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DarkMySite helps to create a stunning eye-pleasing dark mode version for your WordPress website easily and effectively.

Dark mode, also known as night mode, is a display setting that changes your website color scheme to reduces the amount of white light coming from a screen significantly and helps reduce eye strain.

As a website owner, you might want to consider adding dark mode to your website and making it easy for your visitors to enjoy your content without straining their eyes. DarkMySite can make doing so easy, and give you a bit more control over your site’s appearance and usability by creating a dark version of your website. DarkMySite allows your visitors who prefer browsing in dark mode to enable the option via a floating switch in your website.

Advanced Dark Making Technology

Where other plugins, randomly just change the background colors of everything, DarkMySite works in an advanced way to find appropriate elements to work on.

Using the advanced systematic eye on your original design, DarkMySite can properly make things dark without damaging the original layout.

Multiple Floating Switch

DarkMySite comes with multiple stunning floating switch to be displayed on your website. Triggering on the switch, toggling between dark mode or normal mode will be performed in no time.

Switches can be customized in your way by changing the display position, size of the switch and the colors of it separately in normal mode or night mode.

Ready Color Preset

Choose between ready built color presets. Color presets helps to create the dark mode look similar according to your website’s color scheme.

DarkMySite allows to customize each and every parts such as background color, text color or button color in the dark mode of the website.

OS Aware Dark Mode

DarkMySite can enable or disable the dark mode in your website by the automatic detection of the operating system’s preferred theme. No reloading needed, it performs instantly on changes.

This works on both computer or mobile devices to automatically detect the visitors preferred mode.

Time Based Auto Dark

DarkMySite takes the responsibility to automatically turn darkmode ON or OFF according to your website’s visitors’ local time. You can set the starting and ending time in which your website visitors will see the dark version of the website.

Lightweight and Page Builder Supported

No matter which page builder you use, DarkMySite tries to create the night mode with maximum coverage.

Super lightweight and optimized WordPress dark mode plugin to ensure maximum speed. We are always focused on minimal impact on memory usage and page speed


  1. Extra Floating Switches: the pro version of DarkMySite provides numbers of additional floating switch designs and each switches can be customized according to the choice.
  2. Draggable Floating Switch: allows your users to change the floating switch position by dragging to where they want.
  3. Color Preset Customization: allows to customize the link color, button color, form fields color, border color etc. in dark mode to match perfectly with your websites look.
  4. Allow / Disallow Elements: provide the powerful controls to allow or disallow dark mode in your website’s specific html elements or sections.
  5. Allow / Disallow Pages: controls to allow or disallow dark mode in your website’s specific pages.
  6. Allow / Disallow Posts: controls to allow or disallow dark mode in your website’s specific posts.
  7. Custom CSS: allows you to write custom styles using CSS to be effective only on dark mode.
  8. Image Inversion: helps to invert all or specific images on dark mode.
  9. Image Replacements: automatically replace specific images with a defined ones in the dark mode of your website. Pretty useful to websites having dark logo by default.


The plugin is very easy to use in WordPress. Just follow these quick steps-

  1. Install DarkMySite and activate it.
  2. Check your website and you should already see the dark mode floating switch at the bottom right.
  3. To customize, click on the DarkMySite menu on your WordPress dashboard.


  • Powerful Controls to enhance dark mode.
  • Floating Switches with size and color customization.
  • Color Presets with advanced customization.


The easy way.

Go to your WordPress Dashboard. Navigate to Plugins > Add New and then search for “DarkMySite”. Click on Install and then Activate the Plugin.

That’s it, DarkMySite is now activated on your site!

The hard way..

Download “DarkMySite” and then extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.


1. Is DarkMySite compatible with my theme?

Yes, no matter which theme you are using or which page builder you have used to design your website, DarkMySite can easily convert everything to dark. Also you can test our free plugin.

2. Can I customize the floating switch color?

Yes, every floating switch is customizable in DarkMySite. You can change it’s size, icon colors in light mode and dark mode differently. All upcoming switch will also be developed in the same way.

3. Is it possible to exclude any specific element?

Yes, you can exclude html elements, posts or pages from being dark in the dark mode. This feature is only available in the Pro version of the plugin.

4. Is DarkMySite compatible with all modern browsers?

Yes, according to our testing, the plugin works efficiently in all browsers. If you notice any conflict on any specific browser, our support team are always ready to investigate and fix.

5. Can I customize the color preset in dark mode?

Yes, you can customize the background color, text color, button color, input color etc. In the free version, you are only allowed to customize the background color and text color.

6. Will DarkMySite slow down my website?

Absolutely not. DarkMySite is carefully built with performance in mind. Our plugin is one of the most lowest-sized and lightweight plugins available.


5 de febrer de 2023
This plugin has a lot of features even in the free version, it's sooo comfortable, I don't feel limited at all in the free version, sooo nice! The color presets are absolutely beautiful and they come with customisation options as well. Even the basic control settings give me more than I expected, and there are even more settings available in the advanced control settings section... wow! Oh, and the switch style customisation options are a dream :))) - All this comes with advanced options again... just another wow 🙂 And there are even settings to change the image appearance - and I could go on and on with all the features that amaze me 🙂 You guys rock! The plugin comes with a very clean and self-explanatory control panel and is very easy to use. The plugin works like a charm right out of the box. What about the support?Incredibly quick and professional! I asked for support and in no time they had a solution. Far, far beyond my expectations, I can tell! Big thanks for all your work, this is the kind of plugin and support we dream of 🙂
2 de febrer de 2023
I recently started using DarkMySite and I couldn't be happier with the product! The dark mode feature is a game changer and has greatly improved my website's user experience. The plugin is incredibly easy to use and set up, and their support team is incredibly fast and helpful. I highly recommend this plugin to anyone looking to add a dark mode feature to their WordPress website. 5 stars!
13 de gener de 2023
Nice app with a great team behind it. I messaged them because I was having an issue with banners disappearing in dark mode, and after plugging in some custom CSS didn’t fix it, they got an update out fixing the problem within a couple days. Really cool.
19 de desembre de 2022
The plugin itself is not only extremely stable, compatible and reliable, it is also very simple and easy to use. From me, the full number of stars for the perfect service and work!
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Huge performance improvements.
1. Taken time to make dark mode for the first time has been reduced
2. Minor blinks on elements having transition effects have been fixed
3. Performance of dark making algorithm has been increased


Improved dark making technology has been added.
1. Secondary Background Color feature on Color Preset has been added
2. Fixed minor issues and improved performance


Performance of the plugin has been improved.
1. Dark making algorithm has been updated to minimize it’s effect on JavaScript execution time
2. Issue on low page performance on GTmetrix and PageSpeed Insights has been fixed
3. Minor bugs have been fixed and put others to solve later (unintentionally)


More functionality related to switch have been added.
1. Displaying switch into navigation menu has been added
2. Live preview on switch design customization has been added
3. Absolute Switch Position feature has been added
4. Generating shortcode of customized switch design has been added


Some small bugs have been fixed.
1. Minor bugs have been fixed those were left in the previous update


Dark making architecture has been completely changed to improve perfection.
1. Handling elements having alpha background color has been added
2. Preloading system has been improved to maximize white blink elimination
3. Handling elements added dynamically (i.e. scroll to load more posts) has been added
4. Handling elements where classes are changed dynamically has been added


New functionality and compatibility have been developed.
1. Compatibility to Slider Revolution has been added
2. Compatibility to OneSignal Push Notifications has been added
3. Compatibility to Read Meter has been added


Small bug fixed and minor improvements have been made.
1. Time Based Auto Dark for midnight issue has been re-fixed
2. Auto removed transition animation on elements has been fixed
3. Improved Custom CSS mechanism


More improved functionality has been added and minor improvements have been made.
1. Image Inversion now supports images added via CSS Background Property
2. Issues on WordPress with lower jQuery version have been solved
3. Allowed/Disallowed Page Feature for sites having async page change has been fixed
4. Time Based Auto Dark for midnight issue has been fixed
5. Draggable position change feature for Floating Switch has been added


More improved functionality have been added and simple bug has been fixed.
1. Fixed the usages of Grayscale and Brightness control at the same on images
2. Replaced the “Lighten Inline SVG” function with “Invert Inline SVG” function
3. Image Inversion feature has been added to invert all or specific images on dark mode
4. Issue on Custom CSS with CSS Pseudo Elements has been fixed
5. Shortcode Attributes can be added to customize the switch added via shortcode


Few bugs have been fixed and new functionality added to handle inline SVG.
1. Compatibility issue with themes having no global background color has been fixed
2. Function to lighten inline SVG in dark mode


Few bugs have been fixed and functionality improved for multiple page builders.
1. OS Aware Dark Mode on first time page load issue has been fixed
2. Support added for Beaver Builder and Block Editor templates


Improved functionality has been added to make dark mode more stable.
1. White blink issue on page change on dark mode enabled has been fixed
2. WordPress Post Restriction has been added to allow or disallow dark mode on specific posts


Improved functionality has been added.
1. Hide Floating Switch on Mobile has been improved to target mobile device based on User Agent, Device Screen Size or Both


More powerful and improved functionality has been added along with new floating switch designs.
1. Modification to Image Brightness Level has been added
2. Modification to Image Grayscale Level has been added
3. Darken Background Image Functionality has been added
4. 2 new floating switch designs have been added in the premium plugin


More powerful and improved functionality has been added.
1. Force to keep designs normal for excluded elements
2. Force to keep designs normal for all elements except allowed elements
3. Dark making technologies have been updated to make things dark in a smart way.


New functionality added and minor bugs have been fixed.
1. WordPress Page Restriction has been added to allow or disallow dark mode on specific pages
2. Issue on applying dark mode on tables has been solved


Support for page builder has been added and tested with more than 20 themes.
1. Elementor Page Builder support added
2. Elements having background image will not be changed in dark mode
3. Elements those has no background property, will kept unchanged in dark mode


This is the initial release of DarkMySite. With this release, DarkMySite started the journey with both the Free Version and Paid Version.