Aquesta extensió no s’ha provat en les darreres 3 versions majors del WordPress. Segurament no està mantinguda o suportada, i pot tenir problemes de compatibilitat quan s’usa en versions recents del WordPress.

Letter Avatars


Letter Avatars enables custom avatars for users without gravatar. Avatar will be replaced with the first letter of username or e-mail.

Letter Avatars does not use any images, scripts, or font-icons. All letters will be rendered by your theme font (or Optionally via a Google font).


  • Works anywhere – Plugin hooks into pre_get_avatar function, so the avatar size is preserved
  • Highly customizable – You can change colors, letter font, as well as the font size
  • Stylish – You can change the background and letter colors or you can randomize them for all the avatars
  • Lightweight – Plugin does not use any external stylesheet, image, or js files. It only adds a small inline css in your header
  • Highly compatible – You don’t have to edit your theme / plugin files, it works automatically and plays nice with other plugins
  • Works with BuddyPress – Users and groups without gravatar / local avatar will use Letter Avatars
  • Works with YITH Reviews for WooCommerce – Avatars in reviews support Letter Avatars
  • Works with WP User Avatar – Users with Custom Avatar will use those, users without avatar will default to Letter Avatar


  • Gravatars displayed alongside letter avatars

  • Plugin settings page

  • Random colored avatars with user lock-in


  1. Upload to plugins via WordPress admin panel, or upload unzipped folder to your plugins folder
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Settings->Letter Avatars to manage the options


Can I disable gravatars and use Letter Avatars for all comments?

Yes you can. By default, Letter Avatars are used only for users without gravatar, but you can change that in plugin settings.

Does this plugin work with WP User Avatar

Yes it does, since version 3.0

Can I change the font for my Avatars?

By default, Letter Avatars will be displayed in your theme font, but you can change that in plugin settings.

Does this plugin work with BuddyPress?

Yes it does, since version 2.5

Does this plugin work with bbPress / wpDiscuz

At the moment, no. This feature is planned for versions 3.1 and 3.2. coming out soon

What does the user lock-in option do?

If you enable user lock-in (when random colors are enabled), each user will have his own unique color which will be used for all the comments.

How does the Font Auto Size option work?

If you enable the auto size functionality, letter size will be 75% of the avatar size.
I.E. If the avatar size is 100px, font size will be 75px.


11 de desembre de 2019
During Installation I Thought It,ll Not Work With Latest Version Of Wordpress Because Plugin Is Not Updated For A While , But It Is Working Perfect With latest Version & Also Compatible With Elementor .. Most Of All Support Is Amazing Sibin Helped Me A Lot To Achieve A Custom Layout For Me.
9 de febrer de 2019 1 resposta
But I really miss an option to only use capital letters. An option to only use the Material colors (or other specific color palette) would be nice too.
18 de maig de 2018
This Plugin is exactly what we were looking for. Most people do not have Gravatar and the Mystery Person default avatar in wordpress is quite boring and unpleasant. This plugin offers a fantastic way to enhance comments in much nicer way. And on top of it, it is backed by very professional and extremely fast support. We had a compatibility issue with a Reviews Plugin and the Author fixed that issue immediately and added support for the Reviews Plugin. We could not be happier. A strong 5 stars! Cheers
8 de març de 2018
Letter Avatar plugin works simply and without any problems. It does exactly what I need. In addition, it is small, works on css basis. And that’s great. When I had a problem, the author responded and removed the problem. I love this plugin.
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  • Improvement: Full PSR-12 compliance
  • Bugfix: Fixed various errors and notices in certain scenarios


  • Bugfix: Fixed fatal error in certain scenarios


  • Breaking: Minimum WP Version has been bumped to 4.8
  • Breaking: Minimum PHP Version has been bumped to 7.0
  • New Feature: Added support for WP User Avatar plugin
  • Improvement: Reworked admin settings for better performance
  • Improvement: Complete refactor of the codebase – Moving on to full PSR-12 Compliance
  • Improvement: Improved performance using PHP 7.0 specific tweaks
  • Improvement: Fixed plugin styles
  • Improvement: Reworked plugin CSS to use CSS variables
  • Bugfix: Improved user / e-mail detection in various scenarios
  • Bugfix: Fixed Google Font list not showing in plugin settings
  • Bugfix: Fixed transient caching not working properly on some hosting confgurations
  • Bugfix: Various minor tweaks and changes


  • New feature: Select avatar shape, square or round
  • New feature: Load font CSS without loading Google font
  • Improvement: Better avatar checking


  • New Feature: YITH Reviews for WooCommerce support
  • Improvement: Works for comments fetched via ajax


  • Bugfix: Removed all PHP Notices and Warnings
  • Improvement: Fine-tuned gravatar detection code


  • Bugfix: Fixed PHP Warning in certain scenarios


  • Improvement: Added caching mechanism for gravatar checks
  • Improvement: Fine-tuned gravatar checking mechanism


  • New Feature: BuddyPress support
  • New Feature: Automatic font size – Option to calculate font size automatically by avatar size
  • Improvement: Optimized gravatar detection and CSS processing
  • Improvement: Optimized performance on posts with many comments


  • Internal beta version


  • Internal alpha version


  • New Feature: Load Google Font CSS without loading google font
  • Improvement: Moved to select2 library for Google Font selection
  • Improvement: Google Fonts selection is now cached, improving wp-admin speed
  • Bugfix: Fixed the display of Letter Avatars in admin-bar
  • Bugfix: Fixed Avatars not displaying properly in some scenarios
  • Bugfix: Fixed Font list not showing up randomly in admin settings


  • Bugfix: Fixed WP-Admin issues in WordPress versions 4.9.x


  • Bugfix: Fixed Synthax Error on servers running PHP 5.3.x


  • New Feature: Colors are now calculated from e-mail hash
  • Improvement: Improved color randomization functions


  • Fully reworked codebase
  • New Feature: Same color for repeated comments by same author
  • Improvement: Moved settings to separate page
  • Improvement: Revamped settings system
  • Improvement: Reworked avatar hookin process – better performance
  • Improvement: Reworked gravatar detection – works in all scenarios
  • Improvement: Better color randomization – each avatar has a unique color
  • Bugfix: Improved option handling
  • Bugfix: Better google font handling
  • Many more performance and stability fixes


  • Improvement: Added hook for style loading
  • Improvement: Added hook for plugin options
  • Improvement: Better Gravatar detection
  • Improvement: Better Theme / Plugin compatibility
  • Improvement: Much better performance
  • Improvement: Added PHPDoc to all classes / functions


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