Aquesta extensió no s'ha provat en les darreres 3 versions majors del WordPress. Segurament no està mantinguda o suportada, i pot tenir problemes de compatibilitat quan s'usa en versions recents del WordPress.

WPML Shortcodes


Adds the wpml__ and wpml_e functions to your theme and the wpml__ shortcode to your WordPress website. Make your WordPress full WPML ready

<?php wpml__( $text, $context ); ?>
<?php wpml_e( $text, $context ); ?>

Similarly to the behaviour of the __, _e functions, you must provide a string to make translateable and a context.
That’s it; just provide translations from the WPML > String Translations admin panel.

Check how to use the shortcode below.

Usage (via code)

<h1><?php echo wpml__( 'Title', 'wpmlshortcodes' ); ?></h1>
<h2><?php wpml_e( 'Subtitle', 'wpmlshortcodes' ); ?></h2>

Usage (via shortcode)

<h1>[wpml__ context=wpmlshortcodes]Title[/wpml__]</h1>
<h2>[wpml__ context=wpmlshortcodes]Subtitle[/wpml__]</h2>

NEWS! WPML Translate (+ shortcode)
Adds the wpml_if (ex wpml_translate) shortcode to your WPML suite. You can also use the wpml_e__if_language( $content, $lang ) in your php code.

Usage (via code)

wpml_e__if_language( 'Text', 'en' );
wpml_e__if_language( 'Testo', 'it' );

Usage (via shortcode)

[wpml_if lang='en']Text[/wpml_if][wpml_if lang='it']Testo[/wpml_if]

It also supports backward compatibility for wpml_translate and wpml_language from WPML Translate Shortcode (deprecated plugin);

WPML Translate Shortcode > WPML Shortcodes

Welcome to the new WPML Shortcodes. This plugin is the new WPML Translate Shortcode, became a full-translation suite.

Of course we still support WPML Translate Shortcode, with a new shortcode (1.2.4+): wpml_if (see usage above).
Also, we provide full backward compatibility (yes, you can still use wpml_translate or wpml_language shortcodes) on 1.2.6+.


Pull requests on

Author: Mirco Babini, Web Developer and Mobile App Developer; WordPress Consultant.


Simply search for ‘WPML Shortcodes’ in the Plugins Admin page, then install and activate. That’s it!


28 de maig de 2021
Surprisingly, the plugin is still working !! And I inserted the shortcode into Revolution Slider, and it changes the language there too.
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«WPML Shortcodes» és programari de codi obert. La següent gent ha col·laborat en aquesta extensió.


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  • Add backward compatibility to wpml_translate and wpml_language from WPML Translate Shortcode (deprecated plugin)


  • Fix docs
  • Support optional context in main api
  • Fallback on global context, api: wpml__main_context( $context )
  • Fix shortcodes
  • Refactoring


  • Integration: WPML Translate Shortcode (deprecated since now)
  • usage: [wpml_if lang=it]ciao[/wpml_if][wpml_if lang=en]hello[/wpml_if]


  • Support defined name for shortcodes


  • Fallback (english) if WPML is missing


  • Fix the J.D. Grimes issue (/pull/1)
  • Needed to manually restore all the translated strings


  • Ready for the marketplace