Pàgina web de WP Sitemap


An easy way to add a sitemap on one of your pages becomes reality thanks to this WordPress plugin. Just use the shortcode [wp_sitemap_page] on any of your pages. This will automatically generate a sitemap of all your pages and posts.

Be carefull, this plugin do not generate an XML sitemap. It only allow you to list all your pages and posts on a single page. This is a sitemap for human not for search engines bots.

Why this plugin is useful?

Such a sitemap is useful for many reasons:

  • Easy navigation for the users. They can find easily pages or previous posts
  • Improve the SEO of a website

Current features

  • Display all pages, posts and categories
  • Display the Custom Post Type (such as: “event”, “book” …)
  • Display the taxonomies
  • Display only one kind of content using the attribute “only”, like [wp_sitemap_page only="page"]
  • Easy to use
  • Possibility to customize the way it will be displayed through the admin panel
  • Possibility to exclude some pages or some Custom Post Type (CPT)
  • Posts and categories displayed hierarchically
  • Has CSS class to customize it if you want
  • Available in multi-languages (cf. English, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Persian …). You can add your own translation if you want

Want a WordPress developer? Want to add a translation? Feel free to contact me.

Com desinstaŀlar WP Sitemap Page

Per a desinstaŀlar WP Sitemap Page, primerament heu de desactivar l’extensió de la llista d’extensions.


  • Example of a sitemap on a French blog
  • Settings page


  1. Unzip the plugin and upload the “wp-sitemap-page” folder to your “/wp-content/plugins/” directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” administration page in WordPress
  3. Create a new page where you plan to set-up your sitemap
  4. Use the shortcode [wp_sitemap_page] on this page. Save the page and visualize it. That’s it, your sitemap should be visible on this page.


Does this plugin works for a huge website?

No. El mapa del lloc es genera de forma dinàmica sense utilitzar cap tipus de memòria cau. En intentar generar un mapa del lloc massa gran el faria massa lent.

Does it generate an XML sitemap?

No. El propòsit d’aquesta extensió és generar un mapa del lloc en alguna de les pàgines. Simplement és una llista de les pàgines i entrades.

Funciona amb tipus d’entrada personalitzada?

Sí. Funciona correctament amb el Custom Post Type des de la versió 1.0.4

És possible mostrar únicament les pàgines, les entrades, o un tipus d’entrada personalitzada?

Sí. Només heu d’utilitzar un dels següents codis de substitució:

  • [wp_sitemap_page only="page"] per mostrar només les pàgines
  • [wp_sitemap_page only="post"] per mostrar només les entrades
  • [wp_sitemap_page only="category"] per mostrar només les categories
  • [wp_sitemap_page only="tag"] per mostrar només les etiquetes
  • [wp_sitemap_page only="archive"] per mostrar només els arxius
  • [wp_sitemap_page only="author"] per mostrar només els autors
  • Podeu mostrar qualsevol tipus d’entrada personalitzada, utilitzant la paraula clau del tipus d’entrada a dins de l’atribut “only”. Per exemple: [wp_sitemap_page only="esdeveniment"] o bé [wp_sitemap_page only="llibre"]

Quins idiomes es poden utilitzar per a visualitzar el WP Sitemap Page?

Aquesta extensió està disponible en els següents idiomes:

  • Anglès (idioma per defecte)
  • Francès (fr_FR, fr_CA, fr_BE, fr_CH, fr_LU) per Tony Archambeau
  • Rus (ru_RU) per skesov.ru
  • Holandès (nl_NL) per EvertRuisch
  • Farsi/Persa (fa_IR) per Seyyed Mostafa Ahadzadeh
  • Italià (it_IT) per Nima
  • Espanyol (es_ES) per Raul
  • Txec (cs_CZ) by Roman Opet
  • Polonès (pl_PL) per Mariusz
  • Alemany (de_DE) per Arno
  • Suec (sv_SE)
  • Portuguès i Portugués Brasiler (pt_BR, pt_PT) per Miguel Müller
  • Finès (fi_FI) per pokis.fi
  • Hongarès (hu_HU)
  • Hebreu (he_IL) per Ahrale
  • Bokmål (nb_NO) per Øystein
  • Romanès (ro_RO)
  • Indonesi (id_ID)
  • Japonès (ja)
  • Ucraïnès (ru)
  • Xinès (zh_CN)

Si voleu afegir un altre idioma, contacteu amb mi per tal de poder-vos enviar el fitxer amb els fitxers de traduccions correctes (.mo i .po). Moltes gràcies!


13 de maig de 2024
i’ve been using the plugin for about 3 years on all my websites. Its only fair i leave a comment. It is one of those plugins that you carry everywhere. What i mean is when you start a new site, this is a must have plugin. excellent for indexing purposes etc etc.
11 de març de 2024
One of the best plugins I’ve ever tried. It does exactly what it says on the tin and it does it very well. I find it very useful if you want to propose a summary page on your site. Now I just have to figure out how to customize the style a bit, but that’s my limit. Thanks to the developer!
20 de juny de 2024
February 24, 2024: Downgraded our original plugin rating from five-stars to three-stars due to a major bug. Here Goes: Excluded pages disappear from the plugin’s settings section when we deactivate then reactivate the plugin. Support topic issued. We will update our plugin rating when the bug is fixed. Cheerio!
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Release date: 19 april 2024

  • Compatible with WordPress 6.5


Release date: 25 november 2023

  • Compatible with WordPress 6.4


Release date: 07 november 2022

  • Compatible with WordPress 6.1


Release date: october 2021

  • fix PHP warning message


  • security improvement


  • security improvement (sanitize data before to save in database)


  • fix vulnaribility issue (XSS) + rename the text domain to matche the plugin permalink


  • fix vulnaribility issue (XSS) + sanitize data on input field


  • fix vulnaribility issue (XSS) + sanitize data on input field


  • fix vulnaribility issue (XSS)

1.6.3 and 1.6.4

  • compatibility to PHP 8


  • Res de nou, però actualitzat


  • Add main CSS class wrapper to add a style for the entire sitemap
  • Possibility to sort the posts ascendent or descendent
  • Add Ukranian and Chinese translations


  • Oups, the last translations were not send properly. Here it is.


  • Add Romanian and japanese translations
  • Functionality to sort the pages, post categories, authors or Custom Post Type (CPT)


  • Small fix about a core WordPress update
  • Add Bokmål translation
  • Add Hebrew translation


  • Add Hebrew translation


  • Fix a compatibility problem with WPML (more details here : http://wpml.org/forums/topic/wp-sitemap-page/ )


  • Update the translation for the following language: French, Russian, German, Sweden, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian and Portuguese.


  • Add the taxonomy
  • Feature to add a nofollow attribute to the page, post and custom post type links
  • Feature to show only the private pages


  • Fix bug about the missing <ul> tags
  • Fix the class attribute name of some <h2> tags
  • Do not display the titles with the attribute display_title=”false”. It give the opportunity to create a sitemap in any languages of your choice
  • Improve the functionnality to exclude pages and posts
  • Possibility to exclude the content protected by password
  • Add some hooks to help others developers to adapt the sitemap


  • Possibility to add a sitemap with any of these elements : category, tag, archive or author
  • Improve the back-office interface
  • Possibility to add a link about the plugin at the end of the sitemap
  • Update of the translation


  • Filter only one kind of content using the shortcode with the attribute “only”
  • Add languages : Finnish and Hungarian


  • Add languages : Deutsch, Swedish and Brazilian Portuguese


  • Add archives pages on the sitemap (optional)
  • Add authors pages on the sitemap (optional)
  • Improve the security
  • Add polish language


  • Add czech language


  • Do not display duplicate entries when user are using some plugins such as WPML


  • Add spanish language


  • Add italian language


  • Possibility to exclude all the posts, all the pages or any Custom Post Type
  • Add persian language


  • Fix a problem with the Custom Post Type that are not hierarchical


  • Add and update some translation (Russian and Dutch)
  • Add the Custom Post Type on the sitemap. There was an error in the 1.0.4 version


  • Possibility to exclude some pages
  • Fix some translation bug
  • Add the Russian language, French (Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Canada)


  • Fix some bug
  • Include the Custom Post Type on the sitemap
  • Possibility to customize the way the posts will be displayed


  • Fix a translation error


  • Fix a bug of a function that has been renamed.


  • Add french translation


  • Initial Release.