Enter the fediverse with ActivityPub, broadcasting your blog to a wider audience! Attract followers, deliver updates, and receive comments from a diverse user base of ActivityPub-compliant platforms.

With the ActivityPub plugin installed, your WordPress blog itself function as a federated profile, along with profiles for each author. For instance, if your website is, then the blog-wide profile can be found at, and authors like Jane and Bob would have their individual profiles at and, respectively.

An example: I give you my Mastodon profile name: You search, see my profile, and hit follow. Now, any post I make appears in your Home feed. Similarly, with the ActivityPub plugin, you can find and follow Jane’s profile at

Once you follow Jane’s profile, any blog post she crafts on will land in your Home feed. Simultaneously, by following the blog-wide profile, you’ll receive updates from all authors.

Note: if no one follows your author or blog instance, your posts remain unseen. The simplest method to verify the plugin’s operation is by following your profile. If you possess a Mastodon profile, initiate by following your new one.

The plugin works with the following tested federated platforms, but there may be more that it works with as well:

Some things to note:

  1. The blog-wide profile is only compatible with sites with rewrite rules enabled. If your site does not have rewrite rules enabled, the author-specific profiles may still work.
  2. Many single-author blogs have chosen to turn off or redirect their author profile pages, usually via an SEO plugin like Yoast or Rank Math. This is usually done to avoid duplicate content with your blog’s home page. If your author page has been deactivated in this way, then ActivityPub author profiles won’t work for you. Instead, you can turn your author profile page back on, and then use the option in your SEO plugin to noindex the author page. This will still resolve duplicate content issues with search engines and will enable ActivityPub author profiles to work.
  3. Once ActivityPub is installed, only new posts going forward will be available in the fediverse. Likewise, even if you’ve been using ActivityPub for a while, anyone who follows your site, will only see new posts you publish from that moment on. They will never see previously-published posts in their Home feed. This process is very similar to subscribing to a newsletter. If you subscribe to a newsletter, you will only receive future emails, but not the old archived ones. With ActivityPub, if someone follows your site, they will only receive new blog posts you publish from then on.

So what’s the process?

  1. Install the ActivityPub plugin.
  2. Go to the plugin’s settings page and adjust the settings to your liking. Click the Save button when ready.
  3. Make sure your blog’s author profile page is active if you are using author profiles.
  4. Go to Mastodon or any other federated platform, and search for your profile, and follow it. Your new profile will be in the form of either or, so that is what you’ll search for.
  5. On your blog, publish a new post.
  6. From Mastodon, check to see if the new post appears in your Home feed.

Please note that it may take up to 15 minutes or so for the new post to show up in your federated feed. This is because the messages are sent to the federated platforms using a delayed cron. This avoids breaking the publishing process for those cases where users might have lots of followers. So please don’t assume that just because you didn’t see it show up right away that something is broken. Give it some time. In most cases, it will show up within a few minutes, and you’ll know everything is working as expected.


Aquesta extensió proporciona 2 blocs.

  • Follow me on the Fediverse Display your Fediverse profile so that visitors can follow you.
  • Fediverse Followers Display your followers from the Fediverse on your website.


Seguiu les instruccions habituals per instal·lar extensions del WordPress.

Instal·lació automàtica de l’extensió

Per afegir una extensió de WordPress mitjançant l’instal·lador d’extensions integrat:

  1. Aneu a Extensions > Afegeix nova.
  2. Escriviu «activitypub» al quadre Cerca extensions.
  3. Cerqueu l’extensió de WordPress que voleu instal·lar.
    1. Feu clic a Detalls per obtenir més informació sobre l’extensió i les instruccions que podeu imprimir o desar per ajudar a configurar l’extensió.
    2. Feu clic a Instal·la ara per instal·lar l’extensió de WordPress.
  4. La pantalla d’instal·lació resultant mostrarà la instal·lació com a correcta o avisarà de qualsevol problema durant la instal·lació.
  5. En cas d’èxit, feu clic a Activa l’extensió per activar-la o a Torna a l’instal·lador d’extensions per a més accions.

Instal·lació manual de l’extensió

Hi ha alguns casos en què és adequat instal·lar manualment una extensió del WordPress.

  • Si voleu controlar la ubicació i el procés d’instal·lació d’una extensió de WordPress.
  • Si el vostre servidor no permet la instal·lació automàtica d’una extensió de WordPress.
  • Si voleu provar la última versió en desenvolupament.

La instal·lació manual d’una extensió de WordPress requereix familiaritat amb FTP i la consciència que podeu posar en perill el vostre lloc web si instal·leu una extensió de WordPress incompatible amb la versió actual o d’una font poc fiable.

Feu una còpia de seguretat completa del vostre lloc web abans de continuar.

Per instal·lar un extensió del WordPress manualment:

  • Download your WordPress Plugin to your desktop.
  • Si la baixeu com a arxiu zip, extraieu la carpeta de l’extensió al vostre escriptori.
  • Amb el vostre programa FTP, pengeu la carpeta de l’extensió a la carpeta wp-content/plugins del vostre directori del WordPress en línia.
  • Aneu a la pantalla d’extensions i cerqueu a la llista l’extensió penjada recentment.
  • Feu clic a Activa per activar-la.



This plugin connects your WordPress blog to popular social platforms like Mastodon, making your posts more accessible to a wider audience. Once installed, your blog can be followed by users on these platforms, allowing them to receive your new posts in their feeds.

Quin és l’estat d’aquesta extensió?


  • blog profile pages (JSON representation)
  • author profile pages (JSON representation)
  • enllaços personalitzats
  • bústia d’entrada/sortida funcional
  • seguiu (accepteu seguidors)
  • compartiu entrades
  • rebeu comentaris/reaccions
  • verificació de la signatura
  • suport de comentaris imbricats

Per implementar:

  • replace shortcodes with blocks for layout

Què és «ActivityPub for WordPress»

ActivityPub for WordPress amplia el WordPress amb algunes característiques del Fedivers, però no competeix amb plataformes com Friendica o Mastodon. Si voleu executar una xarxa social descentralitzada, utilitzeu Mastodon o GNU social.

Què passa si esteu executant el vostre blog en un subdirectori?

Perquè WebFinger funcioni, s’ha d’assignar al directori arrel de l’URL on resideix el vostre blog.


Afegiu el següent al fitxer .htaccess al directori arrel:

RedirectMatch "^\/\.well-known/(webfinger|nodeinfo|x-nodeinfo2)(.*)$" /blog/.well-known/$1$2

On «blog» és el camí al subdirectori on resideix el vostre blog.


Afegiu el següent a site.conf a sites-available:

location ~* /.well-known {
    allow all;
    try_files $uri $uri/ /blog/?$args;

On «blog» és el camí al subdirectori on resideix el vostre blog.

What if you are running your blog in a subdirectory, but have a different [wp_siteurl](

In that case you don’t need the redirect, because the index.php will take care of that.


The plugin uses PHP Constants to enable, disable or change its default behaviour. Please use them with caution and only if you know what you are doing.

  • ACTIVITYPUB_REST_NAMESPACE – Change the default Namespace of the REST endpoint. Default: activitypub/1.0.
  • ACTIVITYPUB_EXCERPT_LENGTH – Change the length of the Excerpt. Default: 400.
  • ACTIVITYPUB_SHOW_PLUGIN_RECOMMENDATIONS – show plugin recommendations in the ActivityPub settings. Default: true.
  • ACTIVITYPUB_MAX_IMAGE_ATTACHMENTS – Change the number of attachments, that should be federated. Default: 3.
  • ACTIVITYPUB_HASHTAGS_REGEXP – Change the default regex to detect hashtext in a text. Default: (?:(?<=\s)|(?<=<p>)|(?<=<br>)|^)#([A-Za-z0-9_]+)(?:(?=\s|[[:punct:]]|$)).
  • ACTIVITYPUB_USERNAME_REGEXP – Change the default regex to detect @-replies in a text. Default: (?:([A-Za-z0-9\._-]+)@((?:[A-Za-z0-9_-]+\.)+[A-Za-z]+)).
  • ACTIVITYPUB_CUSTOM_POST_CONTENT – Change the default template for Activities. Default: <strong>[ap_title]</strong>\n\n[ap_content]\n\n[ap_hashtags]\n\n[ap_shortlink].
  • ACTIVITYPUB_DISABLE_REWRITES – Disable auto generation of mod_rewrite rules. Default: false.
  • ACTIVITYPUB_DISABLE_INCOMING_INTERACTIONS – Block incoming replies/comments/likes. Default: false.
  • ACTIVITYPUB_DISABLE_OUTGOING_INTERACTIONS – Disable outgoing replies/comments/likes. Default: false.
  • ACTIVITYPUB_SHARED_INBOX_FEATURE – Enable the shared inbox. Default: false.
  • ACTIVITYPUB_SEND_VARY_HEADER – Enable to send the Vary: Accept header. Default: false.

Where can you manage your followers?

If you have activated the blog user, you will find the list of his followers in the settings under /wp-admin/options-general.php?page=activitypub&tab=followers.

The followers of a user can be found in the menu under “Users” -> “Followers” or under wp-admin/users.php?page=activitypub-followers-list.

For reasons of data protection, it is not possible to see the followers of other users.


25 de abril de 2024 5 respostes
Nice when it works, sadly most of the time it just doesn’t work.
22 de març de 2024
I was an early(ish) adopter of the plugin when I first learned of it. I installed it on a couple of self-hosted sites that I wanted to officially federate, and now I am at the point where every site I have has Activitypub installed.
19 de febrer de 2024
The next great social network is just the Web. This plugin is the most important feature in WordPress. It enables over 40% of the entire Web to directly own their social profiles, relationships with their audiences, and distribution. I look forward to the continued iteration of this plugin. Each release brings new features that lessen the need for creators to have a separate Mastodon account.
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Col·laboradors i desenvolupadors

«ActivityPub» és programari de codi obert. La següent gent ha col·laborat en aquesta extensió.


“ActivityPub” s’ha traduït a 24 configuracions regionals. Gràcies als traductors per les seves aportacions.

Traduïu «ActivityPub» a la vostra llengua.

Interessats en el desenvolupament?

Navegueu pel codi, baixeu-vos el repositori SVN, o subscriviu-vos al registre de desenvolupament per fisl de subscripció RSS.

Registre de canvis


  • Added: A core/embed block filter to transform iframes to links
  • Added: Basic support of incoming Announces
  • Added: Improve attachment handling
  • Added: Notifications: Introduce general class and use it for new follows
  • Added: Always fall back to get_by_username if one of the above fail
  • Added: Notification support for Jetpack
  • Added: EMA: Support for fetching external statuses without replies
  • Added: EMA: Remote context
  • Added: EMA: Allow searching for URLs
  • Added: EMA: Ensuring numeric ids is now done in EMA directly
  • Added: Podcast support
  • Added: Follower count to “At a Glance” dashboard widget
  • Improved: Use Note as default Object-Type, instead of Article
  • Improved: Improve AUTHORIZED_FETCH
  • Improved: Only send Mentions to comments in the direct hierarchy
  • Improved: Improve transformer
  • Improved: Improve Lemmy compatibility
  • Improved: Updated JS dependencies
  • Fixed: EMA: Add missing static keyword and try to lookup if the id is 0
  • Fixed: Blog-wide account when WordPress is in subdirectory
  • Fixed: Funkwhale URLs
  • Fixed: Prevent infinite loops in get_comment_ancestors
  • Fixed: Better Content-Negotiation handling


  • Added: Enable Mastodon Apps: Add remote outbox fetching
  • Added: Help texts
  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with Discourse
  • Fixed: Do not announce replies
  • Fixed: Also delete interactions with deleted person
  • Fixed: Check Author-URL only if user is enabled for ActivityPub
  • Fixed: Generate comment IDs for federation from home_url
  • Removed: Beta label from the #Hashtag settings


  • Added: Mark links as “unhandled-link” and “status-link”, for a better UX in the Mastodon App
  • Added: Enable-Mastodon-Apps: Provide followers
  • Added: Enable-Mastodon-Apps: Extend account with ActivityPub data
  • Added: Enable-Mastodon-Apps: Search in followers
  • Added: Add alt support for images (for Block and Classic-Editor)
  • Fixed: Counter for system users outbox
  • Fixed: Don’t set a default actor type in the actor class
  • Fixed: Outbox collection for blog and application user
  • Changed: A better default content handling based on the Object Type
  • Changed: Improve User management
  • Changed: Federated replies: Improved UX for “your reply will federate”
  • Changed: Comment reply federation: support is_single_user sites
  • Changed: Mask WordPress version number
  • Changed: Improve remote reply handling
  • Changed: Remote Reply: limit enqueue to when needed
  • Changed: Abstract shared Dialog code

See full Changelog on GitHub.