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Per Rough Pixels

Versió: 1.0.7

Última actualització: agost 2, 2020

Instal·lacions actives: 500+

Versió del WordPress: 5.0 o posterior

Versió del PHP: 5.4 o posterior

Pàgina d'inici del tema

We took the Twenty Twenty theme to a whole new level by redesigning it for bloggers that want more flexibility, greater control, and refined style. You will discover that we kept many theme features of 2020 while performing enhancements and of course, adding features. We removed preset colours to give you a large array of colour options to colourize individual page elements to allow unlimited colour combinations. You also get 3 blog styled layouts instead of 1, the bonus of having more sidebars, including a left or right sidebar for your blog pages, and much more!

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