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The purpose of the Sortable Block plugin is to sort sections on the page based on set dates.

The plugin allows to organize block-based content either from newest to oldest, or from oldest to newest.

There are several possible cases when to use the plugin. For instance, to create a simple events calendar, a product changelog, media mentions, etc.

Sortable Block also comes with two layout options: list and grid.


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  • Preview of Sortable block in the block inserter.

  • Preview of Sortable block toolbar, with active "List view" layout.

  • Preview of Sortable block settings, focusing on Order settings.

  • Preview of Sortable block button that adds Sortable Entry into the block.

  • Preview of Sortable Entry block settings, focusing on Date settings.

  • Preview of Sortable Entry block button that adds content into the block.


Aquesta extensió proporciona 3 blocs.

  • Sortable Date Since this block is dependent on the Sortable Entry block, it displays the date set in it and also allows to customize how the date is displayed by providing the option to change the date format.
  • Sortable This block serves as a main container to hold sortable entries, and it also offers the option to order entries from newest to oldest or oldest to newest, as well as the option to switch the layout between list and grid.
  • Sortable Entry This block serves as an entry that needs to be sorted, and it is where you can set the date and keep specific content for the entry.


  1. You have a couple options:
    • Go to Plugins → Add New and search for “Sortable Block”. Once found, click “Install”.
    • Download the Sortable Block plugin from and make sure the folder is zipped. Then upload it via Plugins → Add New → Upload.
    • Open the block inserter within the Block Editor and search for “icon”. The plugin should appear and allow you to install it directly. Skip steps 2 and 3.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  3. Search for the block within the Block Editor and begin using.


How to sort blocks?

  1. Add Sortable block to content area in Block editor. This is the main container for entries that need to be sorted.
  2. Inside Sortable block, add Sortable Entry. This is a container for your content. Note, you can have multiple entries inside the Sortable block.
  3. Each Sortable Entry comes with date option. To change date option, select Sortable Entry within List View, and make changes in Date Settings in Block sidebar.

How to change layout?

  1. In Block editor, select Sortable within List View.
  2. Within block toolbar, click on eather List view or Grid view icon.

How to change order?

  1. In Block editor, select Sortable within List View.
  2. In Block sidebar, select either the “Newest to Oldest” or “Oldest to Newest” option from the dropdown menu within the Order settings section.

What blocks to use inside Sortable?

Sortable block supports only Sortable Entry block as inner content. It’s not possible to add any other blocks to the main container of Sortable block.

What blocks to use inside Sortable Entry?

Sortable Entry block supports the following blocks: Sortable Date, Heading, Paragraph, Media-Text, Group, Columns.


15 de febrer de 2023 2 respostes
This is my first review ever: Thank you for this plugin - this was exactly what I was looking for. Does the job perfectly. 🙂 One suggestion: It would be great if I could add reusable blocks into it. Thanks again!
30 de desembre de 2022 1 resposta
Thanks Taras - love the new plugin and works perfectly on my website page for media snippets, especially when adding in new media entries that maybe older and it then automatically sorts it into date ascending/descending.
24 de desembre de 2022 2 respostes
This plugin resolves a long-standing issue in displaying an event, built into a sortable block, in a readable format on a mobile device. Love it!Thank you for developing plugins.
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«Sortable Block» és programari de codi obert. La següent gent ha col·laborat en aquesta extensió.


Registre de canvis

= 1.3.0 – February 23, 2023
* Add: support for reusable blocks (note, it does not for reusable blocks with Sortable block in it);
* Add: support for Border options in Sortable block;
* Update: improve Insert buttons in the editor;

= 1.2.0 – January 06, 2023
* Add: support for colors in Sortable Date block;
* Add: support for padding dimensions in Sortable Date block;

= 1.1.1 – January 02, 2023
* Update: detect time format in Sortable Date block;
* Fix: wrong time output in Sortable Date block when viewed on front-end;
* Fix: wrong time output in Sortable Date block when viewed on back-end;

= 1.1.0 – December 29, 2022
* Add: option to select between decreasing order & increasing order;
* Add: option to choose format in Date block;
* Update: description in blocks;

= 1.0.0 – December 17, 2022
* Initial release;

= 0.0.4 – December 15, 2022
* Update: formatting;
* Update: information about sorting in main container;
* Fix: date issue in editor;

= 0.0.3 – December 15, 2022
* Add: support for alignment and grid layout;
* Update: allow Group block in Sortable Entry;
* Fix: button contrast issue in Sortable Container;

0.0.2 – October 1, 2022

  • Add: Sortable Date block to display a set date from Sortable Entry block.
  • Update: information in Read Me file.

0.0.1 – September 6, 2022

  • Start the plugin.