Aquesta extensió no s'ha actualitzat en 2 anys. Possiblement ningú hi està treballant i, per tant, pot ser que apareguin problemes de compatibilitat quan es faci servir en versions més recents del WordPress.



Redirect posts, pages or any custom post type to a different url.



  • redirector_uninstall – Runs on plugin deinstall
  • redirector_metabox_begin – Begin redirector meta box
  • redirector_metabox_end – End redirector meta box
  • redirector-modal-search-begin Begin redirector modal
  • redirector-modal-search-end End redirector modal


  • redirector-redirect-url – Alter the query string that is appended to redirect url
  • redirector-status-code – Redirect status code; default 301
  • redirector-recent-posts – Alter redirector recent posts query
  • redirector-search-query – Alter redirector search query
  • redirector-meta – Alter Redirector meta save

Update Notice

In version 3+ I’ve changed the database handling of storing the post meta data.
This results in that you have the visit the backend once after updating the plugin.
The function maybe_update() will handle the transition from the old structure to the newer one.
There shouldn’t be any problem updating the plugin, if so please contact me!


  • Meta box - No redirection
  • Meta box - Select post ( any post type )
  • Modal box - Select post ( any post type ) with most recent posts
  • Modal box - Search post ( any post type )
  • Meta box - Selected post ( any post type )
  • Meta box - Custom URL
  • Meta box - First child element
  • Meta box - SSL


  • Put the plugin file in your plugin directory and activate it in your WP backend.
  • Go to edit a page
  • Scroll down to ‘Redirector’ meta box
  • Select a WordPress page of you installation or enter a valid URL or select the ‘first child page’


Where can I get support or report bugs?

Please use the github to report bugs or add feature requests!

How can I activate Redirector for other post types beside pages?

Simple add the post type support for it via add_post_type_support( 'post', 'redirector' )


Col·laboradors i desenvolupadors

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Registre de canvis


  • Fix: Checked checkbox for no redirection
  • Fix: Prevent empty redirects
  • Fix: Compability with Cachify


  • Added: Search post object for post redirect type
  • Added: Redirect preview
  • Added action: redirector-update
  • Added action: redirector-modal-search-begin
  • Added action: redirector-modal-search-end
  • Added filter: redirector-recent-posts
  • Added filter: redirector-redirect-url
  • Added filter: redirector-status-code
  • Added filter: redirector-meta
  • Enhancement: New Redirector UI
  • Removed Filter: redirector_redirect
  • Removed Filter: redirector_status
  • Removed Filter: redirector_types


  • Added more arguements to the hooks
  • Added


  • Filter ‘redirector_status’ added
  • Uninstall routine activated
  • Code readability increased


  • Enhancement: Cleanup
  • Fix: Minor typos
  • Fix: Metabox is displayed correctly on new post


  • Core function rewritten
  • Updated JS/CSS
  • Fully extendable with filters and actions
  • Custom Post Type Support
  • New redirect Method (HTTPS)
  • Moved files into folders


  • Moved the code into class


  • Proper multilanguage support
  • CSS moved to redirector.css
  • JS moved to redirector.js