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Per Themedevstudios

Versió: 1.0.1

Darrera actualització: 1 de desembre de 2023

Instal·lacions actives: 50+

Versió del WordPress: 5.5 o posterior

Versió del PHP: 5.6 o posterior

Pàgina d'inici del tema

BlogFlux is a vibrant and modern WordPress theme designed to elevate your blogging experience. With its clean and intuitive layout, BlogFlux seamlessly blends aesthetic appeal with user-friendly functionality. This theme offers a dynamic platform for bloggers to showcase their content effortlessly, providing a visually engaging and responsive environment for readers. Packed with customizable features and a focus on readability, BlogFlux empowers bloggers to create a unique and memorable online presence, making it the ideal choice for those seeking a sleek and contemporary WordPress theme for their blog.

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