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Aquest tema no s'ha actualitzat en més de 2 anys. Pot ser que ja no pugui ser mantingut o suportat i pot tenir problemes de compatibilitat si s'utilitza amb les versions més recents del WordPress.

Responsive Tabs

Per Will Brownsberger

Versió: 2.28

Darrera actualització: 9 de març de 2019

Instal·lacions actives: 40+

Versió del WordPress: 4.4 o posterior

Pàgina d'inici del tema

Responsive Tabs is a fully responsive theme with optional infinite scroll for both post lists and comments. It is especially suited to websites that are or intend to become strong on content. It takes advantage of all the power of Wordpress to organize content transparently. The Responsive Tabs front page is entirely widgetized and the theme supports up to 16 tabbed content folders. The theme includes a set of custom Front Page widgets that can be configured for full width or tiled for a newspaper look. Either approach scales down well to mobile screens. Responsive Tabs is visually elegant, allows free choice of colors and fonts, and handles media content consistently with Wordpress standards. Responsive Tabs facilitates attractive use of text for low page weight, but images can easily be included in the various front page widget areas.

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