Customify – A Theme Customizer Booster


With Customify, developers can easily create advanced theme-specific options inside the WordPress Customizer. Using those options, a user can make presentational changes without having to know or edit the theme code.

Types of Fields

  • Color. A color picker used to control any text or background color of an element.

  • Font. A real font selector which includes a flexible library of fonts(Fonto, google fonts or added via fliter) and allows you to customize, with live preview, properties like font-weight, size, letter spacing, text align, text decoration etc.

  • Typography. (Deprecated) A series of typographic options that allow you to access the massive Google Fonts library and make them available inside your theme customizer.

  • CSS Editor. A powerful Live CSS Editor directly into your customizer! Useful for better control over the appearance of your theme without the need to create a child theme or worry about theme updates overwriting your customizations.

  • Text Field. A simple text field that allows you to customize elements like Site Title or Footer Credits.

  • Select Dropdown. A drop-down menu selector to be used when you have to choose from multiple options.

  • Range. The html5 range element can be used to select number values.

  • Preset. A field which allows you to change a group of Customify fields.

  • **And more others this is the full list

Made with love by Pixelgrade


  • Select2 JavaScript library – License: MIT
  • CSSOM.js JavaScript library – License: MIT
  • Ace Editor JavaScript editor – License: BSD
  • jQuery React JavaScript jQuery plugin – License: MIT
  • Default image for Style Manager Color Palette control – License: (Unsplash)[]


  1. Install Customify either via the plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. After activating Customify go to Appearance → Customize and have fun with the new felds
  3. For further instructions and how to setup your own fields, read our detailed documentation


Is there a way to reset Customify to defaults?

Reset buttons are available for all the options or for individual sections or panels.
They are disabled by default to avoid useless/accidental resets.
To enable them simply go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Customify and check “Enable Reset Buttons”


29 Gener 2020
I'm not sure which update started to mess up with the fonts, but every time I change the size font or font, the next day it is set again by default (font title size Hanken 400). You got to fix this, or just discontinue this plugin.
3 Setembre 2016
Just wanted to say it's my first time requesting support for a WP plugin and the experience has been wonderful. I would like to thank Andrei for the excellent customer service - super fast response with an actual solution that fixed everything. Thanks again Andrei! 🙂
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Col·laboradors i desenvolupadors

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  • Fixes related to cache invalidation.
  • Improvements to Font Palettes.
  • Fixes for missing Customizer theme controls.


  • Fixes Style Presets preview display
  • Fixes Color Palettes integration with Gutenberg
  • Improve display of radio and range controls in Customizer


  • Styling fixes for Color Palettes.
  • Added reset font logic for better default font palettes.
  • Fixes for Font Palettes font weights.


  • Styling fixes for the Font control.
  • Bug fixes for the Font control.
  • Added RTL stylesheets.


  • Improved styling for the Font control.
  • Improved handling of minimal required PHP version.
  • Cleanup stylesheets and scripts for better performance and easier maintenance.
  • Updated Google Fonts list to include the latest additions.
  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.3.0.


  • Fixed an issue with the default font weight for the Typography field.
  • Improved range field behavior when writing directly in the numerical field.
  • Fixed inconsistency on switch theme with the Style Manager coloration level, diversity and shuffle controls.


  • Improved default font palettes configuration.


  • Fixed as series of issues with Font Palettes in Style Manager.
  • Improved the Color Palettes.
  • Fixes a series of edge-cases in the Customizer.


  • Improved the predictability and resilience of the Style Manager controls.


  • Styling improvements to the Style Manager controls.
  • Fixed a strange bug that would result in a fatal error upon activation.


  • JavaScript cleanup and performance enhancements
  • Fixed some bugs with the Style Manager.
  • Fixed some rare bugs with the plugin config merge.


  • Big performance enhancements related to how customization settings and configurations get loaded.
  • Fixed a nasty regression that caused customization settings saved in a option to not be loaded, causing styles to be missing.
  • Pretty important code refactoring and cleanup to make things more predictable and stable.

  • Minor configuration fix.


  • Minor refactoring.
  • Fixed issues where customization values were not stored properly.


  • Fixed warnings that were appearing when PHP has version 7.2.0+.


  • Fixed Google Fonts not working in the new block editor (Gutenberg).


  • Fixed the fact that Customizer style changes were not reflected in the live preview. A problem introduced in the previous update.


  • Fixed some warnings that appeared in certain situations.


  • Improved support for the new Gutenberg block editor. Compatible with the latest WordPress 5.0 beta version.
  • Big performance improvements both in the frontend and also in the Customizer.
  • Cleanup regarding old and deprecated features.


  • Added support for the new Gutenberg block editor.


  • Improve Customizer section grouping in the Theme Options Panel
  • Fix Font Palettes giving huge sizes to font options set in ems


  • Avoid short array syntax to ensure PHP 5.2 compatibility


  • Hide the Fonts section for themes that do not declare support for Font Palettes


  • This new version of Customify lets you conveniently change the design of your site with font palettes. Easy as pie.
  • Added previews for color palette filters.


  • Fixed bug where no CSS was output for some settings with default value.


  • Minor fix for the color pickers.


  • Added the much improved and overall awesome Color Palettes v2.0 styling system (all modesty aside).
  • Minor improvements that are secondary to the one above. Enjoy.


  • Fixed the Customizer JS crash due to wrong merge.


  • Added ability to modify existing Customizer panels, sections, controls
  • Added system for admin notifications
  • Overall enhancements for more performance and stability


  • Added altered state for colors in the current color palette when any of the controls connected to the color has been modified
  • Added the colors from the current palette to all the color pickers in the Theme Options section
  • Fixed bug where default values were being forced in Customizer Preview at first load
  • Fixed bug preventing CSS output for color controls in the Style Manager section of the Customizer


  • Reorganized Customizer custom sections and grouped them into Theme Options, thus making the Style Manager panel stand out.
  • Refactored parts for more performance and clarity.


  • Added HEX field for colors in the current Color Palette
  • Updated Google Webfonts list


  • Fixed issue with Color Palettes working only after choosing one variation
  • Fixed bug preventing some options to live update the Customizer preview


  • Fixed issue with Color Palettes overwriting custom colors in Live Preview


  • Added Dynamic Color Palettes for a smoother experience
  • Fixed issue with the Style Manager crashing the Customizer when not using a theme with support for it.


  • Added Color Palettes Variations to the Style Manager Customizer section
  • Improved Color Palettes logic to better handle differences between various color palettes
  • Improved master color connected fields logic to allow for a smoother experience
  • Updated Google Fonts list
  • Fixed some issues with the connected fields logic
  • Fixed some Customizer preview scaling issues
  • Fixed a potential bug with the options’ CSS config (multiple configs with the same property but with different selectors)


  • Added Style Manager Customizer section with theme supports logic
  • Added connected fields logic for easy chaining of Customizer controls
  • Fixed a couple of styling inconsistencies regarding the Customizer


  • Improved development logic for easier testing
  • Improved and fixed reset settings buttons
  • Fixed a couple of styling inconsistencies regarding the Customizer


  • New Fields Styling Improvements


  • Added Compatibility with WordPress 4.9


  • Allow 0 values for fonts line-height and letter-spacing
  • Improved the plugin loading process and the CSS inline output
  • Fixed small style issues for the Customizer bar


  • Update Style for WordPress 4.8
  • Updated Google Fonts list
  • Fixed the double output of the custom CSS
  • Fixed Menu Add Button overlap


  • Fixed Background field output
  • Fixed Font’s preview in wp-editor
  • Added Reset Theme Mods tool


  • Added support for active_callback argument for customizer controls
  • Customizer assets refactor


  • Plugin core refactored for a better performance
  • Fixed Font Weight saving
  • Fixed Font Subset saving
  • Fix Select2 enqueue_script


  • Improved Font style output in front-end. Now is just one style element with all the fonts inside.
  • Improved Fonts panels, now only one can be opened to avoid confusion
  • Fixed Presets with fonts
  • Fixed Google Fonts with italic weights
  • Fixed Range input field
  • Small Fixes


  • Fixed Multiple local fonts


  • Make Customify compatible with the 4.7 customizer changes
  • Add show_if config option
  • Fix Conflict with Jetpack – Related posts
  • Fix Javascript callbacks loss
  • Switch de default storage from option to theme_mod
  • Fixed Incorrect Color Panel Height
  • Fixed Font field weight in customizer preview


  • Fixed compatibility with PHP <= 5.3.x


  • Added the new and awesome font selector
  • The live CSS editor is now removed for 4.7, but don’t worry, your style will be imported into the new CSS Editor
  • Added compatibility with 4.7


  • Added capability to control the Jetpack Sharing default options


  • Added capability to define Jetpack default and hidden modules


  • Fixed WordPress 4.7 incompatibilities


  • Added: Support for Fonto plugin
  • Improved the font selector
  • Fixed presets on ssl


  • Added: Support for conditional fields display
  • Fixed weights for local fonts
  • Fixed Ace editor warnings
  • Fixed some rare PHP warnings


  • Added: Customizer styling
  • Fixed some rare warnings with google fonts


  • Improve default fonts parse, and fix some legacy cases
  • Remove google api code when google fonts is disabled


  • Added: Compatibility with WordPress 4.4.0
  • Added: Presets can now set fonts and font weights
  • Fixed: Now range fields can have 0 as default
  • Fixed: Font subsets style
  • Fixed: Fixed some PHP and javascript warnings
  • Updated: Font field style


  • Added: Compatibility with WordPress 4.3.1
  • Added: Custom fonts can be used now as defaults
  • Fixed: Fonts preview
  • Fixed: Some rare errors with PHP 5.2.x
  • Fixed: Some font variants warnings with PHP 5.2.x


  • Added: Custom background field with bacgkround-* css properties selects
  • Added: Compatibility with WordPress 4.3.x
  • Added: Compatibility with PHP 5.2.x
  • Improved: Live CSS Editor is now live…for real
  • Updated: ACE Editor
  • Updated: The list of google fonts is now up to date


  • Added: Live-preview support for text and textarea fields.
  • Added: Unit parameter for css values(now we can use all the css units like em, rem, vh, all of them :D).
  • Fixed: Editor style for Typekit fonts.
  • Fixed: Editor style with default values.
  • Fixed: Live Preview small fixes
  • Updated: The list of google fonts is now up to date


  • Added: Ace Editor field.
  • Added: HTML field.
  • Added: Sanitize callbacks parameter and a default sanitizer for the checkbox field.
  • Fixed: Slight styling issues.


  • Added: Option to add Customify’s changes in the editor.
  • Added: Possibility to load Typekit fonts through config.


  • Added: Radio input with image label.
  • Added: Javascript callback for css properties.
  • Update: Updated Ace editor.


  • Added: Preset field type.
  • Added: Reset buttons (disabled by default).
  • Added: Button field.