiveChat’s WordPress plugin, you can connect with them and answer questions as they come in.

Along with chatting, you can also send out personalized messages based on different criteria. Plus, you can use the chat widget as a contact form for offline messages or even to enable customers to sign up to your mailing list.

Feature-rich WordPress live chat plugin

Under the hood, LiveChat offers a number of efficiency features, such as targeted messages. These, for instance, could be used to automatically pop up on your checkout page if a shopper is inactive.

LiveChat’s personalization features are no match for the competition. You can customize colors and messages to match your website. It’s possible to set up different themes for the mobile experience, and you can add team photos for more personalized interactions.

But that’s not all. It’s a snip to set up quick replies to answer repetitive questions and create chat tags to streamline communication. To ease your customer support processes, you can handle multiple chat windows across different pages.

With LiveChat you can provide 24/7 customer support. During your off-hours, your customers will still be able to message you in the chat widget – just as they would if your team was online. All of their messages will be stored within LiveChat, ready to be replied to.

Live Chat for WordPress website

One of the key things about this plugin is that it is designed to work with the most popular WordPress site builders – Elementor Page Builder, Divi Builder, WordPress Page Builder, Beaver Builder, to name a few.

In addition, LiveChat works well with any WordPress theme or WordPress template without requiring any modifications.

Want to communicate with shoppers while they’re browsing your WordPress store? LiveChat has partnered with the major ecommerce platforms, including BigCommerce for WordPress, WooCommerce, and Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart.

Easy to customize and extend

From email marketing to social media, LiveChat integrates seamlessly with a range of popular third-party apps and services. These include Zendesk, Messenger, HubSpot CRM, WhatsApp, Mailchimp, Salesforce, and others.

What is live chat for WordPress?

If you have a website and you are serious about your business, you cannot overlook the importance of live chat.

The way this plugin works is simple: a typical chat widget sits on the bottom right side of your WordPress website. Your website visitors can choose to chat with you, or you can actively engage them with chat invitations. Plus, you can use the widget as a contact form for offline messages or even to enable customers to sign up to your mailing list.

Live chat software is perfect for businesses of all sizes, enabling them to close more sales and improve customer satisfaction scores.


Once you install and activate the plugin, it will prompt you to connect to your LiveChat account or create a new account. After syncing the two, you’ll have to log into one of LiveChat’s applications – web, desktop, or mobile.



The WordPress Live Chat Plugin by LiveChat is free, but you need to be a LiveChat customer. LiveChat comes with a 14-day trial. No credit card is needed.

Take a look at the LiveChat plans and features on our website.


LiveChat – WP live chat plugin for WordPress is a fully translation-ready plugin. You can translate the plugin into any language at

Partner with LiveChat

Want to open a LiveChat account for a client? Expand your business offering by adding LiveChat in projects you run for your customers.

Check our Partner Program.


We frequently have leads chat with us asking some qualifying questions, and then they eventually sign up online or over the phone. These are sales that we might not have had if LiveChat wasn’t an option (read more).

  • Jamie Lowary, a sales lead at PATLive

At the moment, LiveChat remains the mostly used tool when it comes to contacting our support. Because of how easy we made it for users to access it, we help over 750 of them each day with an average satisfaction of 96% (read more).

  • Michal Haze, Head of Customer Experience at Kinguin

Documentation and Support

  • For documentation and tutorials go to our help desk article article.
  • If you have any more questions, start a live chat session with our support on the WordPress integration page.
  • For more information about live chat features, FAQs, and documentation, check out our website.
  • If interested, you can join our community group here here.

Also, if you have any questions about this live chat plugin, feel free to post a thread in our forum.

About us

LiveChat Software offers solutions to manage business communications, generate leads, and sell online. It allows companies to stay in touch with their customers anytime and anywhere – just the way they want. The product suite consists of LiveChat, ChatBot, HelpDesk, and KnowledgeBase.

The products serve more than 41,000 businesses from 150 countries. The company’s customer portfolio starts with small, private companies and goes up to Fortune 500 enterprises, including PayPal, IKEA, Allstate, CapitalOne.

The Text ecosystem

The ecosystem of Text products includes:
LiveChat – a communication tool that allows you to chat live with your customers
HelpDesk – an online ticketing system suitable both for small businesses and enterprise clients
ChatBot – a bot framework for AI chat bots – official ChatBot plugin page
Knowledge Base – a public Help Center widget
Open Widget – free widgets for website – official OpenWidget plugin page
Text Messaging Platform – chat platform for innovative teams

Press & Brand Assets

If you are interested in writing about LiveChat, take a look at the LiveChat Press Office. Download our logo, screenshots, and other relevant assets.


  • Bring the best live chat for WordPress with you and help your online customers anytime, anywhere.
  • By talking directly with customers, you can collect real-time customer feedback, boost sales, and manage customer relationships with ease.
  • From the LiveChat dashboard you can monitor all the traffic and actively initiate a chat whenever you feel your visitor needs help.
  • Customize all of the settings and messaging of your live chat widget to match the style and look of your brand.


Automated Installation

  1. Go to your WordPress admin dashboard, then find the Plugins” menu.
  2. Click on “Add New” and search for “LiveChat”.
  3. Activate the live chat plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  4. Click the LiveChat menu on the left.
  5. Create a new account or sign in if you already have a LiveChat account.

Manual Installation

  1. Upload the wp-live-chat-software-for-wordpress zip file to the WordPress plugins directory (/wp-content/plugins/).
  2. Activate the live chat plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Click the LiveChat menu on the left.
  4. Create a new account or sign in if you already have a LiveChat account.

For more detailed instructions, go to the live chat plugin page.


Do I need a LiveChat account to use this live chat plugin?

Yes. You can create your first account during the installation process.

Do you provide live chat support?

YES! You can live chat with us anytime – we are available 24/7/365!

Is there a limit to the number of chats I can take?

No. You can handle an unlimited number of chats with any number of customers.

Is it possible to track on-site visitors through this live chat plugin?

YES! With the LiveChat plugin for WordPress, you can see your visitor’s important information, such as their location, the page they are currently viewing, and more.

Is the chat window customizable?

Yes. Each part of the chat window can be customized – company logo, color, and more.

Does your live chat software support other languages?

Short answer: LiveChat supports 45 languages. Long answer: English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese… . You can learn more about the supported languages here.

How does the live chat app work after hours?

When you go offline, your live chat widget is replaced with a ticket form. This means that visitors can still leave you questions as tickets. To manage tickets you need to log into your live chat app.

Does LiveChat support multiple websites?

Yes. Use our live chat app to monitor multiple websites using a single account and customize the look of the chat widget individually for each website.

Can I live chat with customers on my mobile?

With our mobile live chat apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android you can chat anywhere: in the car, at home, or while shopping.

Do you offer any tips on how to start?

Sure – head over to our website for best practices and tips on how your company can benefit from live chat support.

Do you have any reviews from your customers I could check?

Here are some live chat reviews our customers sent us.

I love LiveChat. How can I promote it?

Feel free to leave us a review. Your feedback is crucial because it helps others discover our live chat software.


17 de juliol de 2024
We created our account with LiveChat/Chatbot/Text Inc. in October 2023. It’s been nine months since then, and I feel like I have a pretty good feel for the software. On the positive side. LiveChat offered a ton of great features, which gave them the edge over other companies in the same arena that we were considering. As a standalone Live Chat offering, they have the core fundamentals done right. They constantly put out add-ons that continue to increase the value of the software and are a pretty good value for what’s being offered. AI is starting to be implemented wherever possible, and that comes in handy with some of their offerings. Where LiveChat comes in at the top of their game is their own Customer Support. You won’t get access to a dedicated account manager unless you’re on an Enterprise Tier plan, but, they have their own Chatbot and Live Chat products to assist customers or visitors 24/7. Not only are there people there willing to help 24/7, but they are people who actually know what they’re talking about and are in a position to help you. Gone are the days of talking with a low level gatekeeper who knows next to nothing about the software, followed up by the inevitable “I’ll have someone reach out to you”. When you chat with LiveChat, their Chatbot has been extensively trained on everything they could have possibly thrown at it. But, in the remote chance you can’t get an answer from the bot, their support reps are so incredibly helpful and friendly who make it so much easier to solve whatever issue you’re facing. In fact, everyone I have interacted with during the past 9 months have been such a joy to communicate with. It’s a pleasure to interact with their employees because I believe they truly love what they’re doing, and it shows.On the not-so-positive side. There are some features that the software lacks that I would LOVE to see built into the platform ASAP. Canned messages can’t be searched for while in a chat. You get a list of your selected group at the top of a list of canned messages for every single client you have active. We have 200+ active sites, so it can be a little hectic finding the right message while keeping down average response time. There’s no way to know what the message says unless you memorize the title of every message and what it says. The actual “title” of the message is actually just keywords that are separated by a space, so if you want “FAQ One Bedroom Pricing” as your title, you have to enter “FAQ-One-Bedroom-Pricing” or else you will have a message with 4 completely separate titles that you will never find again. FAQ as title 1. One as title 2. Bedroom as title 3. And Pricing as title 4. When you’re in a chat and you need to find info fast, seeing a message titled FAQ is not helpful. There needs to be a way to have AI search through the messages of just the one individual group you are chatting for, look through a list of keywords, and then suggest the highest % matches based on what your visitor is saying. I’ve had that functionality with other platforms for over 5 years now, and it feels like a pretty big miss for this platform.There is a Marketplace for apps you can add-on to your subscription that are made by LiveChat themselves along with other 3rd party companies who see the gaps in the product and move to fill them. While I do like this feature, there are some things that feel like they should automatically included with the highest tier subscription available, but aren’t. I’m paying a pretty big sum each month, but find out that some of the things they list on their “Features” page are actually features that you can pay extra for and aren’t really included with the price they’re giving you. Multi-language support? Yep, we have that and say it’s included, but there’s an additional charge per agent to have it active. A few of the add-ons have felt a little nickel-and-dime, which didn’t sit quite right, but, they are a company who is out to make money, and the last thing I’ll do is fault them for it, but I wish it was a little clearer up front.LiveChat is capable of supporting multiple groups, and it does an OK job. When we first started out, we chose our plan because we were told we could have an unlimited number of clients with the business tier subscription. Fast forward to us setting up client #201 and we were told that there is a limit to the number of Routing Rules that can be created. So while technically we can set up as many client’s as we’d like, we were only able to route 200 of them. But if you upgrade to the Enterprise Tier, that number goes up to 500. LiveChat definitely feels like it was primarily built as a product to support 1 business or company, and most everything relating to having more than 1 company was simply an afterthought. They are slowly addressing things, but I don’t know how well they are able to keep up with the errors that users continue to experience. As they grow and change, it introduces more issues, and those issues are getting longer and longer to fix while they are hard at work on features that they think users want. They could absolutely use some additional resources in scaling their development work to handle their growth. As of today, I typically have 4-7 open cases with their support team on bugs I report. Everything from agents having issues logging in, their desktop platform not allowing the space bar to be used in some places, KPI reports showing 0 when there should be data available, etc. However, I do applaud their efforts for getting to these issues as they can. I know not every issue can be solved in a matter of minutes and with limited resources, there’s only so much you can do, but the team keeps trucking along and buttoning up whatever pops open from the most recent update or patch.Overall: I would absolutely recommend LiveChat or Chatbot for anyone looking for a service provider. While they’re a smaller outfit than some of the other bigger brand names you hear of all the time, that’s actually a great thing because it means they can actually spend time on you and your use cases. The people at LiveChat are the reason I consider the company to be one of the best I’ve ever worked with. For a company based out of Poland, there really hasn’t been a language barrier and while non-support employees aren’t typically available during U.S. hours they get back to you as soon as they can which is just fine by me. The product is good, and the company is great. Give it a little more time for them to implement some of the bigger projects and AI ideas they are working on, and it will bring both the company and the product to phenomenal status.
12 de juny de 2024
ChatBot and LiveChat together are a great combo for automation and personal touch in customer service on my website
19 de gener de 2023
it says it is free. That is bullshit.. it is free for 14 days. That has to be your sentence. You are misleading people with it is free. It is not and this way of acting called SCAM


15 de agost de 2022
***EXTREME CAUTION ADVISED*** This plugin sent me an “upsell” pitch. The greeting was: Hi <xxxxxxxx!* (my password “xxxxxxxx”)>!!! They actually didn’t have my password encrypted and their mailing list system now has my password as my name! This is the worse security flaw that I have EVERY seen. This password is used elsewhere. Now I have to spend the better part of a day to change ALL other passwords. To add insult to injury, since they probably use a third-party mailing system, now they have it too! UNBELIEVABLE! NEVER USE THIS APP!!!
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