Yandex.News Feed by Teplitsa


Yandex.News Feed by Teplitsa – allows you to convert your site materials into Yandex News format with turbo pages support.

The goal of the plugin is to simplify the integration of any WordPress-powered website with Yandex.News.

  • The installation process is smooth and requires minimum settings.
  • Feed compatible with Yandex.News format is available immediately after installation.

The plugin is developed and maintained by Teplitsa of social technologies.


  • Compatibility with Yandex.News guidelines.
  • Yandex turbo-pages support.
  • Custom post types support in feed.
  • Filtering by category or custom taxonomy term.
  • Individual settings for posts in feed.
  • If the feed generation process overloads your DB server, you can enable cache. Just set cache lifetime value.

After installing the plugin settings are available under menu Settings -> Yandex.Novosti.

Feed is accessible at the link A custom URL could be specify through Settings page in case of active “pretty permalinks”.

The plugin has the minimum of settings. Read more about it’s usage at the developers’ website:

Help us

We will be very grateful for your help us to make the plugin better. You can do it in the following ways:

  • Report bugs or suggest improvements at GitHub.
  • Send us a Pull Request with your fixes or improvements.
  • Translate the plugin or optimize it for your country.

If you have questions about the plugin, then ask for support through GitHub.


  • Feed sample
  • Settings page sample


Installation process is typical for WordPress.

You can also use GIT:
or download as ZIP:


25 gener 2019
У меня стоит версия плагина 1.10.1. И вот сегодня обновился до 1.10.7 и появился косяк. Не стала срабатывать опция "Максимальный возраст записей ленты" (у меня стоит 8 дней). Пришлось откатится до старой версии плагина, так как в ЯН стали попадать старые записи (старше 8 дней), а это ошибка фида. Версия WP - 4.9.9 Можете сказать в чём косяк может быть?
4 gener 2019
Спасибо за вашу работу. Отличный продукт! Возникла проблема при последних обновлениях на WP5 и обновлениях плагина. Перестали корректно транслироваться собственные видеофайлы, если они размещены на своем сервере и вставляются в новость с помощью собственного плейера. Новости Яндекса их не видят, хотя ранее всегда добавляли в сюжет такие видео. С роликами Ютуба таких проблем нет. Они корректно передаются и добавляются в сюжет. Буду благодарен, если обратите на эту проблему внимание.
18 desembre 2018
После обновления WP плагин оказался неработоспособен. Робот Яндекса не пропускает больше этот фид. Таv присутствую знаки, которые необходимо вырезать или заменить, например код многоточия. Система Яндекс блокирует фид.
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  • Update: Turbo=False option added for excluded turbo-pages when turbo-feed is on, and for all turbo-pages when turbo-feed is off.
  • Update: If “Include post thumbnails into feed” is off, then a post thumbnail will be removed from turbo-page header.
  • Update: Turbo pages feed pagination added.
  • Update: Separate turbo pages feed added.


  • Update: Compatibility with PHP5.3 restored.
  • Update: Caching optimized.


  • Update: Default min feed items limit removed. Now less than 300 records allowed.
  • Update: Figure video tags support added.
  • Update: Caching improved.


  • Update: Escape special chars in item description improved.


  • Update: Embed shortcode support added.


  • Update: Compatibility with WP Multilang plugin added.


  • Update: Some Turbo settings moved to Yandex.Webmaster.
  • Update: Turbo-pages limit settings updated.


  • Update: New tags allowed.
  • Update: Yandex Plugin ID added.


  • Fix: Timezone negative UTC offset bug fixed.
  • Update: Authors list extended.


  • New: Yandex Ad Network blocks support added.
  • New: Analytics support added.
  • Update: mp4 video support added.
  • Fix: Protocol issue in enclosure resolved.
  • Fix: “More” tag removed from short description.


  • New: Option to set max age of the feed posts added.
  • Update: Yandex turbo-content header composition even for posts without thumbnails.
  • Update: Links to useful articles fixed.


  • Update: Yandex turbo-pages support added.


  • Update: Readme updated.


  • Update: External URLs removed from enclosures list.


  • Fix: Feed limit fixed.


  • New: Terms slug support added in tax filter.
  • New: Terms slug support added in tax exclude filter.
  • New: Clear cache occurs when save empty cache lifetime.


  • New: Feed cache added. Generated feed cache is stored in WP options table. Try to turn it on if feed generation overloads you DB server.
  • New: Cache lifetime option added.


  • New: Exclude terms feature added from h8every1 pull request:
  • Fix: Text domain changed


  • Fix: Feed optimized


  • New: Remove unused shortcodes option added
  • New: Remove pdalink tag option added
  • New: Remove teaser from yandex:full-text option added
  • New: Feed length optional limit added
  • Fix: Feed Content-type fixed for WordPress 4.5


  • New: thumbnails in feed replaced to original images
  • New: Option to include or exclude featured image from feed added
  • Fix: youtube links parsing improved
  • Fix: duplicated enclosures removed

  • Fix: media:group structure optimized

  • Fix: Size of youtube video thumbnails changed


  • New: Youtube video thumbnails added
  • Fix: media:group structure optimized


  • Fix: Minor fixes and updates for feed content


  • Fix: Minor fixes and updated for admin settings


  • Fix: Incorrect custom URL behaviour on existing installs


  • New: Support for YouTube video embedded in the post content
  • News: Custom URL for the feed (with pretty permalinks active)
  • Fix: Image caption text stripped out from the translation context


  • New: Added support for new Yandex square logo format update


  • Fix: Minor fixes in plugin dashboard area


  • New: Own options page for plugin settings
  • New: Posts in feed could be filtering by category or custom taxonomy term
  • New: Posts could be excluded from feed with individual setting


  • Fix: Incorrect formatting filtering applyed for the full feed content


  • Fix: Inline styles appear in feed content


  • Fix: Category field should contains only one category label
  • Fix: Some shortcodes appeared incorrectly in the feed content


  • Fix: Some invalid characters appear in feed
  • Fix: Security fix
  • Fix: Translation files not loading
  • Fix: Incorrect content behaviour due to conflicts with some themes


  • First official release!