Aquesta extensió no s'ha provat en les darreres 3 versions majors del WordPress. Segurament no està mantinguda o suportada, i pot tenir problemes de compatibilitat quan s'usa en versions recents del WordPress.

Atomic Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks Collection


Atomic Blocks has moved!

Same powerful blocks, same beautiful designs, same innovative team. Atomic Blocks has been renamed to Genesis Blocks. Learn more about Genesis Blocks. With our migration tool built right into Genesis Blocks, the transition between plugins will be simple and seamless – plus you’ll be ready to receive the new blocks and features we’re releasing soon.

Atomic Blocks is a collection of page building blocks for the new Gutenberg block editor. Building pages with the block editor and Atomic Blocks gives you more control to quickly create and launch any kind of site you want!

Installing the customizable Atomic Block plugin adds a collection of beautiful, site-building blocks to help you customize page layouts, increase engagement, and get results for your business. Atomic Blocks provides everything from customizable buttons, to beautifully-designed page sections and full-page layout designs via the Section & Layout block.

Along with the content blocks you’ll find in Atomic Blocks, we’re also publishing helpful articles and tutorials to help you get started with Gutenberg.

New Section and Layout Block!

On top of the handy, time-saving blocks already found in Atomic Blocks, we’re excited to introduce the brand new Section and Layout block! This block comes with a library of pre-designed sections and layouts to help you quickly and easily build a beautiful site with the new block editor.

Using the Section and Layout modal window, you can browse designs by category, search, and even add sections and layouts to a Favorites tab for quick access later. Paired with the free Atomic Blocks theme, which has support for full-width, block-based page building, you have everything you need to start building your site today!

Atomic Blocks currently includes the following blocks:

Atomic Blocks WordPress Theme

We’ve created a beautiful WordPress theme to help you get started with the Atomic Blocks plugin and the new WordPress block editor. The theme integrates seamlessly with the blocks you’ll find in the plugin!

In addition to the Atomic Block Theme, we’ve built Revolution Pro with the StudioPress team. This theme is built from the ground up with blocks—Gutenberg core and Atomic. Using this Theme and the Genesis One-Click Theme Install you can have a new block-based site up and running in minutes.

Google AMP Support

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project is a publishing format created by Google to enhance site performance for mobile website users. AMP pages are specially designed for Google search users to quickly load website pages without using any extraneous data. Atomic Blocks has support for AMP built into each block!

Atomic Blocks Help File

We’ve created a handy help file that you can check out here. The help file covers how to setup the plugin and get started with the blocks.

The help file is also available in the plugin once activated. Click the Atomic Blocks admin menu item to visit the Getting Started page.

View the plugin help file

Follow Along:


  • Product Launch Page Layout
  • Business Page Layout
  • Personal Page Layout
  • Team Section
  • Hero Header Section
  • Testimonial Section
  • Pricing Table Block
  • Post and Page Grid Block
  • Call-To-Action Block
  • Testimonial Block
  • Text Notice Block
  • Sharing Icons Block
  • Author Profile Block
  • Accordion Block
  • Customizable Button Block
  • Drop Cap Block
  • Spacer and Divider Block


Aquesta extensió proporciona 22 blocs.

  • Container
  • Accordion
  • Profile Box
  • Notice
  • Button
  • Testimonial
  • Spacer
  • Layouts
  • Email newsletter
  • Call To Action
  • Advanced Column
  • Drop Cap
  • Sharing
  • Advanced Columns
  • Pricing
  • Pricing Column
  • Product Price
  • Product Subtitle
  • Product Title
  • Product Features
  • Product Button
  • Atomic Blocks - Gutenberg Blocks Collection


This plugin can be installed directly from your site.

  1. Log in and navigate to _Plugins → Add New.
  2. Type “Atomic Blocks” into the Search and hit Enter.
  3. Locate the Atomic Blocks plugin in the list of search results and click Install Now.
  4. Once installed, click the Activate link.
  5. You will be redirected to the Atomic Blocks Getting Started page.

It can also be installed manually.

  1. Download the Atomic Blocks plugin from
  2. Unzip the package and move to your plugins directory.
  3. Log into WordPress and navigate to the Plugins screen.
  4. Locate Atomic Blocks in the list and click the Activate link.
  5. You will be redirected to the Atomic Blocks Getting Started page.


Can Atomic Blocks be used with any theme?

Yes, you can use Atomic Blocks with any theme, but we recommend using our Atomic Blocks theme or one of the Gutenberg-ready StudioPress themes such as Revolution for the best presentation. Both of these themes have beautiful styles built in specifically for Atomic Blocks.

Get the Atomic Blocks theme

Do I need the new block editor to use Atomic Blocks?

Yes, you will need to have WordPress 5.0 or later installed to take advantage of Atomic Blocks.


24 de abril de 2021
had a question: the support-team answered quickly: – they offered great rundown on the Workflow. The plugin is just awesome. and besides that the support here is so outstanding and great. many thanks – keep up the great work it rocks and i am pretty sure that i will do lots of projects with your awesome and featurerich Atomic-Blocks Kind Regards, Tangermaroc
10 de desembre de 2020
Very handy. Not overbloated. Use this on every page! THanks!
4 de novembre de 2020
This is advanced blocks with simple interface and very helpful support. Thank you very much for this blocks collection.
28 de octubre de 2020 2 respostes
Appears to have been acquired by Genesis! The migration to Genesis blocks failed on all my sites (luckily did not damage them)... so have decided to not use either!
22 de octubre de 2020
The accordion block alone is very welcome. Easy. I use the advanced columns just about everywhere. Still discovering the other blocks and continue to be pleasantly surprised with all it can do.
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  • Atomic Blocks has moved! Same powerful blocks, same beautiful designs, same innovative team. Atomic Blocks has been renamed to Genesis Blocks. Update now to learn more!


  • Fixed issue with the Post & Page Grid block where automatic excerpts did not show under certain conditions.
  • Removed unnecessary padding in the editor on full-width Container, Pricing, and Advanced Column blocks.
  • Advanced Columns and Pricing blocks now show new columns when the column count is increased in WordPress 5.5.
  • Placeholder text in the Advanced Columns block is now visible in WordPress 5.5.


  • Fixes issue where all pages selected in the Post and Page Grid block might not be displayed.
  • Fixes issue where column setting was not visible when working with pages in the Post and Page Grid block.
  • Fixes issue with block styles not loading on the front end under certain conditions.


  • Improves styles for improved editor preview.
  • Introduce fluid typography styles for use in future releases.


  • Improves the Layouts block usability by making the library window wider.
  • Improves the Layouts library window performance by optimizing the preview images.


  • Fixes issue with link colors in Notices block.


  • Improve editor padding on nested blocks.


  • Added support for selecting specific pages in the Post and Page Grid block.
  • Improve display of inline toolbars on Container, Columns, and Pricing Table.
  • Improve display of focus/select styles on blocks.


  • Added file that was missing in 2.7.0. Sorry, folks!


  • Improved compatibility with WordPress 5.4 changes.
  • Improved performance by reducing JavaScript file sizes.
  • Updated the Getting Started page with improved help and documentation info.


  • Added support for Shortcode block in the Pricing Table block.
  • Improved MailChimp list caching in the Newsletter block.
  • Fixed minimum Spacer Height allowed in Spacer block.
  • Fixed Notice block compatibility issue with IE 11.
  • Fixed issue with 4 column layout in Post Grid block.


  • Fixes an issue where front-end styles weren’t loading due to conflicts with other plugins.
  • Fixes a conflict with other Font Awesome plugins.


  • Fixes an issue where the Layout block would show zero items in the library under certain conditions.


  • Add styles for users who are experimenting with the latest Gutenberg plugin.
  • Change wp.editor reference to wp.blockEditor to fix deprecation notices.
  • Fix PHP notice that shows when image for post grid is not available.
  • Fix issue where FontAwesome icons show intermittently in the editor.
  • Improve CSS Grid styles for IE.


  • Fixed issue with Container block that happened when clearing the “Inside Container Max Width” setting.
  • Fixed warning message related to Accordion block font size.
  • Whitelisted the HTML block in the Pricing Table block, allowing you to add custom buttons, etc.
  • Fixed default color issue on Button block.
  • Added support for controlling block settings permissions in Atomic Blocks Pro.


  • Improve compatibility with HubSpot plugin form capturing feature.
  • Improve styles when used with Twenty Twenty theme.
  • Improve WordPress 5.3 compatibility.


  • Fixed font size issues in Business layout.
  • Added support for Atomic Blocks Pro.


  • Add background image support to Advanced Columns block.
  • Add 1-column support to Post Grid block.
  • Add missing class to Post Grid section title.
  • Fix layout modal state for upcoming Gutenberg update.
  • Disable automatic activation of Gutenberg plugin.


  • Remove jQuery dependency when enqueuing dismiss.js.
  • Fix IE styles for blocks that use CSS Grid (pricing table and columns).
  • Fix undefined error for installs under WordPress 5.0.
  • Fix image display CSS property.
  • Fix specificity of CSS Grid for child elements.


  • Add double opt-in option to Newsletter block.
  • Remove Google+ from Sharing block.
  • Add button to remove image from Testimonial and Author Profile block.
  • Add prefix to alignment CSS class on Sharing and Accordion block.
  • Change duplicate layout name.
  • Remove duplicate CSS entries to increase performance.
  • Remove outdated French translation files in favor of translations.
  • Remove default font value in Accordion block so block can use theme font declarations.
  • Remove overly specific font size declaration in Accordion block.
  • Remove the currently viewed post from the posts query to avoid duplicate display in Post Grid.


  • Add Section & Layout block.


  • Add files that were lost during transmission when releasing 1.8.0.


  • Made all blocks compatible with the official AMP plugin. No more validation errors.
  • Notice block: Improve dismissible notice support for older browsers.
  • Notice block: Fix bug that caused dismiss icon to show on non-dismissible notices under certain conditions.
  • Post & Page Grid block: Improved grid support for Internet Explorer.
  • Post & Page Grid block: Fix compatibility issue with WordPress 5.2
  • Post & Page Grid block: Add support for custom image sizes registered by themes and other plugins.
  • Post & Page Grid block: Add full width alignment option.
  • Advanced Columns block: Add support for custom CSS class on inner columns.
  • Button block: Removed custom color palette in favor of the active theme’s color palette.


  • Post Grid: Improve IE11 support on the grid.


  • Add the Advanced Columns block.
  • Newsletter: Change button to input and adjust styles.


  • Newsletter: Add instance ID to input field.
  • Newsletter: Change input type to email.
  • Newsletter: Change how nonce is handled and remove id attribute.
  • Author Profile: Add a description below the Email URL field.
  • Post Grid: Fix excerpt length.
  • Accordion: Fix link styles.
  • Fix redirect bug on multisite installs.


  • Add the Newsletter block.


  • Add several features to Post/Page Grid block.


  • Fix bug with author profile links.
  • Improve mobile styles.
  • Remove unused CPTs.
  • Remove plugin-defined color palettes in favor of theme palettes.
  • Fix color setting bug in spacer block.


  • Fix bug with undefined dim ratio in CTA.


  • Fix bug with undefined dim ratio.


  • Fix bug with lodash scoping.
  • Fix bug with URL input on pricing table.


  • Add Pricing Table block.
  • Fix container background clearing bug.


  • Add block alignment class back to CTA block.
  • Refactor deprecated code format.


  • Add title toggle to Post Grid block.
  • Update CTA block to account for Gutenberg changes.
  • Add LinkedIn icon to Author Profile block.
  • Add noreferrer to Button block.


  • Remove notice to install Gutenberg.


  • Fix category error in Post Grid block.
  • Change asset loading for WordPress 5.0.


  • Fix FontAwesome loading issue.


  • Add block dependencies to wp_enqueue_script


  • Fix behavior of attribute output
  • Restrict media upload to images
  • Update French translation strings


  • Improved Getting Started page.
  • Update translation strings.


  • Update translation strings.
  • Limit asset loading to GS page.
  • Add conditional check to post grid.
  • Add French translations.


  • Update PanelColor component to PanelColorSettings.


  • Fix button focus bug in Call To Action block.
  • Fix button focus bug in Button block.
  • Fix text focus bug in Author Profile block.


  • Convert Accordion Block text area to InnerBlocks to allow for adding any block.


  • Update FontAwesome to 5.2.0.
  • Move dynamic block PHP to src folder.
  • Add option to customize Read More link text in Post Grid block.


  • Fix category drop down on Post Grid block.
  • Fix path to fontawesome on Getting Started page.


  • Fix bug in Post Grid block that prevented it from displaying in the editor.
  • Fix window.userSettings is undefined error.
  • Fix bug in dismissable notice.


  • Fix padding increments on Container block.
  • Improve color display on Call To Action block text.


  • Convert saved RichText to RichText.Content.
  • Prepare blocks for toolbar formatting.


  • Fix focus bug on Testimonial block title.


  • Fix URLInput on the Button block.


  • Remove unnecessary state from blocks.
  • Improve call to decodeEntities.
  • Update URLInput.


  • Fix links in readme.txt.
  • Fix update notice CSS bug.


  • Add max width setting to Container block.


  • Add Container Block.
  • Fix toolbar focus bug on Accordion Block.


  • Add blocks to a custom Atomic Blocks category in the block inserter.
  • Clean up markup and remove unnecessary code.
  • Add inline toolbar to text area on relevant blocks.


  • Update blocks to work with Gutenberg 3.1.0.


  • Fix fatal error in last update.


  • Add Post Grid Block.
  • Add improvements for Gutenberg 3.0.
  • Clean up existing blocks.


  • Improve margins for blocks in editor.
  • Fix quirks in the drop cap block.


  • Remove unnecessary isSelected from controls.
  • Fix undefined post bug.
  • Move components to wp.editor.
  • Improve styles for URL input on button block.


  • Rename array_social_icon_footer_script() to atomic_blocks_social_icon_footer_script().


  • Improved the color palettes for changes that happened in Gutenberg 2.8.


  • Add the sharing icons block.


  • Replace props.focus with isSelected for Gutenberg 2.8.0.


  • Refactor the CTA block.
  • Refactor the Author Profile block.


  • Improve Author Profile block to fix text focus and spacing.


  • Add Call-To-Action Block.
  • Improve wide and full-width styles.


  • Define PanelBody to fix Drop Cap block error.


  • Add FontAwesome font library back to Getting Started page.
  • Add prefixes to Getting Started page styles to prevent conflicts.


  • Improve Quick Start box on the Getting Started page.
  • Fix issue with FontAwesome not loading on Getting Started page.


  • Add PanelBody to inspector controls.
  • Group social links together in Profile block.


  • Fix the Button block to remove formatting issue.


  • Fix the Accordion block bug where outputs don’t match.


  • Add the Accordion block.


  • Add the Spacer & Divider block.


  • Add the Customizable Button block.


  • Initial release.