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Stunning Blog

Per adorethemes

Tema comercial


Aquest tema és gratuït però ofereix actualitzacions o suport comercial de pagament.

Versió: 1.0.1

Darrera actualització: 30 de novembre de 2023

Instal·lacions actives: 200+

Versió del WordPress: 5.0 o posterior

Versió del PHP: 7.4 o posterior

Pàgina d'inici del tema

Stunning Blog is a WordPress theme that is designed to create professional blogging websites with a modern and creative design. It is lightweight and customizable, making it easy to use and ideal for fashion, lifestyle, travel, food, photography blogs, and more. The theme is optimized for fast loading and accessibility, ensuring that it looks great on all devices and screen sizes. Recent Blog is also cross-browser compatible and mobile-friendly. It is translation-ready, making it suitable for bloggers in any language. With its many features, Recent Blog provides everything needed to build a unique and engaging blog website. Live preview : https://demo.adorethemes.com/stunning-blog/

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