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QR code Composer is a plugin to generate QR codes for URLs. This will generate a QR code for the URL of the post, page, Product or custom post. It will display as a unique image. Users will be able to go to their desired link by scanning their smartphone

Each QR code is unique and will be generated when you publish a post, page, product or a custom type post.

You can turn off any post type from the Plugin settings page, if you want to hide a single or multiple posts or pages or products, you can do so easily and even in custom posts.

Demo | Docs | Plugin HomePage| Support

Free Version Features

  • Genertaing Dynamic QR Code
  • QR codes are automatically displayed after the content, and according to the post type
  • vCard QR code generate [qrc_vcard_single]
  • Easy to qr code size customize
  • Alignment setting
  • Excluded from Post types (if you want to remove QR code from specific post type, then you can)
  • Metabox Support, With turn off/on specific post
  • Download QR Code from backend and Frontend
  • Customize Download Button & typography
  • Customize Single Product page Tab title(QR Code)

Pro Version Features

all features include free version

Custom text/custom link QR : Custom Text, number, or link here, with customize QR Size, COlor, background Color, upload logo from the insert image button

Google Map Location: User Input the first field of “longitude “, the second field write “latitude” and the last field type “Query”. after saving the change, click the Copy Button and paste this shortcode in your site desire place.

Whatsapp Chat: User can Input WhatsApp number with country code,after saving the change, click the Copy Button and paste this shortcode in your site desire place.

WIFI Access: User can Input the first field of “wifi name “, the second field of “wifi type” and the last field type “wifi password” . after saving the change, click the Copy Button and paste this shortcode in your site desire place.

Color setting: Color option of for QR code and its background

Logo Image Upload: User Can add the Company logo from Pro Version.

QR Code Composer Widget:

  • Amazing Widget with option

  • Auto Generator Current Page URL

  • Custom Utl/Text/Number

  • Email address

  • Whatsapp Access

  • Phone number

QRC Composer Shortcode API

  • Current Url: [qrc_code_composer]

  • Custom Link/text/
    Number: [qr_link_composer]

  • Whatsapp: [qr_whatsapp_composer]

  • Wifi: [qr_wifi_composer]

  • Google Map: [qr_maps_composer]

  • Single : [qr_maps_composer]

vCard QR Code Generator

  • vCard QR code Metabox: This is a powerful System for creating a bulk vCard QR code. It works on post type. See the link for how to create a vCard by Metbox

  • vCard Shortcode with attribute: vCard QR code you need to use a shortcode with an attribute.Change the attribute and create bulk vCard as per your requirement. [qrc_vcard]

Elementor Addon Supported: For Elementro user can use QR Code Composer easily with “QRC Composer” addon. see details in documentation.

QR Image Bulk Print as a PDF: User Can easily bulk Print from the plugin settings page, In this setting, users can Customize post type, Category type, Print per page, pagination. Click the print button and Print as a PDF View Print page demo

Bulk Download QR Code Users Can easily bulk Download from the plugin settings page and form the frontend by using shortcode, In this setting function, you can customize with post type, Print per page, pagination.View download page demo

Live Preview Live previe change optiuon is s\avaiulable in premium version, for current url/text/whatspapp/maps seetings page, custom link settings, widget seetings option

Demo | Docs | Plugin HomePage| Live Chat

Video Documentation

The QR Code generator library is included (Based on QRious written by Alasdair Mercer & Tom Zerucha) and don’t need Google API dependencies.


  • QR Code in single Page
  • QR Metabox Setting Option
  • Single Product Page QR Code
  • Admin Setting Page
  • QR Bulk Print - Premium Version
  • Bulk Download - Premium Version
  • QR Widget - Premium Version
  • Elementor Widget - Premium Version


Go to the Plugins Menu in WordPress and select Plugins > Add new
Search for “ QR Code Composer”
Click “Install” and “activate”.


Are your QR codes are Ad free?

Yes,it is 100% ad free

Where is Qr code location for WooCommerce Products

You can find it Single Product page Tab section, Write the Qr code, you can see it by clicking

I don’t display Qr code in Page, can it Possible? Display in post or only Product product

Yes, you can easily customize from settings page,which post type you want to display,You can use turn on/off button,You have full control on display


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