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Corpo Digital

Per themepalace

Versió: 1.2

Última actualització: octubre 6, 2021

Instal·lacions actives: 100+

Versió del WordPress: 5.0 o posterior

Versió del PHP: 5.6 o posterior

Pàgina d'inici del tema

A professional, up and running website is crucial for a successful digital agency as oxygen for humans. Hence, understanding the importance, Theme palace presents you with the most gorgeous and professional theme for your digital agency, called Corpo Digital. Corpo Digital is a very modern and creative WordPress theme for digital marketing agencies and other creative websites. The theme has multiple feature-rich demos to explore the layout designs, page designs, features, and other essential attractions. Meaning: You have complete freedom to pick the right one for your website, and with a one-click demo import, you can have your website ready.

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