Falang is a multilanguage plugin for wordpress. It’s allows you to translate an exisiting wordpress site to other languages.

Concept :
– Support all languages supported by WordPress (rtl and ltr)
– Translate Post, Menus, Categories to other language from the component.
– You can use Yandex to help you in the translation.(more system comming)
– Display default language if the content is not translated.
– Language switcher widget configurable to display flags and/or language name
– Language code directly in the url.
– Translate posts and terms permalinks
– No extra tables created.
– Falang is not for wordpress multisite.


  • The Post Listing translation panel
  • The Post translation edition.
  • The Language Listing panel.


1 – Upload the entire falang folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
2 – Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
3 – Add languages
4 – Set the default language (main language of your site)
5 – Add the widget Language switcher to your site
6 – Translate to other language your post / menus …


Is Falang Translate free?

Yes but with less function and without on site support.

Where to find help ?


30 març 2020
Simple to install and configure. Suitable for those who want a fast and simple SW. It does what it has to do and is pleasant to see the result. The assistance is perfect. I had a problem and it was solved very quickly: I sent an email on Sunday afternoon and it was answered immediately. 5 stars!
9 octubre 2019
I'm a developer and every time struggle with either WPML or Loco Translate. Finally an easy to understand interface is coming to the WP world and not only me, but my clients as well, can simply find what needs to be translated and easily find out what's missing. A real pleasure! Thank you.
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=1.2.1 (01/06/2020)
* add Divi support.
* add woocommerce attributes support
* fix post_name save now sanitized
* fix rewrite_rules problem
* fix update settings warning

=1.2 (12/05/2020)
* add print_language_switch action (display switcher by code in template)
* add language image on post translation page
* change source and target position
* add hide source on post translation page
* add filter by language in widget
* add first activation notice
* modify display in translation page

=1.1 (28/04/2020)
* add wpml compatiblity for string translation <3.2 and >3.2
* add filter by string context
* add string group filtering
* add display string translated and not not translated
* fix publish on post
* fix option slash save
* fix string delete

=1.0.7 (17/04/2020)
* improve options translation speed and memory
* fix 404 when show_slug is on
* fix post notice translation.
* add page_on_front to option translation

* add ID column to the post,term,menu translation page
* fix display problem on post/page/woocommerce product page…..
* fix bug on page to display published status
* fix display for block content loose


* fix display on text input view in wp_editor

* add post type filter in post translation page.

* fix frontend warning and notice
* fix backend translate menu display
* fix backend translate title display
* fix backend previous value for custom menu translation

* fix warning on settings page
* fix Walker Dropdown walk message argument
* fix button display on post translation page
* compatible with WordPress 5.3
* fix notice on term list translation page

* Add Falang icon
* Remove edit/delete row action for post with specific language
* widget echo missing on title

= 1.0.1
* change Author to entreprise name

= 1.0.0
* Refactor add language page
* use select2 to show flags in the list
* Add confirmation message on language delete.

= 0.9.3
* Fix bug when show slug for main language slug was set to false
* Fix save settings translate option

= 0.9.2
* Fix post meta translation
* Add term filter on term translation page
* Add display translation on term translation page
* Add translation status on term translation page
* Add menu filter on menu translation page
* Add display translation on menu translation page
* Add translation status on menu translation page


  • Fix yandex translation call for non english default language
  • Fix iso code
  • Fix khmer iso code
  • Add language flag on Header table
  • Fix posts page default language
  • Fix pages page default language
  • Add filter by post_title in posts translation page
  • Add published display in posts translation page
  • Add translation or native title display in posts translation page


  • Initial release